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  • Ghazal Themes

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    Even before the time of Hafiz, ghazal was a complex form of poetry so far as it’s themes were concerned. Diwan of Hafiz includes several poetic themes as they had been existing in Persian and Arabic literature for centuries. The most prominent themes of Hafiz’s ghazals are the trials and troubles of the poet lover along with a rebellious celebration of drinking. Besides, the ghazals of Hafiz also deal with the spiritual subjects as the traces of the transcendental in worldly beauty, based upon the

  • A Bird And Firefly Poem Analysis

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    1) Eik Gaye aur Bakri: Iqbal wrote this poem in a very interesting way by attributing the cow and goat as talking being. He conveyed the message of the poem in very easy and simple way through the dialogue or conversation between these two. In this poem, when a goat met to cow asked her well being. But the cow complained against, his owner, which was not true because man provided her a good living condition, food, shelter and protection from danger and wilderness. In the same way as man often complaints

  • Essay On Early Islamic Poetry

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    Early Islamic and Umayyad poetry "O, how strange are the deserted campsites and their long-gone inhabitants! And how strangely time changes all! The camel of youth walks slowly now, its once quick pace is gone; it is bored with travelling." (Salma K. Jayussi (trans.), The Cambridge History of Arabic Literature, p.408) Early Islamic Period The early Islamic poetry was slightly different from the pre-islamic poetry, not in the structure of the poem (qasidah), but in its purpose. During the early

  • Agha Shaid Poetry Analysis

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    Agha Shahid Ali is undisputedly the best ever English poet of Kashmir. He is born in 1949, grew up in Kashmir, studies from university of Kashmir and Delhi University before going to U.S.A for higher studies. He was from one of the most educated and liberal Shia family of Srinagar. Then he got settled in U.S.A up to his death in 2001 due to brain tumor. His poetry reflects multi- ethnic influences e.g. Muslim, Hindu and Western heritages. Shahid became Shahid or witness of the Kashmir’s quest for

  • When Sun Meets Moon Analysis

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    Scott Kugle’s book When Sun Meets Moon: Gender, Eros, and Ecstasy in Urdu Poetry introduces two Indian poets from the Deccan. The two poets are man named Shah Siraj (1715-1763) and Mah Laqa Bai (1768-1820). A large component of the book are the English translations of their Urdu poetry. Translations of poetry can be either literal or be adapted to fit the sound and format of the original. Though Kugle’s translations seem to be true to the meaning of the originals, but they appear to be more about

  • Desire In Amir Khusrau's Poems

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    A complex subject like desire is surrounded by a number of views. People interpret desire in a number of ways. While reading Amir Khusrau’s poetry, I began to view and interpret desire in a very negative manner, linked to pain and violence. Such was an opinion I shared in my Piazza post for the reading, where I talked about how desire is a raw and beastly emotion, uncontrollable, whose fulfillment often leads to violence. I connected this idea to a previous text, Sudhir Kakar’s Intimate Relations

  • Bahadur Shah Zafar: The Hindu Timurid Dynasty

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    child of Akbar Shah II and Lalbai, who was a Hindu Rajput. He turned into the Mughal Emperor upon his dad 's passing on 28 September 1837. Zafar ,signifying "triumph" was his 'pen name ' (takhallus) as a Urdu writer. He has composed numerous Urdu ghazals. After the Indian Rebellion of 1857 the British Administration banished him from Delhi. Rising to the Throne/Masnad Zafar 's dad, Akbar Shah Saani II, ruled over a quickly breaking down domain between 1806 to 1837. It was amid his time that the

  • Hafiz Shirazi's Poetry Analysis

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    destruction cause by translation. He argues that the suggested system is more acceptable and easy to explore poetry than prose. As such, from among twelve deforming forces seven most pertinent to poetry deformation selected. Therefore, 40 Ghazals and from every Ghazal one couplet of Divan of Hafiz selected. First, the selected couplets studied and interpreted in Persian in order to determine the metaphors. Then, their English equivalents from the well-known translation of Hafiz done by Behrooz Homayon

  • Essay On Uttar Pradesh

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    Enlighten yourself with the knowledge of Uttar Pradesh The geographical location of Uttar Pradesh is responsible for the rich and cultural heritage it carries. In terms of area, it occupies the largest portion of the northern part of India. The state shares its boundaries with the Himalayan regions of Uttarakhand and Nepal in the north. It was the land of the Mughal empires. The state was dominated by the Mughal rulers who ruled India between 16tn and 18th century. The rich cultural heritage dates

