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  • Taj Mahal In India

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    Tagore once used “Only let this one tear-drop, glisten pure upon the cheek of time,” to describe Taj Mahal, a place which many people dreamed of going. Its construction is of deep historical and economic significance and there is a heart-warming story behind it. Taj Mahal is a famous tourist attraction in India and it has a long history of construction and rich cultural contented. This is a land full of Indian culture. Its meaning a lot to local habitant due to the reputation of Taj Mahal related

  • History Of Indian Cuisine

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    India is the world second largest country in the world and have a mixture of lot type ethnic in their country. Each ethnic in India has their own tradition food and their own spices. Each ethnic also have the famous food dish and recipes and it make the type of food in India increase day by day with new dishes and recipes. Indian Cuisine is one of the famous cuisine in the world. Indian Cuisine can be both exciting and intimidating. It’s such a complete world of taste. Indian Cuisine is a combination

  • Narrative Essay On The Mighty Tiger

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    The mighty tiger, was once the most beautiful animal in the whole wide world. For you see, I am the strongest and the fastest anyone had ever seen. All I lacked was intelligence. I needed this because I wanted to become the king of the jungle. This was not going to be hard to find. All I needed to do was get a man to give me his intelligence. I sneaked around a man's house, waiting for the right moment to strike. However, I saw a buffalo obeying the man and I stopped to ask the buffalo questions

  • Essay On Indian Cuisine

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    INDIAN CUISINE “EXCITING” and “INTIMIDATING” are the words which define INDIAN CUISINE because of its tongue-tingling flavor, unfamiliar dishes and exotic ingredients. Combination of all the techniques from different cuisines gives Indian cuisine a titillating food experience. Anyone can play with cooking Indian cuisine at home. Indian cuisine include around 20-30 spices like turmeric, ginger, pepper, cumin are some of the and there are infinite ways to use them. Every spices has its own reason

  • Favourite Street Food

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    10 Popular Street Foods of Hyderabad: Hyderabad is the city known as the food and cultural hub of the country.It is known for its amazing Hyderabadi cuisine which reflects the rich Nizam and Mughal cultural flavouring the city. They will surely satisfy the occasional intrepid traveller. It is famous for its spicy south Indian and street foods especially which will take you to the taste of some authentic food items of the local people .You will relish the spicy and originality of the cuisines. Here

  • Essay About Malaysian Food

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    Top 10 Malaysian Food You Must Eat During Your Holidays (EX Article) Each nation has their thing. The Brits have their tea and bread rolls, the Brazilians have their football, and the Thais have their sanctuaries and shabby Bangkok inns and the Malaysians… .The Malaysians have their food. A luring blend of Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, local Malay and Thai, Malaysian food is legitimately acclaimed, and the Malaysians consider their food society important. The varied blend and expansive scope of food

  • Essay About Tet Holiday

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    A long time ago, Tet Holiday plays an essential role in Vietnamese culture; it is also really meaningful for Vietnamese people. Tet holiday is the time for people wish each other health, wealthy and happiness for a new year. Although Vietnamese people solemnize Tet together, differences in the way celebrate this vacation and traditional customs between North and South still exist in Vietnam. I will introduce it, origin of Tet holiday and reasons why Tet vacation is irreplaceable. II. Body 1. History

  • Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque Essay

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    SULTAN QABOOS GRAND MOSQUE General Information: The Sultan Qaboos grand mosque is located in Muscat, Oman, designed by Mohammed Saleh Makiya and Quad Design for His Majesty Sultan Qaboos to be the largest most beautiful mosque in Oman, and to stand out a unique piece of architecture. The mosques can be visited by non-Muslims except on Friday, and it is considered as a contemporary Islamic architecture. Construction: The conceptual design of the mosque started at 1992, while the construction took

  • Big Blonde By Dorothy Parker Analysis

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    It is difficult to be one single person in a big city, with so much to see and so much to become. How does one choose who to be? How does one choose what to make of herself? In the story Big Blonde, written by Dorothy Parker along with Not Much Fun, and The Portable, for Hazel, work was the answer. Work, though, was not just work. It was being friends with people from work and meeting other people from those friends, having parties and living life to the fullest. Until one day for Hazel it becomes

  • Hindi Film Analysis

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    Indian cinema has evolved over the years to a vast extent, be it the introduction of modern-age technologies or the different breeds of filmmakers that have aspired and entertained their respective generation. One notable aspect concerning the glorious platform that Indian cinema enjoys now has been the contribution of Bengali filmmakers, films and several technicians in this field. Several notable Bengali movies have been remade time and time, and the process continues till now. Let’s take a look

