Helios Essays

  • Helios: A Short Story

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    Arden. “Not much.” I said “You should stop telling your friends that you are the son of Helios. Everyone is over it already. Just an advice.” “Hey….if you do not believe me ask my mom.” “How can you be the son of the Sun god with no super abilities? Ha. Maybe your dad did not like you much, so he made you mortal.” I walked away. It was not worth talking about, but somehow I felt the need to prove that Helios is my father. What if my mom was not telling me the truth? I needed to find out and I knew

  • Odysseus Lessons In Homer's Odyssey

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    None of Odysseus’s men were really loyal to him because of their lack of obedience and honesty. In this episode the men learn that their disobedience causes them their lives when Helios the sun god realizes his scared cattle had been killed. Helios furious goes to Zeus and begs him to punish Odysseus’s men, or he will take the sun and go “down to the House of Death and blaze the sun among the dead” (Odyssey 12. 412). Zeus with no choice left but to punish Odysseus’s

  • Theme Of Gluttony In The Odyssey

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    FANCY TITLE "Gluttony kills more than the sword." -George Herbert. “Gluttony: over-indulgence and over-consumption of food, drink, or wealth items to the point of extravagance or waste”(Dictionary.com). Homer uses food to show hospitality in ancient Greek culture, however, food is also used to represent temptation. (I need a hook) This George Herbert quote is taken literally, as all of Odysseus's men did not return home after their battle, due to the temptation of food. Odysseus is able to show his

  • Examples Of Persuasion In The Odyssey

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    William Gigerich Mrs. Swank English 9 Honors 4 March 2015 “Athena’s Persuasive Powers” Persuasion is a tricky thing; it can be used both for good and for evil. Homer’s The Odyssey shows the skilled and tactical goddess, Athena, use persuasion in both good and bad ways. Athena uses her role as the puppeteer to allow the entire epic to slowly unfold. Without Athena there would be no epic about Odysseus returning home from the brutal Trojan War for the reader to enjoy and the term “odyssey” would not

  • The Negative Consequences Of Hunger In Homer's The Odyssey

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    Everyone has been hungry at some point in time. Hunger can make people do anything to satisfy that hunger even if there are negative consequences. Odysseus’s men in The Odyssey had run out of food. Odysseus’s men should eat the cattle that belong to Helios, the sun god, because of starving, drowning, and sacrificing. The men had depleted their food supply. The men had a large food supply; at least they thought they did. They had fished, and had many fish. They killed birds. The men were tired of

  • The Chariot Of The Sun: 21 Pages-7 Illustrations Analysis

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    The Chariot of the Sun 21 pages + 7 Illustrations Page 1: Helios, Driver of the Sun 92 Every morning, while you’re snoozing in bed, the sun rises high into the eastern sky. And every night, when you’re getting into your pyjamas, it drops with a splash into the sea in the west. Over time, people have told many tales of how the sun moves across the sky. As the Ancient Greek story goes, Helios, the Greek God of the Sun, was responsible for moving the sun from East to West. He drove the sun across the

  • Should Men Be Allowed To Eat In The Odyssey

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    Odysseus’ men should eat the cattle that belonged to Helios, the sun god, because of the following: they were starving, the first mate said drowning was preferable to starving, and the men believe they could give a sacrifice to Helios when they got home. The men had depleted their food supply. The men had things to eat, but it wasn't enough to keep them full. The men had not ate much for three months which made it easier to disobey Helios and eat his cattle at any moment. Hunger had set the

  • Personal Narrative: Viole's Grandmother

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    're adventurous, and I know you 're going to surpass me one day. I 'll help all I can with your combat with these rings, just always wear them and I 'll be with you forever. Hermes, Aphrodite, Gaia, Zeus, Ares, Kronos, Ouranos, Poseidon, Hades, and Helios will guide

  • Should Eurylochus Have Killed The Cattle In The Odyssey

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    have known something was going to happen if him and the other men killed the cattle because of the promise they made to Odysseus. Eurylochus said, “But if he flares up over his heifers lost, wishing our ship destroyed…” (Homer), so he guessed that Helios would punish them, but he did the deed anyways. Next, Eurylochus shouldn't have killed the cattle because of the promise. Eurylochus and the men promised before

  • Comparing Odysseus's Strengths And Weaknesses

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    Helio’s and his cattle. Before leaving circe's island she warns odysseus not to eat Helios sacred cattle, but when they got there odysseus tells his men not to eat the cattle, but after one month of staying on Helios island, the hunger men eat the cattle which anger Helios. The only way for Helios to become calm is to kill all that has eaten the cow, therefore odysseus must sacrifice all of his men to calm Helios. In conclusion odysseus strengths and weaknesses had shaped the story into what

