Forest Essays

  • Forest Policy

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    in Forest and Environmental Policies in Sri Lanka The article attempts to discuss the trends of forest policy in terms of the historical perspective, implementation strategies, and institutional development. In the introduction, the authors begin by stating about the current state rapid degradation of the environment in Sri Lanka. Since importance was given to high economic growth rates and employment creation for poverty alleviation, there wasn’t enough attention given to manage the forests. Then

  • Forest Biodiversity

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    Tropical forests are considered the richest forest on earth because of high number of biological communities that home of a large number of biodiversity (Baraloto et al, 2003). These forests provide ecosystem services such as species conservation, soil erosion prevention and habitat preservation of plants and animals (Armenteras et al 2009). Over-exploitation of these forest has resulted the rapid loss of forests cover which recognized as one of the environmental and economic problems around world

  • The Importance Of Forest Management

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    of land and forest areas are being used for the purposes of development resulting in an ever increasing decline of especially forest areas through the process of deforestation. Forest areas, forest density and greenness of an area are major issues for ecosystem, biodiversity etc (Banerjee et al. 2014). In forest management and decision making, there is a continuous need for high quality information on forest and the state of forest resources can be monitored by a form of map. Forest maps are effective

  • Essay On Tropical Forest

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    Forests are not only to be preserved for the natural habitat of plant and animal life but also at the same time the deforestations are to be prevented because it is the plant which absorb excess moisture from the atmosphere and keep the topsoil intact. When the earth is denuded of plants, soil erosion increases causing environmental disaster. It is estimated that about 36 million acres of forest are being razed annually. The glaring example is the emerald rain forest in the state of Rondonia in Brazil

  • Essay On Forest Fragmentation

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    1.0 Introduction Tropical forest known as one of the greatest bastions of biodiversity in this planet receives a major threat poses by rapid deforestation. Biodiversity face the greatest global threat due to the intensification and expansion of agriculture (Tilman, 2001; Donald, 2004 & Green, 2005). The process of breaking up large patches of forest into smaller part is called forest fragmentation (Brown & Jacobson, 2005). Small fragments of forest typically exist after deforestation, urbanization

  • Forest Fires Causes

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    country which has the second largest forest area in the world. Forests are a natural ecosystem that biodiversity is very high. The forest in Indonesia is very important not only for Indonesia but also for all living creatures on earth. Forests in Indonesia is often dubbed as the lungs of the world. This is reasonable given the amount of existing trees in these forests can recycle the air and produce a healthier environment for humans. Unfortunately, recently forest fires in Indonesia are becoming more

  • Essay On Forest Diversity

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    Introduction: Forests cover approximately 3 870 million hectares which is roughly 29% of the Earth’s land area (Clark, Matheny, Cross & Wake, 1997). Almost 47% of the world’s forests are located in the tropical zone, 9% in the sub-tropics and 11% and 33% in the temperate and boreal zones respectively (Oliver, Nasbar, Lippke & McCarter, 2014)). Forests and forested landscapes are known for their significant function in providing numerous environmental services such as water conservation, soil protection

  • Essay On Forest Protection

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    Forest Rights Act 2006 Introduction Forest is one of the major natural resources which is necessary for human survival. India is counted among top ten most forest rich countries. This vast forest helps in the survival of many people across the country. The people who live in the forest and make their living out of it are mainly known as atavika, vanavasi or girijans. But the most popular term that is used is Adivasis. Adivasi means being original and indigenous inhabitants of a given region and was

  • Essay On Forest Management

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    Sustainable forest management requires three major criteria which are the maintenance of ecological processes within the forest (soil formation, energy flow, biogeochemical cycles (carbon, nutrient and hydrological cycles), maintenance of biodiversity of forest, improving the net social benefits derived from the mixture of forest uses within the constraints by considering the future. Forest provides habitats for more than half of the fauna and flora on the Earth (SCBD, 2001). Forest biome plays

  • Essay On Forest Fire

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    Every year, forests are burned because of human carelessness. A forest fire is one of the biggest problems in the world, especially for tropical countries. Forest fire brings a lot of problems for an area, country and also for neighbor countries. In order to mitigate the problems which forest fire can bring, there are several short and long term solutions which can be adopted. As well as looking at the issue in general, this report will make specific recommendations in the case of Kalimantan in Indonesia

