Hans Christian Andersen Essays

  • How Did Hans Christian Andersen Influence Religion

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    Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fairy tale stories were all composed during the 19th century. Those of us with little exposure to Andersen’s autobiographical information are left only to make assumptions based of his character through the means of his literature and the modern adaptations of his work portrayed through different mediums of art. He is often viewed by the public as a compassionate, innocent, and modest man. Though, only within a recent time frame has Andesen been portrayed in recent

  • Hans Christian Andersen The Little Mermaid Analysis

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    The Little Mermaid. By Metaphrog and Hans Christian Andersen. Illus. by Metaphrog. 2017. 80p. Papercutz, $13.99 (9781629917399). 741.5. Gr. 2-5. In this article, Andersen’s story of the mermaid wishing to be loved by a human prince is one of the few classic made-up fairy tale. It’s one of the greatest Disney musical version to the young readers. An artist duo Metaphrog serves a great example in recreating the little mermaid though the young readers that’s only familiar with their vision that can

  • The Cultural Significance Of Hans Christian Andersen, A Fairy Tale Hero

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    Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish author who is considered one of the best and most culturally important fairy tale writers in history. His stories have been translated into over one hundred and twenty-five languages. The cultural significance of Andersen is an interesting topic to analyze. Hans Christian Andersen’s stories, “The Little Mermaid” and “The Shadow”, are culturally significant for many different reasons. “The Little Mermaid” tells a story of a young unnamed mermaid who decides to

  • The Little Mermaid Character Analysis

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    being to another, and in doing so she must do away with everything that made her who she was before she met the prince: a mermaid, a princess, a daughter, a sister, a beautiful singer, and more. This may have been considered collateral damage by both Andersen and Disney, but it does not excuse the reality of the impact of the message the story promotes. In the Disney film, Ariel considers what the cost of being human would be as she negotiates with the sea witch, "If I become a human, that means I 'll

  • Examples Of The Journey In The Odyssey

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    The Journey Actor, Marlon Wayans once said, “Success is not a destination, but the road that you’re on. Being successful means that you’re are working hard and walking your walk every day. You can only live your dream by working hard towards it. That’s living your dream.” What Marlon Wayans is saying is that success happens when someone work for it, it doesn’t just happen right away. The journey matters more than the destination because in the journey people can gain memories. The details are all

  • The Emperor's New Clothes Analysis

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    Always Expect More Fairy tales and parables are more puissant than any other speech or book, because of their impressive impact on people all over the globe. Not only do they teach many lessons, but they are also very entertaining. For instance, “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is a very famous folk tale about an Emperor who gets tricked into purchasing an invisible outfit because of his selfishness and pride. The Emperor also goes out in public “wearing” that outfit and, in result, embarrassed himself

  • How The Characters Depicted In Walt Disney's The Little Mermaid

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    from Hans Christian Andersen’s 1837 fairytale, “The Little Mermaid”. Although both stories feature the same “little mermaid” as the protagonist, the presentation of this mythical creature has evolved drastically from the original fairytale. This essay will identify the changes made in the

  • Kino And Juana's Relationship In The Pearl

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    The Ever-Changing Relationship In The Pearl, John Steinbeck uses the protagonists to show how they continue to change throughout the novel as they encounter new and stressful situations. In the beginning of the novel, Juana and Kino are the typical 19th century couple where the husband is the head of the house. After the discovery of the pearl, their relationship begins to change as Juana starts to find her voice. By the end of the novel, the couple’s relationship has forever changed to one of mutual

  • Aladdin Movie Analysis

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    3.3 Aladdin “Aladdin“ is a relatively old Disney movie, released 1992, which won several Academy Awards and broke grossing records of its days. The animated feature is about a street-urchin called Aladdin, who falls in love with the princess Jasmine as she escapes the palace and meets him at the marketplace. However, the evil vizier Jafar finds out Aladdin is the “diamond in the rough“, the only one that can get into the cave, where the miracle lamp is, that he so desperately wants. So Aladdin is

  • Major Themes In Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

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    Have you ever thought about what living in a world with talking animals and foods that can change your size would be like? Well, in the book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, the main character, Alice, falls down a rabbit hole into Wonderland, a place filled with strange people, animals, and odd encounters with these characters. Some major events in this story are when Alice first finds the door to the garden, drinks the strange liquid so she would shrink, then she meets the Cheshire

