Franka Potente Essays

  • 2001 A Space Odyssey Film Analysis

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    The famous science-fiction film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, directed by the stalwart filmmaker, Stanley Kubrick, can be described as one of the seminal works ever in the history of world cinema. The film succeeds in leaving a very lasting effect on the minds of the audience with its sheer quintessence of content and aesthetic portrayal on the screen. An introspective analysis of the contextual work can make one understand how the filmmaker exudes his cinematic prowess via the use of impressive cinematic

  • The Bourne Supremacy Scene Analysis

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    The clip belongs to the film The Bourne Supremacy (Paul Greengrass, 2004), the second film of a popular saga during the 2000s. This movie saga has been considered as representative of the known as paranoid style, a highly popular style during the 1970s, recovered during the first decades of the 21st c. The main character is Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) an ex-CIA agent, threatened by the whole administration, and specifically, the CIA. The clip relates to the end of the movie, when Bourne comes to visit

  • Circular Narrative: Film Analysis

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    Dylan Mr. Woodard Film Studies – A 24th, September 2014 Circular Narrative A circular narrative is a narrative that has certain plot points repeating throughout the film; this is a technique that a lot of writers and directors use, risking a lot of money. Circular narrative rarely makes it into mainstream movies and this probably happens because it doesn’t often fit neatly into the sort of plot Hollywood is used to producing. In these circular narrative films the end of the movie usually connects

  • Analysis Of Run Lola Run

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    Run Lola Run is a German thriller film written and directed by Tom Tykwer in 1998. The main casts are Franka Potente as Lola and Moritz Bleibtreu as Manni. The plot summarized into one line is that Lola has to get 100,000 marks within twenty minutes to save her boyfriend, Manni. “Lola runs in three experiments or 20-minute rounds – all in an attempt at continuity. In “theory” she must find 100,000 DM with which to save her boyfriend, Manni, who in his attempt to prove himself to several members