Halitosis Essays

  • Dental Hygiene Speeches

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    breath.The condition can decrease self-esteem and the misconception is that it’s related to poor dental hygiene. Even someone that brushes twice a day and flosses can suffer the condition because it caused by an abnormality in your dental flora. Halitosis (bad breath) can be caused by periodontal disease, diabetes, hepatitis, or even liver diseases. Your dentist can help you treat this embarrassing problem. Alcohol - based mouthwash is most effective Just because you feel it tingling, doesn’t mean

  • Preventative Dentistry

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    One of the best ways to achieve (and then maintain) a healthy smile is to practice preventative dentistry. Preventative dentistry includes regular checkups and cleanings in conjunction with the use of proper brushing and flossing techniques. Even the foods and beverages you consume can affect your smile. The tips below are designed to help you achieve and then maintain a bright, healthy smile How to achieve a healthy smile Good oral hygiene every day is essential According to the American Dental

  • Dental Emergencies Case Study

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    Chapter 6 Dental Emergencies Dental problems demanding immediate intervention are termed as dental emergencies. Situations which can wait for normal dental appointments are not emergencies. Conditions demanding an emergency call are classified as: I. Oro – facial pain 1. Cuts or wounds to oral tissue 2. Prolonged tooth ache 3. Pain in wisdom tooth 4. Dry socket 5. Ludwig’s angina 6. ANUG –Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis II. Restorative emergencies 1. Lost filling 2. Lost crown or cap 3

  • Dental Trauma Case Study

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    Introduction- The purpose of this paper is to discuss a rarest case of hidden maxillary tooth in infra-orbital space following trauma. Pediatric dental injuries leading to traumatic tooth displacement is common in children, although it very rare and sometimes challenging to diagnose and treat traumatically embedded tooth in vital tissue spaces which may lead to serious complications if ignored. Case report- A 4-year old male child was brought with injuries on his face and mouth and swelling over

  • Dental Infection Prevention Case Study

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    Dental health is the key factor to preserve one’s good health as the mouth is the gateway to the body. People who tend to preserve their dental health have to pay a visit to the dentist almost every 6 months. Usually, the dental patients have many concerns related to the dental procedures and one of their main concerns is if the dental team follows accurately all of the infection control standards as it’s an important part of safe patient care. Concerns about the spread of bloodborne diseases, highly

  • Socket Shield

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    Socket shield technique is becoming widely used in implant dentistry as a way of socket preservation to prevent from bone remodeling after extraction, this technique exceeds by far the other techniques of socket preservation in terms of final aesthetic outcome, regarding soft tissues around the implant-borne prosthesis. This report describes the replacement of a failed implant which was originally inserted immediately after a tooth was extracted using the socket shield technique, the second

  • Cosmetic Dentistry Research Papers

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    Today’s Dentistry not only deals with the dental problems, but also it makes significant improvements in the aesthetics of teeth or gum or thefunctions of the teeth. The cosmetic dental treatment process creates a lot of positive changes on the teeth or gums which ultimately improve the appearance of the teeth. A trained, experienced, and skilled Cosmetic Dentists can help the people to improve their appearance, smile, and confidence. In this modern age,the aesthetic-centered Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Mandibular Morphology

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    A clinician should have complete knowledge of anatomic variation of macrostructure and internal and external root canal anatomy. A successful endodontic treatment includes locating the root canal orifice ,chemico mechanical cleaning and shaping of root canals before a dense root canal filling with a hermetic seal. It is known that mandibular first molar can display significant anatomical variations namely as number of roots, number of root canals and morphology. The presence of an additional root

  • Cosmetic Dentistry Research Paper

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    Cosmetic dentistry focuses more on the aesthetics and looks of your teeth rather than the functionality of them. It treats teeth that are discolored and stained, chipped or misshaped, or even missing as cosmetic dentistry can close spaces between your teeth and reshape them. Dr. Frank offers services for cosmetic dentistry choosing between a variety of options that best fits you and your teeth. Dr. Frank has had advanced training and extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry as he guarantees 100%

  • The Importance Of Discount Dental Plan

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    Discount dental plans: how to break the tooth decay cycle? These conditions shape a cycle of occasions, even in infants, that gradually unwind oral health: rot creating microscopic organisms associate with the starches (sugars) to deliver corrosive; the corrosive in constant contact with the teeth gradually demineralizes (breaks down) the tooth veneer; as demineralization proceeds with, serious cavity problem Since every one of the three of these conditions must be available for a cavity to generate

