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  • Freshwater Ecosystem Essay

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    An aquatic ecosystem is a community of organisms and their interactions in a water environment. An aquatic ecosystem consists of a large diversity of life, including fish and reptiles along with microscopic organisms such as bacteria and fungi. There are two fundamental sorts of aquatic ecosystem: freshwater ecosystem and marine ecosystem. Freshwater environment are a group of Earth's aquatic ecosystems. They consist of lakes, rivers, streams, springs, and wetlands. The two main common regions of

  • Essay On Freshwater Ecosystem

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    A freshwater scientist assists in solving the issues in freshwater ecosystems. They analyze environmental factors and genetic issues and also analyze recorded data such as migration patterns and toxin levels. Dr. Rey Donne S. Papa is a Limnologist. The field of the study is called limnology, which is the study of freshwater and ecosystem. His research focuses on the Ecology and systematics of freshwater zooplankton and limnology, including studies on invasive copepods, long-term limnological research

  • Freshwater Ecosystem Research Paper

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    METHODS Freshwater ecosystem is also known as aquatic ecosystem that are contrasted with marine ecosystems and high salt content. Freshwater habitats are classified by different factors such as temperature, light, penetration and vegetation. In this assignment, the freshwater ecosystem that was analyzed covered two sites which were the freshwater river at the Gombak Forest Reserve and the Sungai Gombak along the residential area. From both site 1 and site 2, the environmental conditions and invertebrate’s

  • Drinking Water Treatment Process

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    CHAPTER 2 2. LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK 2.1.1 WATER SOURCES AND THE HYDROLOGICAL CYCLE The need for understanding the hydrological cycle is essential for knowing the various water sources and it also helps in the exploring of the different factors that affect the quality water (Michael, 2006) and the quality of water from the source contributes to the treatment process that is going to take place for the removal of water contaminants. Hydrological cycle is a process that describes

  • The Hydrological Cycle

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    Hydrological cycle describes the continuous water circulation on, above or below the Earth surface which include lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere. Without hydrological cycle exist in Earth, biogeochemical cycles could not exist, ecosystems could not function and life could not be maintained (Smith, 1992). Oceans play the main role in the hydrological cycle as they hold 97% of the total water in Earth. Natural processes on Earth rely on the forces produced by the hydrological cycle

  • Jamestown Argumentative Essay

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    After the Spanish made some fortunate discoveries in South America, the English were determined to strike gold in the north, however, they would soon find out that this “new country” was not so perfect. In the Spring of 1607, about 100 colonists sailed to North America and created an English settlement called Jamestown (Roden 49). Upon their arrival, they discovered that Jamestown was home to some 1500 Powhatan Indians, and, because the colonists didn’t bring the right people to defend themselves

  • Cause Of Climate Change

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    affects not only to humans but also to all living things. Global Health becomes worse and worse because of the change, and it is now significantly be seen. Global warming, the ozone layers being damaged, deforesting, rivers drying up, unbalancing ecosystem and different kinds of pollution lead to certain climate change. Although all the causes of climate change are made by humans, it is hard to restore the original global balance situation. Climate change becomes a serious ailment of our mother earth

  • Importance Of Choosing A Tent Essay

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    One of the most important camping equipment that you must decide on is a good quality Tent. The last thing that you want after a long day of hiking, fishing, game seeing or swimming is to stay uncomfortable. There is a wide range of tents available for sale on the market, but not all of them are equally the same. Firstly, you should choose a tent according to the number of people that will be camping with you and the size the campsite grounds will be, also determines what size tent you should

  • Plastic Pollution In India

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    Plastic pollution in India General Plastic waste is one of the major environmental problems in India, especially in the urban areas. The population of India is 1.252 billion as of 2013. This increasing population has led to an increase in the generation of plastic waste. Use of polythene bags and plastic litter are the key sources of plastic waste in the country. Due to the lack of enough landfill sites in the country to dispose the waste generated from the households, the garbage bins on the roadside

  • Essay About Fish Life

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    I imagined my whole life as a vast sea, spreading out for miles and miles into the unknown, filled with millions of species of fishes and other aquatic organisms. Between these fishes lie the biggest fish of all, the fish that I have been wanting to catch for years. To enable me to catch this dream fish of mine, I would need three things – a sturdy fishing rod, a strong fishing line, and a good bait. This is an analogy of my life, where my ultimate goal in life is represented by the biggest fish