  • Odysseus The King: A True Hero

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    In my opinion I think he was a heroic person, back at the chapter “Death in the Great Hall” He was disguised as a beggar and was able to string his own bow and shoot it thru the holes of the axes and revealed himself as Odysseus and killed all the suitors in his house and took back his land. Back when he was at the cyclopes island He blinded the cyclops and shouted his name and told the cyclops that he needs no one to help him. he is a powerful man, then, later on, he got cursed by most of the

  • The Odysseus Theme Themes

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    no losses, and Odysseus elected to be tied to the mast. They then continued on to Scylla, terrified of what was yet to come, although Odysseus did not warn them of the six men that were devoured. After the losses, the men ended up on the island of Helios, where the cattle roamed. Obstacles as Universal Themes: 1. The Importance of Leadership The theme of the importance of leadership is apparent in the story as Odysseus guides his men along the treacherous waters. He leads them through the sirens with

  • Why Is Hospitality Important In The Odyssey

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    There are many reasons why hospitality is important in the Odyssey. For instance it may change the way your future might affect your future or it might even just mess your present up way more than it already is. First, one reason that hospitality is important in The Odyssey is because it’s a Greek/Roman kind of ritual. You treat others into your home as if it was theirs. This affected the Cyclops because he acted as if the whole island and cave was his. That the people in his cave belonged to him

  • The Consequences Of Poseidon In Homer's The Odyssey

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    In spite of Odysseus’s warning, the crew is unable to restrain itself, slaughtering and consuming the cows of Helios to satiate the primal need to feast, despite knowing that they would likely die as a result of doing so. Human beings are programed for survival, just like all other animals. This makes the actions of Odysseus’s crew, their willingness to lay down

  • Comparing Eurylochus And Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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    presence of Helios' cattle, he ignored Odysseus’ warnings and yielded to provocation. Overall, while Eurylochus is wise, he is mortal and susceptible to deception. Following their arrival on Circe's island, the goddess invites the crewmen into her home per the law of hospitality. Eurylochus is the only one to see past Circe's temptation and refuse her offerings. "...and she came swiftly to the shining

  • Circe And The Swine Analysis

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    Circe and the Swine Leonardo D. AEAEA - An astonishing tale is filled with moments of irony and conquest that challenge a hero and test their loyalty. No one knows this better than Odysseus and his men, who have experienced many hardships that would overwhelm the average man. They spot an island after fleeing from their encounter with the giant-like Laestrygonians. Hunger and the lack of hope have overtaken their hearts so they decide to investigate the smoke that came from Circe’s halls. Once Odysseus

  • The Role Of The Gods In Homer's The Odyssey

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    and their gods to explain these phenomena for them. Yan covers these phenomena like Earthquakes which were previously thought to had been caused by the sea god, Poseidon, or that storms were caused by Zeus and that the Sun came up everyday thanks to Helios. Which today are now proved through orbit of the Earth and low and high air pressure. Even though we both had our own way of explaining these phenomena, they varied drastically. While Odysseus was traveling with his men on his ship they and alone

  • The Consequences Of Eating In Homer's The Odyssey

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    Throughout history, feasting has been a way to bring people together, to celebrate, and to entertain. In Homer’s play, The Odyssey, food serves multiple purposes. The opulent banquet that Telemachus attends in Sparta with Menelaus displays the hospitality and wealth of the Spartan royalty, and provides key information about the whereabouts of Odysseus. While this instance of feasting displays how eating can bring people together to celebrate, overindulging in the Odyssey is also portrayed negatively

  • Odysseus And Circe In The Odyssey

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    go to the underworld and seek the counsel of Tiresias, a blind prophet, on how to get back to Ithaca. Before sending Odysseus on his way, Circe warned him about some of the dangers that he will face on the way such as the Sirens and the island of Helios. Soon Odysseus and his men were on their way to the land of the dead. After arriving here, Odysseus was told by the seer Tiresias if a sacrifice was made to Poseidon for blinding Polyphemus, the men would eventually return to Ithaca (Wright 40). Before

  • Great Odysseus Journey

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    "Old shipmates, our stores are in the ship's hold, nourishment and beverage; the dairy cattle here are not for our procurement, or we pay for it sincerely." Helios was a wild god, and the outcomes for consuming his cows would be exceptionally extreme. Odysseus' men consented to this, yet after their sustenance supply was done, they were starving and very nearly starvation. Eurylochus, one of Odysseus' men, taken