Harmony Essays

  • Parallel Harmony In Sarcasms

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    3.1 Harmony and Key Modulation In Sarcasms, Prokofiev made many tonal innovations, which served as a symbolic trial for him. Prokofiev built his atonal structure by using the new music vocabulary and quartal structures that characterized the modern musical movement. Quartal structures are chords that have the interval of a fourth. In Daniel Cole Bertram’s doctoral dissertation on the topic, Prokofiev as Modernist, which discusses Prokofiev’s evolution of compositional style, Bertram claims that Prokofiev

  • Take Five Musical Elements

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    of WWII. It is the style of Jazz used in the performance, Take Five. It is usually played a lot slower than Bebop and it sounds very arranged. For example, if there are more than one melodist, one can play the melody and the other one can play a harmony, long notes or another melody in the background. Generally, Cool Jazz has more complex arrangements than Bebop. Bebop is usually a fast tempo piece, with a very uncomplicated arrangement or no arrangement at all. For example, if there is more than

  • Theoretical Aspects Of Counterpoint

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    Counterpoint can be defined as the combination of different melodic lines in a composition. Good counterpoint requires both a logical harmonic relationship between the lines as well as a degree of individuality and independences within the lines. Theorists have emphasized the vertical aspects of species counterpoint by defining the certain note combinations that are dissonances and consonances and prescribing where both should occur in both strong and weak beats. To contrast this, many great composers

  • A Dream Within A Dream Analysis

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    Edgar Allan Poe is known for his dark and gruesome writing, and his poem “A Dream Within a Dream” is not spared from this trend. The meaning of the poem reflects the title as within it the narrator is told by a parting lover that life is a dream, however the narrator is left questioning whether or not this is true after he parts from his lover. Edgar Allan Poe’s life was full of tragedy and heartbreak, becoming orphaned a year after he was born and then later losing his beloved wife shortly after

  • Stravinsky Rite Of Spring Analysis

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    Painter Nicholas Roerich idea teamed together Igor Stravinsky in 1923, he perpetuates a pagan ceremony in which a young girl dance to death. The concept of Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring is early spring of 1910. Stravinsky wrote, "... the rise of the image of a sacrificed pagan ritual: the wise old man sitting in a circle and they watched dance before her death they offer as a sacrifice to spring god for his kindness. This became the main focus” The Rite of Spring”. When writing Firebird, Stravinsky

  • Motet Research Paper

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    Junwen Jia Dr. Jacqueline Avila Musicology Paper I 9/27/2016 From Medieval to Renaissance: The Motet in Transition During the Medieval and Renaissance Periods, the Motet became the most well-developed form of polyphonic vocal music. The motet was created based on the Magnus liber organi (Great Book of Organum) of French composer Leonin (fl. 1169-1201). In organum, a second voice part (the discant clausula) was added above existing Latin chant texts. This later came to be known as “motet,” from

  • Baroque Art Style

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    Name Course Institution Tutor Date Introduction In the history of art, Baroque is considered one of the most opulent artistic styles. Baroque artistic style began in Rome about 1600 before spreading to other regions. The style is characterized by energetic movement and display. The style has however been criticized as one that is extravagant in terms of the sums spent on the public monuments. This paper is a defense of the magnificence and splendor of Baroque art of the King

  • Igor Stravinsky The Rite Of Spring Analysis

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    “The Rite of Spring” was certainly the most controversial piece of orchestral music of its time. The piece, composed by the Russian Composer Igor Stravinsky, included a great deal of uncommon musical elements. But was it really that uncommon? The world-changing ballet, “The Rite of Spring” was so controversial when it debuted in 1913, because it completely contradicted the common rhythmic and harmonic languages of the music at the time. The choreography and costumes were a main part of the reason

  • Circle Of Fifths Research Paper

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    As you can see, most of the notes of the scale are harmonized as the root of a triad, the exceptions being that the scale degrees that are members of the tonic triad (1, 3, and 5) or the dominant triad (5, 7, and 2) tend to be harmonized as either a tonic or dominant chord, even when the result is an inverted chord. We can also create a chromatic “rule of the octave progression, in which each of the twelve chromatic pitches is harmonized in a way that makes the most functional sense in terms of

  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow Analysis

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    Kamakawiwo’ole’s version of “Somewhere over the Rainbow,” can be compared and contrasted with Art Tatum and Judy Garland’s version in many ways. This short essay will include how each artist used elements of music differently, including texture, timbre, melody, harmony, and rhythm. First, the timbre of Garland’s voice is soft and sweet with a lot of vibrato. In addition the string and wind instruments have soft tones that couple with her voice to give the version a dreamy feel. In comparison, Kamakawiwo’oles timbre

