Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane Essays

  • Gregor The Overlander By Suzanne Collins: Character Analysis

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    “He had to leap, and by his death the others would live.” In the compelling fantasy story Gregor The Overlander, by Suzanne Collins, Gregor the main character’s courageous acts to save his father from the Underland will not only heavily inspire you, but also chill you to the bone. At first I thought Gregor was weak and depressed, not wanting to go on another day. It was a horrible judgement. When he learned his dad was still alive somewhere in the Underland he was filled with so much courage to go

  • How Did Suzanne Collins Influence Her Book

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    Abstract This paper explores some of the creative decisions Suzanne Collins, author of Year of the Jungle, The Hunger Games trilogy, and The Underland Chronicles, has made in her career as a writer. It discusses many of her inspirations and influences that aided her in the creation of her books, as well as the common themes she writes about. Additionally, it considers some of Collins’ character choices and views on writing which led to the popularity of her books. Suzanne Collins: