Fluid mechanics Essays

  • Research Paper On Noise Pollution

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    Analysis of Noise impact on various parameters by Response Surface methodology for optimum Safe Working Area N.Boominathan1, G.K.Vijayaraghavan2, R.Kathiravan3 1Research scholar, Periyar Maniammai University, Vallam, Thanjavur, Tamilnadu. Email:nboominathan@gmail.com 2Principal, Dhaanish Ahmed college of engineering, Padappai, Chennai 601 301. Tamilnadu Email: haigkv@yahoo.com 3Professor and Head, Aerospace engineering department, Periyar Maniammai University, Vallam, Thanjavur, Tamilnadu. Email:

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Lab Report

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    Abstract: This lab is envisioned to experimentally authenticate the theoretic formulations leading hydrostatic force and pressure middle on flooded flat superficial. The impartial of this laboratory is to regulate the hydrostatic insertion interim on plane superficial engrossed in water when the surface is partially submerged or fully submerged. Also to determine the untried center of pressure and the theoretic center of pressure for every of the trials executed. Introduction: When the quadrant is

  • Bernoulli's Theorem Essay

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    Bernoulli’s theorem is a special application of the laws of motion and energy. The principle equation describes the pressure measured at any point in a fluid, which can be a gas or a liquid, to the density and the velocity of the specified flow. The theorem can be explained by the means of imagining a particle in a cylindrical pipe. If the pressure on both sides of the particle in the pipe is equal, the particle will be stationary and in equilibrium. By implementing the second law of motion the

  • Swelling In Fig

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    3.4. Swelling behavior The swelling behavior of the DCMC crosslinked gelatin-PEG composite hydrogel fibers is studied and presented in Fig. 3. It shows that the equilibrium swelling ratio of the hydrogel fibers is very high, which is found to be between 89 and 93%. The result indicates that the hydrogel fibers are effective biomaterials for using as wound dressings since they can absorb wound exudates and provide moist environment for wound leading to acceleration of wound healing. The water in hydrogel

  • Anesthesia Advantages And Disadvantages

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    TIVA may be favoured as the anesthetic technique of choice for the following reasons ADVANTAGES OF TIVA: 1. Rapid smooth induction and maintenance of anesthesia Induction of anesthesia with propofol is smooth and associated with a low incidence of excitatory side effects. Doses of 1 to 2.5 mg/kg (depending on patient age, physical status, and use of premedicant drugs) induce anesthesia in approximately 30 seconds. The speed of onset and the dose of propofol needed for induction are dependent on the

  • Major In Nursing Research Paper

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    Should I Major in Nursing Science or not? Nursing is hard job. Nurses who work hard by taking care of the patient. I am in college with no career choice. I had no experience about what it will be like to be a nurse. My mom always wanted me to be an accountant. So I decided to major in accounting. Accounting is all about numbers. And I was good at math in high school. I was enjoying math, and never got bored when I was doing my homework. However, I like to study about human body structures. Taking

  • Physics Of Bird Flight

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    Resistance) The force opposite to the force of the motion of an object through a fluid. (Fluid in this report refers to the medium the bird/object is moving through- i.e. Air). Drag is created because the object and the fluid are exchanging momentum upon impact, and thus creating a force opposite to the motion of the object. Equation for drag: Fd = 1/2(Cd * A * ρ * v2) FD: Drag Force Cd: Drag Constant A: Area ρ: Density of Fluid v: Flow Velocity relative to Object Instrument to measure Drag: Force Balance

  • Dichloromethane Lab Report

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    BS1003 – Organic Chemistry Practical 1 Laboratory Report Name: Tristan Chan Yew Kit, U1640436J (T8) Effects of Dichloromethane(DCM) in Extraction of Caffeine from Tea Leaves Purpose To investigate the ability for Dichloromethane(DCM), a moderately polar organic solvent, to extract aqueous caffeine molecules, originating from Tea Leaves suspended in water. Introduction Caffeine, defined chemically as 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine (C8H10N4O2), is an alkaloid that can be found in tea leaves, coffee and many

  • Sir Isaac Newton's Three Laws Of Motion

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    “centripetal” force. Pursuing his hypothesis Newton proved as a theory and then published his observations in ‘Philosophiae, Natrualis, Principia Mathematica’(A comprehensive account of his theory of gravitation and mechanics) Continuing his extensive work in the field of mechanics, Newton expanded the scope of gravitational force eventually developing the theory three laws of motion. The prevalent theory has cause a ripple in perspective of understanding physics. Although there were plagiarism

  • Essay On Aerodynamic

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    Aerodynamics is a branch of dynamics to the study of air movement together. It is a subfield of fluid dynamics and gas, and the term "drag" is often used to refer to the gas dynamics. The earliest records of the basic concepts of aerodynamics on the work of Aristotle and Archimedes in the third and second centuries BC, but the efforts to find a quantitative theory of airflow develop until the 18th century, beginning in 1726 was Isaac Newton as one of the first in modern aerodynamics mind when he

