Graphic novel Essays

  • Graphic Novel: Film Analysis

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    For my graphic novel, I choose to do a non-fiction piece on a brief history of film. Choosing this allowed me to get outside of my comfort zone, as well as possibly learn something new in the process. In the graphic novel, I first talk about the very origins of film: what the first motion picture machine was and what the very first “film” looked like and why it was made. Next I look at the films of the early 20th century. They started off very short, as before 1912, it was not common to use multiple

  • Gender Stereotypes In Graphic Novels

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    development of graphic novels and their breakthrough into the literature spotlight, there are still prejudices against their structure - the dependence on art. However, we’ve seen more breakthroughs, graphic novels that have highlighted issues and marked changes in our societal structure. Works like The Road to Perdition and Maus have brought new focus onto the graphic novel with development of movies and the acceptance and value brought along with their stories. The graphic novels of Sin City are

  • Alan Moore Graphic Novel Summary

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    This chapter describes the research methods used for assessing the relationship between Alan Moore’s graphic novel readership and the effects, if any, it had on said readership in influencing whatever social or cultural reform that took place after his work’s had been published. This paper’s methodology outlines the set of procedures or method’s used to conduct the research; including the theoretical framework, data collection and data analysis method’s which were used. Methods Used The primary

  • Symbolism In The Graphic Novel 'The Rabbits'

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    Through the effective use of conventions, the graphic novel”The Rabbits” represents particular ideas about European colonization in Australia and Australian society. “The Rabbits” is a graphic novel depicting colonization in our country by using animals and indirect messages. It also uses color and symbolic features to direct messages to the reader. “Rabbit Proof Fence” shows us the realty of the stolen generation. It also dives it’s attention into the imposing of beliefs and ideals onto Aboriginal

  • Kafkaesque In Metamorphosis And Kuper's Graphic Novel

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    Based on careful reading of both works, Kuper 's graphic novel mirrors the Kafkaesque feeling of The Metamorphosis. The literary term "Kafkaesque" describes a distorted and oppressive sense of reality. In The Metamorphosis Graphic Novel, the author Peter Kuper illustrates a very distorted sense of reality. In contrast from Kafka 's written novel, Kuper 's graphic novel visually shows Gregor 's transformation into a vermin. By depicting his transformation to an insect, this creates a more nightmarish

  • Art Spiegelman's Graphic Novel Maus

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    The use of iconic faces in Art Spiegelman’s graphic novel Maus serves many purposes. It relates to the idea that the Nazis did not view the Jews as humans. However, Spiegelman gives the mice human-like qualities in an attempt to counteract the dehumanization of the Jews by the Nazis. Also, much of the novel is about his father’s experiences during World War II, but the death of his mother was an event that affected Art deeply and personally. This accounts for the use of realism during “Prisoner

  • Symbolism In Jimmy Corrigan

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    When looking at Chris Ware’s graphic novel Jimmy Corrigan, we see the cartoon panels that represent the idea of superman. Superhero’s are very much a part of our culture and Chris Ware uses this to draw in readers to the graphic novel. Children grow up looking at their hero who has certain qualities that they admire and this story is no different. The visual representation of Jimmy’s hero is dress in the same colours as the superman we all know today. Jimmy is often alone and superman is the one

  • Allegory In Maus

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    Maus – Essay Martin Measic 10.23 The graphic novel Maus by Art Spiegelman explores the Holocaust through the eyes of Vladek Spiegelman and his son, Art’s, mission to capture every detail of the genocide. The conventions of the graphic novel allow Spiegelman to communicate his ideas effectively to the reader. The allegory of mice and cats, the imagery used to describe the conditions endured during the Holocaust, as well as the dialogue used to portray themes and relationships all enable Art to present

  • Maus And Fun Home Analysis

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    the medium to construct an animal hierarchy and Bechdel uses the medium to combine multiple moments in her life into one story, both authors use pictorial detail to shed light on the outsider experience they are each trying to portray. In his graphic novel, Maus, Spiegelman makes his father’s exclusion from

  • The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Analysis

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    the truth and characters had the ability to intersect indiscriminately. This meant that they had the ability to team up with a view of undermining all reprehensible schemes unbelievable techniques. The series contains more violence than any of the novels that were published during the time (Moore & O 'Neill 2). It also features more literature than is actually highlighted in the corresponding Hollywood