  • Essay On Forest Conservation

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    stumbling block of preventing deforestation Forests produce indispensable oxygen and furnish habitats for wildlife and humans. We can gain several benefits from forest resources such as manufacturing, using traditional medicine, or having commercial activities to increase the profits. Forestry start to log down the trees to fulfill our huge demand, so forests are under threat from deforestation. Deforestation means that clearing of primeval forests without giving enough time for it to reproduce

  • Essay On Conservation Of Forest

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    Forest provide a wide range of ecological, social and economic benefits; tropical ecosystems are exceptionally rich and exclusive reservoirs of much of the biodiversity on Earth, an estimate of 10-30 million species is found in tropical forest alone, they comprise very complex ecological communities of different species that have unique ecological importance (Mersha, 2003). Apart from being reservoirs of other forms of biodiversity, forests are important as water catchments, soil erosion barriers

  • Speech On Cloud Forest

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    all types of flora. Being a creationist, I believe that God blessed the earth and its creatures with all sorts of forests that have been the habitat of all sorts of fauna. Earth treasures a diverse variety of forests that are mystical in their own ways. There are many types of forests namely the rain forests, tropical forests, coniferous forests, mangrove forests, etc. These forests are important for our survival as they are not only a natural home for many animals but also crucial for maintaining

  • Forest Fires In Indonesia

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    40 million tropical forest is burnt down every year and over 9.7 million hectares of Indonesia in 1997-1998 occurred where 20 million people suffered from respiratory problems, with 19,800-48,100 premature mortalities (Heil, 2007), destruction of vegetations, atmospheric pollution and directly loss of habitat to many living organisms. In forests where fire is not a natural disturbance, it can have devastating impacts on forest vertebrates and invertebrates - not only killing them directly, but also

  • Forest Management In Ghana

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    In the year 1980s and the early 1990s however, the forest of Ghana was undergoing excessive deforestation. Chainsaw operation which was considered as illegal was flourishing in the timber business. Moreover, the forest institutions were demoralised and inefficient due to insufficient funding. Global and stakeholder concerns about forest loss and it implication to the environment culminated in the revision of the old forest policy. Finally forest and wildlife policy 1994 was implemented. The

  • Forest Canopy Essay

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    Forest canopy is “aggregate of all crowns in a stand of vegetation”, a habitat zone, formed by mature tree crowns together with other biological organisms like epiphytes, lianas, arboreal animals, etc. (Parker 1995). Forest canopies are rich in biodiversity, players of global biochemical processes, and the dynamic boundary of biosphere (Ozanne et al 2003). Forest canopy studies was started in 19th century. The development of methods to access forest canopy and technological advancement: mountain

  • Forest Sociological Studies

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    used to determine the forest composition and structure, both horizontally and vertically. A wide variety of methods have been used in floristic and Phytosociological studies in order to determine forest composition and structure. study forest structural parameters such as population density, basal area, and biomass. The study of forest composition and structure requires structural parameters such as density, basal area and biomass are estimated. or the management of a forest for silvicultural purposes

  • Essay On Tropical Rain Forest

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    Tropical Rain Forest Generally, the tropical rain forests are mostly characterized by a high tree species diversity, even though large differences are present in between regions (ter Steege, 2000). The structure and species diversity of the tropical rainforest makes it the most complex ecosystem. The Tropical rainforests is made up of the evergreen broadleaved trees which flourish in the humidity of the low altitudes between 100 north and 100 south of the equator and high temperature (Park 1992)

  • The Importance Of The Tropical Rain Forest

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    The tropical rain forest is one of the major vegetation types of the globe (Richards, 2006; Whitmore, 1998). It occupies a total area of 1818.43 million hectares, representing 47% of the total land area occupied by all forest types of the world (FAO, 2003). The tropical rain forest is the most diverse of all terrestrial ecosystems, containing more plant and animal species than any other biome (Turner, 2001). In spite of this diversity, most species are locally endemic or rare and patchily distributed

  • Essay About Monkey Forest

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    Visiting the sacred monkey forest of Ubud Bali is quite a magical sight to see. It’s not everyday that you see scores of monkeys gallivanting about. The forest itself hosts over 115 different species of trees, as well as roughly 600+ monkeys. The monkeys themselves are semi free ranged, as they are allowed to roam freely around the entire forest. Roughly 10,000 tourists visit the forest monthly. It is run, managed, and owned by villagers of Padangtegal, Ubud, Bali. Not only is it a major tourist