  • Accommodation In Rajahmundry

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    Rajahmundry(Rajamahendri) a beautiful city,pilgrimage centre is also known as ‘Cultural capital’is located in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.It is the ‘born city’ because of the fact that Telugu language originated here by Poet Nannayya who gave a script to it. It is the birth place of poet Nannayya, who is also called the first poet of Telugu. This splendid city is located 400 km from the Hyderabad with the River Godavari flowing towards its west. Looking at the recent past, the city has

  • Home Loan Disadvantages

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    completion of my project because every project needs inspiration, guidance and help at every step. For this, I would like to thank Dr. Lakhwinder Singh, Head of department, for giving me opportunity to work under Dr. Fulbagh Singh, Department of Commerce, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. I offer heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Fulbagh Singh for his keen interest, suggestions, extreme support and invaluable guidance during the course of this project. I am also thankful

  • Akbar's Imperial Administration

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    HIST 210 ASSIGNMENT 1 QUESTION: How do you account for the success of Akbar's imperial enterprise? BY, G.SHASHANK REDDY AAA0146 Introduction Muhammad Akbar, known as Shahanshah Akbar-e-Azam (15 October 1542 – 27 October 1605), was the 3rd Mughal Emperor. He was the son of Humayun, and the grandson of Babur, the Mughal dynasty founder in India. He was 14 years old when he took up the Mughal throne in Delhi, after his father Humayun’s death. Akbar was born on 15 October 1542, at the Rajput

  • Descriptive Essay About Langon

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    Yangon, Myanmar The largest city in Myanmar is Yangon (formerly Rangoon). This is an interesting city with a mix of colonial architecture, modern high-rises and many gilded Buddhist pagodas. Shwedagon Paya is one of Buddhism’s most sacred sites. This 325 ft. zedi is adorned with 27 meteric tons of gold leaf, along with thousands of diamonds and other kinds of gems. It is believed that it enshrines eight hairs of the Gautama Buddha and other relics of three former Buddhas. Four entrance stairways

  • Library Automation: A Case Study Of Library Management

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    Library Automation: A Case Study of DIHRM Library, New Delhi *Sufian Ahmad Librarian, Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi Abstract In India, some libraries and information centers made efforts to automate their library routines and services in the 1960’s. Nowadays most of the libraries have started or already have completed the process of computerization of their house keeping operations like, Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation, Serial Control, OPAC, etc. This article is a case

  • Assignment: Interpersonal Communication

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    XAVIER INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT BHUBANESWAR Assignment On Interpersonal Communication Submitted to Dr. Sasmit Patra Professor Xavier Institute of Management By Sumit Kumar Sahu Roll no.-UM14294 Acknowledgement I should like to communicate my gratitude to Dr. Sasmit Patra, for providing me the opportunity to apply and comprehend my Organizational Behaviour concepts. This article should not have been prosperous lacking the aid of the people, Individual and associations who have helped

  • The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Computerization In India

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    As early as 1955, computerization work started with the installation of HEC – 2m computer system imported from UK, at the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Calcutta. ISI also acquired a Soviet built computer URAL – I as gift in 1958. The first indigenous computer was designed in 1964 by ISI, Calcutta in collaboration with Jadhavpur University, Calcutta. During the introductory phase period (1955 – 64) as many as sixteen computers were installed in different parts of India. During the period 1966

  • Taj Mahal Architecture

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    INTRODUCTION OF THE TAJ MAHAL (Built by The Great Mughal Emperior Shah Jahan in the memory of his favorite.) Situated in Uttar Pradesh , Agra Height - 73m (240 ft) Architect Name - Ustad Ahmad Luhari Architectural Styles - Mughal Architecture (Main gate of Taj Mahal from where we enter) • Taj Mahal is a beautiful example of Maginificent Architecture

  • Essay On Sikhism

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    Sikhism Guru Nanak founded Sikhism in India, during the 15th century. Today it is the fifth largest religion in the world. Most Sikhs live in Punjab, northern India, but there are Sikhs all around the world. I will be telling about the seven dimensions of Sikhism. First comes the practical and ritual dimension. A Sikh has three important rituals: baptism, marriage and naming their child. When a Sikh is baptized it always done when the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book, is present. The ceremony is

  • Guru Gobind Singh Ji Essay In Punjabi Analysis

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    Self-respect and cohesion through loyalty to the Guru was the purpose of the formation of the Khalsa but before his death the guru took another step. On 7 October 1708, knowing that he would not recover from a knife would he had sustained, the Guru is reputed to have taken five coins and a coconut which he replaced before a copy of the Granth Sahib, thus installing it as Guru. If we go to the writings of Guru Gobind Singh, we find him preoccupied with the nature of religious missions in general