  • Children And Children In Jeannenette Castle's The Glass Castle

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    The Glass Castle is a memoir written by Jeannette Walls that describes the story of how she came from being a less fortunate child to having a top ten book of the year according to the New York Times. The story focuses on Jeannette and her underprivileged family. The Glass Castle is closely related to Walt Disney’s quote “I don't believe in playing down to children, either in life or in motion pictures. I didn't treat my own youngsters like fragile flowers, and I think no parent should. Children

  • Critical Analysis Of The Movie The Princess Bride

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    This critical analysis will talk about the movie "The Princess Bride". The Princess Bride is a movie that narrates the love story of Buttercup, a girl from a big kingdom who had a employe called Westley, and Westley, a brave man who is employe of Buttercup and do what she tells him to do. Both of them were from a little village of a kingdom, were Buttercup and Westley fall in love, but like Westley didn 't have money for getting married with Buttercup, he makes a trip by boat. In this trip he

  • Courage In The Odyssey

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    his trails that he now want his men to see that they have gained the same. But, in a journey you don't need to learn how to fight, but how to survive and endure plenty of pain not physically but, mentally. In this story,The Ugly Duckling, by Hans Christian Anderson, a Young duckling is shunned out of his family and his community because he is not like the rest of the ducks in the community. The duckling runs away and goes through many trials like the harsh winter, and him being constantly judged

  • Classic Love Character Analysis

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    A Classic Love Story: How Two Entirely Different Individuals Become Soul Mates How would it feel to forego all sense of conformity within a society to have a relationship with a loved one? Or how is it possible that one could project their feelings towards another as disgust, only later to reveal them as love? In Jane Austen’s love story Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy are portrayed as experiencing this exact struggle. The pair finds a way to challenge specific reputations they

  • Moana Dualism Analysis

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    The film ‘Moana’ is an animated film that is based in Polynesia. The story revolves around a heroine, Moana who is the chief 's daughter. She sets on a quest to explore the world beyond the island where she lives. In the process, she ends up saving her own people. Her father makes a decision that because of her heroic act, she must remain on the island so that she can later take over as the leader. However, Moana defies her father and sets on a journey full of experiences that ends up fulfilling

  • Duckling In The Odyssey

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    will kill me because I am so ugly, and dare to approach them; but it does not matter: better to be killed by them than pecked by the ducks, beaten by the hens, pushed about by the maiden who feeds the poultry, or starved with hunger in the winter” (Andersen 33). By this time in the story the duckling had developed more self confidence within himself not really caring what others think. While building himself up the duckling did have some self deprecation, nevertheless when off on his own he learned

  • Analysis Of Timothy Schaffert's Mermaid In The Tree

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    Throughout the entirety of literature, mermaids are depicted to be extremely beautiful, living the perfect life, and finding their other half in the form of a prince. Timothy Schaffert may be widely recognized for doing the exact opposite in “Mermaid in the Tree”. In Schaffert’s “Mermaid in the Tree”, the author portrays the mermaid’s life as a pitiful one, filled with heart break and deceit. Timothy Schaffert brings this to light through a character named Axel. Axel is recognized as an evil character

  • A Lust For Power In Dante's Inferno

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    A Lust For Power For as long as man ate the forbidden fruit, individuals are poisoned with the need to be superior and the want to exercise their power on those of lesser stature. In Inferno, Dante Alighieri explores different ways in which individuals abuse their power, leading to the conclusion that although some individuals may have the power to use their platform for good or peace, they choose to act selfishly in order to be above others. Dante achieves in conveying this concept through his

  • Similarities Between Grimm Brothers And Cinderella

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    It is nearly impossible for a tale to be passed down generations and still stay the same. The fairy tale “Cinderella” told by the Grimm brothers is almost 206 years old, and differences can be seen between the modern “Cinderella” story and the original. In “Cinderella,” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, a young girl named Cinderella is treated like a servant by her family. Luckily she is gifted with beautiful clothing, enabling her to attend a festival, meeting her one true love. Cinderella gets married

  • Summary Of The Musical 'My Idea Of Life'

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    Far Away From This and I Can Love You are songs performed by our musicals protagonist, Harper Atkins, in our original musical My Idea of Life. We meet her at eighteen as she is preparing to leave foster care. She has lived an unsatisfying, isolated life and has long dreamt of escaping to a faraway place; we watch as Harper navigates the challenges (and joys) of adulthood. Throughout the musical Harper realises that her idea of life is a romanticised, inaccurate version of reality yet finds inner