Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance Essays

  • How To Train Your Dragon Analysis

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    proved to his father and his friends that you don’t have to be strong to make something incredible happen. He solved a huge problem for the village of Berk. People stared trusting dragons, and learning to befriend them. He didn’t give up and tried his best to come up with a solution. In the end, it was the loser of the village that brought everyone together and made it so they don’t have to kill anymore. Friendship is of vital importance to survival, if you didn’t have anyone to talk to or to relate

  • Essay On Causes Of Car Accident

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    Ernest Greenwood once said, “Accidents and particularly street and highway accidents, do not happen- they are caused.” Car accidents in the world are increasing every day and hundreds of people die in car accidents every week because of it. In fact, it is one of the leading causes of death among teenagers. Car accidents occur mostly due to negligent and reckless drivers on the road and they often don’t realize the consequences of their actions until it is too late. The consequences may not be the

  • Argumentative Essay On Adventure Seekers

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    There are many different types of people in this world. There are people who “play it safe” and then there are “dare devils”. Adventure seekers like to take risks that can put them in life or death situations. However, determining who should be held accountable for their actions is the real issue for the adventure seekers and taxpayers. Adventure seekers should have to pay for their dare devil actions like bungee jumping in life or death situations, but it depends on if the person who is doing the

  • Britney Spears Research Paper

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    In 1999, an important switch point in the music industry came the success of a series of teen-pop stars such as my main focus of this section – Britney Spears, easily the most successful one of the teen pop boom in the late 90s and early 00s, Spears’ debut single …Baby One More Time was credited as key turning point of the revival of teen pop, bubblegum pop music, the single itself was highly successful, debuting on #1 in many countries including the USA, its success caused a lot other teen pop artist

  • The Book Thief: Film Analysis

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    The Book Thief, directed by Brian Percival, is a film adaptation of a book by Mark Zusak centred around adolescent girl Liesel Meminger (Sophie Nelisse). Set in Germany during the early-mid 1940’s, leading up to the war, Liesel is sent away from her family to live with foster parents since she is at risk of being killed due as her parents are communists. Percival uses skilfully chosen aural and visual elements as well as cinematic techniques such as lighting and camera angles to communicate and explore

  • Semiotic Analysis Of A Dove Advert

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    Semiotic Analysis of a Dove Advert Focusing on Whether or Not the Advert Re-enforces Hegemonic Views of Race, Gender and Class Essay by Martyn McGrath The study of semiotics dissects an image by looking at various aspects of the image itself, such as lighting, camera angles, and what these things mean to the ideology behind the image. Semiotics is defined as the “The science of signs, or the study of signs and sign systems.” (O’Shaugnessy and Stadler, 2012:131). This essay will be a semiotic analysis

  • Dr. Martin Luther King's Glory & Hope

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    “I Have a Dream” and “Glory & Hope” were two great speeches given by two of the most significant and exceptional speakers in the 20th century. These 2 men were Dr. Martin Luther King Junior and Nelson Mandela. These two speeches were delivered at times when great racial segregation and injustice had been found in the deep chasms of human society. At that time the Negros in North America and South Africa were racially divided. The Apartheid in South Africa and the lack of rights for the Negros in

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Dr. Martin Luther King's I Have Dream

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    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's “I Have Dream” speech was very inspirational in the fight against racial inequality. It sparked the beginning of a progression towards change and freedom, for the multitudes of those oppressed and victims of injustices and brutality. Held in Washington D.C, August 28, 1963 and attended by thousands, Dr. King spoke towards the need for full recognition and realization of the need for racial equality. Those in attendance ranged from everyday people to civil rights activist

  • Forms Of Poetry In Maya Angelou's Phenomenal Woman

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    used poetry to impact the lives of many people and for that she is one of the most influential poets to this day. Angelou: activist, actress, author, civil rights icon, director, feminist, mother, playwright, wife, and poet. Angelou would grow to be best known for her iconic work in the fields of film, literature, and her time as a civil

  • Kelly Clarkson Research Paper

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    overcome many obstacles just to make it to Hollywood. However, when she was there, nobody seemed to believe in her or her musical talents. She did not let that slow her down though, and now she is known worldwide as one of the best pop singers out there, with three Grammys under her wing to prove it. Kelly Clarkson has the strength to overcome many obstacles that stand in her way, gain great success, and inspire people of all ages. Kelly Clarkson has had many struggles throughout her journey to

  • Queen Latifah Analysis

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    As one of the first Black feminists who made it big on the rap and hip hop scene, Queen Latifah exposed the issues of domestic violence, disrespect of women, and the objectification of Black female sexuality in her biggest hit single “U.N.I.T.Y.” recorded in 1993. Following the release of the single, the song’s immediate popularity raised awareness, especially within the African American community, for sexist violence and assault against women. In summary, Latifah addresses the issues of violence

  • Will Smith's Rapping Career

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    Throughout the 1980s, many talented people had been recognized and many more were to be recognized. Therefore, another piece of talent came along. Before becoming famous this young adult was seen as a good student with a charming personality. His quick tongue got him out of trouble and being seen as the type of guy he was, he then earned the nickname ¨Prince¨ ( This wonderful piece of talent was Will Smith. Smith was a young teen when he recognized his very first talent. Rapping