  • An Essay About Manganiyars

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    Introduction Manganiyars are Muslim communities in Sindh, Pakistan and in the desert of Rajasthan, India in the districts of Barmer and Jaisalmer, along the border of Sindh province of Pakistan. They are exclusively a hereditary community who make their livings as musical performers for the Rajput patrons which they have been serving from generations. Manganiyar’s patrons are mainly Hindus and majorly Rajputs. The Manganiyars Believe that they have the blessing of god which helps them in singing

  • Essay About Jive Dance

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    LATIN AMERICAN AND BALLROOM DANCE: ASSIGNMENT 2 COMPARISON BETWEEN JIVE AND KATHAK Jive Kathak Origin • The roots of Jive come from African-American cultural dance, originating in the United States. The name was defined as meaning foolishness or gibberish, and hence Jive is fun, fast and crazy form of dance. It primarily became famous during World War II. It was recognized as a much more energetic version of the Jitterbug, which was already well known as a swing dance style. Jazz musicians loved

  • Essay About Malaysian Music

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    the post-Portuguese period which is on the 16th century and contains from both foreign and local music of Persian, Indian, Arabian, Chinese and Western musical and theatrical musical. The music genres discovered during that time are Dondang Sayang, Ghazal, Mata-Katinga, Jikey, Boria, Keroncong, Zapin, and Bangsawan. Malaysian popular music and contemporary art music are mostly Western-based music combine with some

  • Dramatization In Pakistan

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    'ankahi', 'tanhayan', 'dhuan', . The entire thought was to demonstrate a very much arranged family dramatization with an in number script and a perfect domain. All the credit without a doubt goes to the splendid story essayists like Haseena Moen, Seema Ghazal, Ashfak Ahmad and so forth. Their

  • Antelopes Advantages

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    Hunting antelopes benefits the world. There are many kinds of hunting in the world, and in every hunt there are different kinds of animals. However, the antelopes are one of the main animals for hunter and it is the victim in the world. As we know in this world have something name life laws, so antelopes are the same of life laws. For example, the biggest creature 's predatory smallest creatures like antelopes and lions. Also in this essay I will discuss the beneficial of hunting antelopes in the

  • Four Styles Of Conflict Management

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    Conflict management style “Emergence and history” Uroosa Ghazal MS-Management Sciences Introduction: Conflict refers to the disagreement or a form of resistance which creates the differences within a group or the members of other group. Conflict can be limited to one individual or it may arises among the groups as conflict among the members of a particular group is called intragroup conflict and the conflict among the members of two or more groups is called intergroup conflict. Conflict management

  • The Importance Of Awareness In Language Learning

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    According to Farrell (2009) research has indicated that people store words semantically, not alphabetically like in a dictionary; that the more we use a word, the easier it is to remember; and that we will remember faster the word we have more recently used. Many times we as teachers suggest that our students read as much as they can so they can expand their vocabularies. We can hope this will happen and sometimes it does, but we have an important role to play in motivating our students to enlarge

  • Importance Of Learning Vocabulary

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    Introduction In the last two decades learning strategies has grown more and more, especially learning vocabulary. One of the most important elements of language is vocabulary; there has been a considerable interest in vocabulary studies. By learning vocabulary foreign learners can improve their knowledge and proficiency in second language. Over the last years so many researchers, for example (Folse, 2006; Huang, 2007; Min, 2008; Shen, 2010; Vidal, 2011; Mohebbi, 2013; Charkova

  • Mirza Ghalib Analysis

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    pursuits. In middle age, Ghalib was arrested on a gambling charge, and in 1847, he was imprisoned for running a gaming house. After his release, he was welcomed at court—as he had long wished to be. A little later, he resumed writing in Urdu. His ghazals gained a reputation at mushairas, or poetry contests, for erudition, though some called it obscurantism. Ghalib fared well in the 1850s, and he adopted the sons of his wife’s nephew. In 1854, he received adequate stipends and court appointments. He

  • Pre Islamic Poetry Analysis

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    Introduction Poetry is one of the most famous turath of the Arabic culture and is one of the reasons that preserved the Arabic language and especially pre-Islamic poetry. Pre-Islamic poem has many characteristics that make it unique; it is considered an instrument of concision, clarity and eloquence. In addition to its artistic value, it is also a reliable reference to the political and cultural life of our time. When we say pre-Islamic poetry, the first thing comes to mind are the famous poets

  • Pamir Traditional Dance Essay

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    Investigation Pamir traditional Dance and Music The traditional music and dance of the Pamir people is very unique. The music is unique in the sense that every single genre or type of song is different and is also expressed in a different way. 1. Lailaik or Dargilik Lailaik is one of the original forms of traditional repertoire in Pamir. Through this type of song the people of Badakhshan express their complaints about injustice of heaven and destiny, longing for beloved ones, or sorrow. The genre