  • Two Footed Jump Experiment

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    The results of this experiment support our hypothesis that a two-foot vertical jump did indeed generate a greater amount of impulse. However, we based our hypothesis on the assumption that a one-foot vertical jump would produce a lower amount of force in comparison to a two-footed jump on the basis of muscle use. Interestingly enough, that was not exactly the case. The average amount of force produced in a two-foot jump was 777.76 N, whereas a one-foot jump actually produced an average force of

  • The Flying System: Flying In The Theatre

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    Flying in the Theatre A system of ropes, pulleys and counterweights is used in a theatre in order to lift scenery, flats and sometimes people among other theatre hardware. This system is commonly known as a fly system or a rigging system. Flying people can be a dangerous act and must be carried out by a competent person with adequate training and experience. A fly system consists of battens, lines (made of both hemp and wire), blocks, a cradle and counterweights. When flying people a harness is also

  • Essay On Supersonic Waves

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    is this supersonic shock wave that is important to ramjet air intake functioning, and it was the cause of major headaches in the design of ramjets that would work reliably. It is important to remember that the air molecules in this wave are moving at the speed of sound, and no faster. The simplest air intake design is just a hollow tube with a circular opening - a pipe. Imagine a pipe fastened to a supersonic airplane or rocket. When the pipe is propelled through the air at supersonic speeds the

  • Thrust Vector Control System

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    injection thrust vectoring nozzles are another advanced design that allow pitch and yaw control from un-gimbaled nozzles. India's PSLV calls its design "Secondary Injection Thrust Vector Control System"; strontium perchlorate is injected through various fluid paths in the nozzle to achieve the desired control. Some ICBMs and boosters, such as the Titan IIIC and Minuteman II, use similar designs. 1.4 Materials used: In order to withstand the higher temperatures of exhaust gases, the nozzle must be manufactured

  • Aerofoil Research Paper

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    2.3 Aerofoil Aerofoil is the cross-sectional of an object that are moved through a fluid such as air, and aerodynamics force created. Aerofoils are employed on aircraft as wings so then it will produce lift or others depending to the blade shape to produce thrust. The two of these forces are perpendicular to the air flow. Drag is a consequence of the production of lift/thrust and acts parallel to the airflow. Other aerofoil surface includes tail-planes, fins, winglets, and helicopter rotor blades

  • Copper Cycle Lab Report

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    Copper Cycle Lab Report Ameerah Alajmi Abstract: A specific amount of Copper will undergo several chemical reactions and then recovered as a solid copper. A and percent recovery will be calculated and sources of loss or gain will be determined. The percent recovery for this experiment was 20.46%. Introduction: The purpose of this experiment is to demonstrate the different types of chemical reactions, those including Copper. There are different types of chemical reactions. A double displacement reaction

  • The Three-Act Structure Analysis

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    ‘’Classic narrative is basically linear. It is like a river which has a source in an inland spring’’ (Potter, 1990). The three-act structure was derived from Aristotle, he claimed that a linear narrative follows a straight line, it starts at the beginning proceeds to the middle and moves to the end (Dancyger, 2013). It is presented in a logical form by showing what happens from one point of time to another without including the use of flashbacks or flashforwards (McKee, 1999). Linear stories are

  • Summary Of The Movie 'Awakening'

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    From the 1990’s movie entitled Awakenings directed by Penny Marshall. A sprung of hope has happened to people who suffered the post-effect of the 1920’s epidemic disease called Encephalitis Lethargica by bringing them back to their mobile bodies for a limited time by the neurologist, Dr. Malcolm Sayer. Encephalitis Lethargica, also known as sleeping sickness, is viral epidemic encephalitis that occurred between 1915 and 1926 and those who survived the initial infection displayed long-term apathy

  • Steam Ejector

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    Using the aforementioned experimental setup as shown in Fig. 1, three ejectors as shown in Fig. 2 were investigated to determine the effects of the operation temperatures, nozzle exit position, and the diameter of the constant area section, dcas, on the working performance of the steam ejector powered by extra low-temperature heat source. In this investigation, the working performance of the steam ejector mainly includes system COP, cooling capacity and critical condensing temperature [40], Tc*.

  • Tuning Forks Lab Report

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    The purpose of this lab was to observe the phenomenon of resonance in an open ended cylindrical tube and use resonance to determine the velocity of sound in air at regular temperatures. A hypothesis for this lab was that if the frequency of the tuning fork increased, then the length of the tube to achieve resonance will increase because of the high amplitude of the vibration. The resonance of the open-closed tube was found through these steps. First, the tube was filled with water with an inner tube