  • Social Effects Of Overpopulation

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    Many countries in the world are presently going through the problems that are caused by rapidly increasing populations in urban areas, and for this both the government and individuals must have a duty to find means to overcome this problem. Overpopulation can lead to congestion and poor quality of housing in many large cities. Another serious implication of overpopulation is escalating crime rate as deprived living conditions may lead young generation in particular to take despairing measures and

  • Essay On Clean Water Pollution

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    Most of it is caused by urban areas and humans. This pollution cause many people to become ill and some even die. Also plants and animal life suffer and ecosystems deteriorate. “South Africa has, in general, a limited supply of water and the quality of this water is being threatened by pollution and the destruction of river catchments. Water is a vital resource and it is up to ALL South Africans to act responsibly

  • My Favourite Park Essay

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    Brunei that almost meets the definition or goals of Geopark. It is called Ulu Temburong National Park. The park consist of approximately 40% of Brunei's forests reserve and with its wide range of wild habitats, it is considered as one of most diverse ecosystems in the world. Fig.1: Canopy viewing walkway with the height of 50 meters at Ulu Temburong National Park. Topography of Ulu Temburong National Park. Ulu Temburong National Park is located in the southern part of Temburong District with latitude

  • Most Important Issues In Everyday Life

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    . As far as I am concerned, I think waste pollution, air pollution, and water pollution are important issues in our daily life. For these three issues, I consider air pollution is the most important and needs to be solved as soon as possible. Firstly, air pollution affects the health of people and animals. We need to breathe fresh air every day to maintain our survival. If the air is polluted, people will breathe a lot of harmful gases, and these toxic gases will lead to disease. As a result, health

  • Pros And Cons Of Migration Of Nurses

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    Review of Related Literature This aims to explore on the advantages and disadvantages of migration of nurses in the Philippines. There are several factors and barriers which contributes to migration. Different studies regarding nurse migration in the Philippines examined international as well as national perspectives and trends. Published journals and other literature search were performed using keywords such as nurse, nursing, nurse migration, and Philippines. Google, Sciencedirect, government websites

  • Essay About Drought In Jamestown

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    Jamestown should have been called Jamesdown, because of all of the colonists that died from 1607-1611. There were over 100 colonists that died in Jamestown. There were three major things that led to the deaths of the Jamestown colonists. They were: starvation, lack of people to fill occupations and drought. The Jamestown colonists didn’t bring enough food. This led to starvation which killed a lot of people. Some of the most important occupations that they needed to survive, they either only had

  • Wetlands Ecosystems

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    Brief Literature Review on Wetlands Ecosystem Services 1.1 Introduction Human beings derived a range of services that are fundamental to their well-being, health, livelihoods, and survival from ecosystems (Costanza et al., 1997, Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MEA), 2005, TEEB Foundations, 2010 and TEEB Synthesis, 2010). According to Daily (1997), the ecosystems and the biological diversity contained within them provided stream of goods and services, the sustained supply of which remains essential

  • Estuarine Freshwater

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    Estuaries and upper estuarine freshwater are ecosystems which contain zooplankton, phytoplankton, microbes, vertebrates and invertebrates, and in general they are exposed to different freshwater and marine influences (Chen & Stillman, 2012; Cohen, 2000). These waters and especially the upper estuarine freshwater ecosystems are often exposed to changing circumstances like seasonal climate, changing tides, stratification and estuarine circulation (Geyer, Trowbridge, & Bowen, 2000; Goodrich & Blumberg

  • Essay On Environmental Value Of Biodiversity

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    biodiversity is found by examining each ecosystem process and identifying the ecosystem services that cause it. For example, in wetlands the vegetation captures water-carried sediment and the soil organisms break down a range of nutrients and pollutants washed into the area. These processes provide the ecosystem the help of purifying water. Wetlands also act as spawning and nursery grounds for some fish and provide a refuge for animals in times of drought. Some ecosystem services are very easy to overlook

  • Zooplankton Characteristics

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    Usually, the knowledge of zooplankton distribution, diversity, and abundance would be an indicator of the condition of freshwater ecosystem. If the diversity of the is low, the stability of the environment is also low, and would readily indicate unfavorable conditions such as perturbations and disturbances that are either man-made or natural. If the diversity is high, then the ecosystem is more stable, leading to longer trophic food chains and greater adaptations to possible environmental disturbances