  • Pros And Cons Of Dental Crown

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    If you suffer from tooth decay, your dentist will install a dental crown to help protect your tooth from further decay. Dental crowns have the potential to last for many years if they are taken care of properly. However, eating hard or sticky foods can cause your dental crown to fall off the tooth. As a result, this leaves your tooth unprotected and could result in an infection from bacteria and food entering the tooth. Luckily, there are a few tips you can use to cover your tooth until your dental

  • Orthodontist Experience

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    Find an Experienced Orthodontist in Denver Everyone across the globe wants to have a gorgeous smile on their face that too without any dental flaw. A perfect smile on a person’s face enhances the overall personality and also boosts their self confidence. People do take care of their dental and oral health by taking all necessary precautions to maintain good dental health. But in spite of taking all precautions a lot of people suffer from dental problems and irregularities. The health care professionals

  • Dental Hygienist Research

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    I believe this career path is important to the health of populations because of how a person 's oral health and overall health are connected. Correspondingly, the article The Role of Dental Hygienists in Providing Access to Oral Health Care written by Amanda Dunker, Esther Krofah, and Fredrick Isasi states how oral health is an integral part of physical health and wellbeing. The oral diseases that come from the mouth (periodontal, cavities, gingivitis. etc..) have become issues for millions of

  • Early Childhood Caries

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    Early childhood caries (ECC) is a specific form of tooth decay which occurs all over the world in young children. It affects the primary dentition of patients and appears disproportionately in populations which suffer from economic and educational stress. As in other forms of dental caries, ECC is associated with a reduction of pH in the mouth and the resultant demineralization of tooth enamel and dentin, but unlike tooth disease that typically appears later in life, ECC affects the smooth surfaces

  • Informative Essay On Zirconia

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    While the only option for a dental implant post was once titanium metal, some specialists now offer implant posts made of zirconia. If you are considering this newer type of dental implant, you may have many questions about zirconia and what it is. Here are three facts about zirconia, including its history in other dental and medical applications. Zirconia Has Been Used in Dentistry and Medicine for Years While zirconia dental implant posts are relatively new, zirconium dioxide itself has been

  • Admission Essay For Dentistry

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    Since a young age, the field of dentistry has fascinated me. Going to regular oral cleanings and examinations did not mean sitting in a chair for two hours and staring at someone scrape the plaque off my teeth with sharp, pointy objects or "instruments". Instead, it was an opportunity to ask burning questions about the profession that I loved. I have always seen dentistry as an attractive and very important health care option. This is because it is crucial to maintain one’s oral health to prevent

  • Myrrh Mouthwash Research Paper

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    Dental implants are designed to last a long time with proper dental care. Poor dental hygiene can cause your implants to fail. The buildup of plaque and bacteria around the surface of the implant can lead to inflammation. If the implant is not cleaned, then the infection can result in peri-implant disease. This disease leads to bone loss and will loosen the implant. If too much bone is lost, the dental implant may eventually fall out on its own. Regular mouthwashes are a good way to help avoid bacteria

  • Teeth Extraction Procedure

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    If you are getting your wisdom teeth extracted and one or more are impacted, then you may worry that you will experience a lot of pain after surgery in the area where the impacted teeth are removed. While non-impacted teeth can simply be pulled right out of their sockets, removing impacted teeth often involves some incisions being made in your gum tissue to access the teeth and your dentist may have to break it into several pieces to remove it. However, you can still keep pain minimal after your

  • Wisdom Tooth Persuasive Speech

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    Over the course of an adult's lifetime, they may require an oral surgery. If the adult has impacted teeth, tooth loss, dental implants or a facial injury they may need Oral Surgery in Fishers IN to fix their issue. A dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon, someone who has extra training and is able to perform procedures for an oral and facial issue. The most common reason someone will visit an oral surgeon is to have an impacted tooth removed. The most common type of impacted tooth removed is

  • The Surgeon Dentist

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    Braces were not invented until the 1800s, but having the idea straight teeth dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Archaeologists have found the mummified remains in and around Egypt, with what seems like an attempt to close gaps between teeth. The remains have a cord prepared from a catgut, or animal intestines, wrapped or run along teeth almost like todays orthodontist run wire along the teeth to close the gaps. The American Association of Orthodontists has found tools from the Greeks and Etruscans