  • Misunderstood Art Forms Of Comics

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    too formal and excluded certain pieces of art. A common way to think of comics is pictures juxtaposed with words to tell a story. There are many different forms a comic can take, including editorial, magazine, cartoons, comic strip, comic book, graphic novel, manga, and online. All of those are different genres in comics, however, comics are not a genre themselves; comics are a medium, which can be any means in which an art form is expressed. Certain comics, like Calvin and Hobbes, are frequently overlooked

  • Violence In Chuck Dixon's Legends Of The Dark Knight

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    Someone once said “All the violence in the movies and literature, you cannot tell me that it would not disturb a normal person.” In our days graphic novels became so violent that they cannot be demonstrated to the kids. The comic book “Legends of the Dark Knight” that written by the author named Chuck Dixon shows the great examples why the comic books should not be presented to the children. In this book author tells us how Batman violently defeats the irresistible beast. Batman kills the beast

  • The Origins Of DC Comics

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    Since the early 1900’s comics books have provided a popular source of entertainment for both children and adults. However, over time comic books have manifested into varying styles and appearances. As the culture of the world changed through war, economic depression, and political shuffle, comic books have served as a reflection of the world’s altering ideologies. The comic book powerhouse DC Comics, formerly know as Detective Comics, stands today as one of the most prominent and popular entertainment

  • Elie Wiesel's Journey

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    Elie Wiesel was a young boy when he did survived the holocaust.. In his memoir Night, we follow his journey as a Jewish boy in a time where expressing your religion could mean life or death. Between living under the watch of Nazi regimes, trying to keep his father alive, and surviving the inhumanity of others, Elie’s had fought and lived through the genocide unlike any other. However, surviving the holocaust does not come without a price. Wiesel lived at the sacrifice of his faith and identity

  • Literary Analysis In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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    Imagine having a book in your hand and you are trying to read that book. As a student of literature what comes to your mind? I would immediately think of all the terms that we are learning in class. Things I remember most are aspects of stories such as setting, plot, characterization among others. These terms are what describe literary analysis. According to arrowhead schools, literary analysis is the practice of looking closely at small parts to see how they affect the whole. It focuses on how plot/structure

  • The Elements Of Comic: The Language Of Comics

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    Gutters and panels are really important because they are needed to create a sense of time in a space to tell a narrative. The combination of these elements can only be found in comic. All of these elements are fused into ‘a core attribute of comics graphic language: the unique ways in which one “reads” this language’ (Versaci 2007:14). All of these elements, add Sabin (2003:9), does not happens in the words, or in the pictures, but somehow it happens in the between of the two, which is also known as

  • Dark Night Rises, Batman Unmasked

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    character. From the time of his introduction in a pure 1939's Detective Comics #27 of six pages, his character has advanced into one of the most intricate and appealing figures not just in funny tales, but as well in the realm of literature. Hilarious graphic book stars are in essence contemporary legends. Their stories have been told time and again, across several generations, by numerous authors and performers, through both print and electronic media. Batman, to be precise, is conceivably the most adored

  • Nosferatu Analysis

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    Nosferatu’s Meaning and Comparisons It’s easy to say that Germany led in experimentation of film making with Murnau’s Nosferatu. Filmed in 1922, it dealt with the outside world effects of post-world war and political uproar. With everything that was going on in Europe at that time, you can see that Germany was scared with what was going to happen to their country, and that’s where Nosferatu is symbolic for Germany. Count Orlok’s characteristics like his hooked nose, long ears, and bushy eyebrows

  • The Suicide Squad Analysis

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    Preface: I know this review is super late, but I still wanted to let you all know my thoughts and feeling on this film. Just in case SPOILER WARNING!!! Source Material: The Suicide Squad is "team" of villains from the DC Comics universe. Robert Kangigher and Ross Andru are the creators of the original Suicide Squad comic. Entertaining Value: 7 Action Elements: There are two or three big action sequences that are really good. John Campea and Collider Movie Talk crew compared the "minions" of the

  • Essay On Nerd Culture

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    What is it to be a Nerd? When asked to write about a sub culture that I was apart of several ideas went through my head. I could write about my belief system or my family’s own sub culture. But I realized that one subculture that I am apart of and one that I am constantly growing in is this nerd culture. This aspect of going to the comic book store with my brother and talking with the people that work there and seeing what they have to stay about the new story arc of Thor or Hawkeye. Or the fact