  • Trumpet Player Poem Analysis

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    1. Scansion and Analysis The Harlem Renaissance was a period of revolutionary styles of music, dance, and literature that presented the hardships and culture of African Americans. The “Trumpet Player,” by Langston Hughes portrays the theme of the therapeutic effects of music through the development of an African American trumpeter’s music. The free verse poem “Trumpet Player” epitomizes the Harlem Renaissance and Jazz through the unique use of inconsistent rhymed and unrhymed lines mixed with the

  • Music: The Role Of Improvisation In Music

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    Unit Questions: What is improvisation? Improvisation is the ability to be able to on the spot, compose a range of notes based off of the scale provided. Improvisation is most commonly used in music when the performer is performing a solo and must create a composition using the same scale as the melody played. Improvisation also gives performers a chance to “show off” their skills as a musician and create something that has never been created before (it encourages creativity). What are the different

  • The Great Gatsby Report

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    In the twenties, it appears in the literary life of the United States some of the most renowned writers in fiction, drama and poetry. These writers were known as the “Lost Generation”, a generation whose name rises up as a consequence of leaving their homeland and settle a new life in Europe, and due to the attitude they assumed against wealth, opulence and materialism of the society, after the World War I and until the crack of 29. Among them are John Dos Passos,William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway

  • Old White Guys Analysis

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    Timothy Hayden Dennison Dr. Phill IMS 317 12/02/16 Old White Guys and Video Game Music Old, white, European dead guys (OWG’s) get a bad rap, but between 1650 and 1750 (the Baroque period), they laid the theoretical groundwork for the soundtracks to Super Mario Bros., the Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and other such classics, in the chiptune style. A polyphonic writing style, based on repetitive melodic fragments that develop and change, with a strong rhythmic drive and varied instrumentation:

  • Importance Of Harmony Essay

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    Gaius Sallutius Crispus once said “Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it make great things decay.” Harmony is an agreement where it brings closure to fights. It has to be maintained and flows smoothly like a river in a never ending way. A small thing or a problem can be solve through discussion and exchanging of brilliant and logical ideas. Without harmony, there will be no peace, only chaos and the river bathed with red blood. In order to make our world a better place, we must cherish the

  • Essay On Sexual Harmony

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    Sexual harmony - what is it? If you look in the dictionary, it tells us that this (from Greek. Harmonia - bond, slenderness, proportionality) - mutual and complete physical and psychological intimate relationships. Given that sexual satisfaction is closely linked to psychological assessment of intimate relationships, and this degree of satisfaction depends on the level of maturity psycho-sexual maturity, age, sexual experience and much more, it can be assumed that sexual harmony is possible in almost

  • Harmony In Oedipus The King

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    Harmony in Oedipus the King In Oedipus the King, penned by Sophocles, an underlying theme throughout the tragedy is that a person 's fate and a person 's free will both influence his or her life. The article “fate” recorded in Encyclopedia of Themes in Literature claims that Oedipus ' “...Foreknowledge…” in the play, “...makes him act irrationally to fulfill his destiny” (Langis n.pag.). When Oedipus tries to escape his fate by departing from Corinth, he runs toward it instead. Oedipus’ predetermined

  • Camp Harmony Short Story

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    The story Camp Harmony by Monica Stone is about a young Japanese American girl that writes about her and her family's adaption so far at Camp Harmony. The girl and her family sat on the bus quietly only hearing a chatter from a group of university students who began to sing college songs. Some of the other people on the bus stared angrily at the group of students which caused them to raise their voices only to wake a baby up. At noon, the bus had arrived to a small town. Some of the passengers were

  • Premium Harmony Short Story

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    Isolation vs. Considering Perspectives Selfishness and isolationism can make up a recipe for indifference. In the short story “Premium Harmony” by Stephen King, the story focuses on a poor, unhappy, middle-aged married couple, Ray and Mary. Ray and Mary lived a happy marriage for almost ten years, however, in the story they constantly argue. In the beginning they argue over which place they are to buy a gift for Mary’s niece, then as it progresses they admonish each other for their addictions; Ray

  • In Search For Harmony With Baudelaire Analysis

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    In Search for Harmony with Baudelaire and Matisse Charles Baudelaire was involved in the general discussion on arts of his time: he for instance analyzed Eugène Delacroix’ techniques and dedicated his Les Fleurs du Mal to Théophile Gautier. His major work, Les Fleurs du Mal, can be seen as a conversation with other artists and has influenced many poets, writers, painters, … In the light of Baudelaire’s poetry, I will here focus particularly on Henri Matisse whose work was shaped by Baudelaire’s