Hilary Swank Essays

  • Personal Reflection On Lifelong Learners

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    Our world has been changing rapidly, so we need to let the students learn how to be lifelong learners. Moreover, as our students are with physical disabilities and have different special needs, so we need to put effort to help them overcome difficulties and develop their potentials, with our encouragement and support, students can build up self-confidence and contribute to the society in the future. According to the document of EDB, learning to learn is very important for the student’s further development

  • Success In Walter Lee Younger's A Raisin In The Sun

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    Throughout the decades, money has shaped and is still shaping the way we live. The statue of a person in a society, impression, and trust all surround the factor of how they are valued for. But more than this factor even self-pride and independence are important and define success. In the book “A Raisin in the Sun”, there is a big part of the money and the way it plays with all the characters involved. Walter Lee Younger, a passionate, ambitious and person with a big dream is shaken by poverty and

  • Role Of Youth In Youth Essay

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    ROLE OF YOUTH IN INDIA Youth in any country form its backbone.It is on youth’s shoulders that the responsibility for change,progress and innovations lies.Youth are full of idealism and bubbling with energy to honestly fight for a cause.Every age suffers from the conversation of its elders.It is the youth only who have necessary courage and initiative to break out the outdated practices. It is the age of discovery and dreams.Moa-tse Tung of china realised this latent power and dedication of the youth

  • Rational Decision Making In The Hunger Games

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    the people of Panem . President Snow , the dictator who rules Panem , is not the kind of president the people would vote for however, they have no choice because there seems to be no voting or voice to be heard in Panem . The idea of democracy is gone, replaced by totalitarian fascism . Snow poisons those who challenge him . One source of power that we have discussed in class is dependency. According to Osland, Kolb, Rubin and Turner (2007), Dependancy is known as the more dependable people are on

  • Sign Language In Koe No Katachi: Sign Language

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    Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice) is about Ishida, who bullied Shouko for being deaf in elementary school to the point she had to transfer away. Despite the entire class taking part in being mean to Shouko, they instantly blame only Ishida, and alienate him just as he did to Shouko. Now in high school, Ishida has developed anxiety and depression, but runs into Shouko at a sign language class. What does he want out of talking to Shouko again? Will anyone forgive him? Will he be able to make amends?

  • The Use Of Symbolism In Catching Fire (2009)

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    Symbolism is a notable feature in Catching Fire (2009) . Through symbolism , Suzanne Collins manages to paint Katniss as the ultimate embodiment of rebellion through transferring her into a mockingjay . " A mockingjay is a creature the Capitol never intended to exist"(92), as it is a result of the Capitol's usage of the japperjays which were sent to spy on the rebels. However, the japperjays failed in their mission so the Capitol left them to die ,but they managed to survive through mating to female

  • Tolerance In Freedom Writers

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    The importance of tolerance in “Freedom Writers” The movie Freedom Writers, which was released in 2007, it is based on the book The Freedom Writers Diary by the teacher Ms. Gruwell who wrote the story based on Woodrow Wilson Classical High School. In the movie Freedom Writers, a teacher –Ms. Gruwell tried her best to reach out for the “unfit” students in classroom 203. The students in the class sit separately into racial groups. The students are intolerant because they grew up in an environment where

  • No Child Character Analysis

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    The play No Child. . . by Nilaja Sun is a play within a play that is about a group of students that go to a less fortunate school, these students in this particular tenth grade class are known for being the worst class in all of Malcolm X. high school. This class is assigned a teaching artist named Ms. Sun who will teach them a play called Our Country’s Good and many valuable life lessons. For the play, No Child. . . there can be little to one actor or actress or even up to seventeen different people

  • Novel Review: A Walk To Remember By Nicholas Sparks

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    A WALK TO REMEMBER (NICHOLAS SPARKS) INTRODUCTION TO THE BOOK “A Walk to Remember” is a novel written by Nicholas Sparks. This novel was released in October 1999 by Warner Books. The language of this novel is English. It consists of drama and romance. This novel sets a story of two teenagers who, though different in their life styles and personalities, fall in love with each other. Because of the extreme

  • Awakenings Movie Critique

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    BALLERDA, CHRISTINE JANE B. OT 1-1 LABRADOR, KATHRYN MAE J. MS. PEGGY ANNE OBRE Movie Critique of “Awakenings” The Writer: Dr. Oliver Sacks The Director: Penny Marshall The Year the movie was shown. (Any relevant situation that triggers the writing of the script) December 22, 1990 1 The movie is based on a true story. It is from the

  • Comparing Carl Rogers And Maslow's Theories Of Objective Communication

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    Communication expertise is the capacity of an individual to express information plainly. It is a method of expressing your point of view in a proper way that others could comprehend totally. Excellent communication skill is essential in health and social care context to communicate effectively and to create a good relationship with the service users. Effective communication includes active listening and understanding. There are different theories of communication, it includes: Cognitive theory:

  • The Theory Of Social Construction Of Gender

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    1. The theory of social construction of gender in sociology refers to the origin of gender differences between males and females. According to this, culture and society create gender roles, making those roles prescribed as appropriate or ideal behavior for an individual of that specific sex. Statistics show that individuals who expressed gender non-conformity or a transgender identity, while they were in school, reported an alarming rate of harassment at 78%. In addition, incidents of physical

  • Why I Love You Essay

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    What do girls want? PS. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern was published in 2004 based in Dublin. A film adaption of this book was released in 2007 with Hilary Swank as Holly Kennedy (the main character) and Gerard Butler as her husband Gerry Clark. Filming of this started in October 2006 in New York City and Ireland. Soon after this in 2007 it was released. This film fell under the romance sector. They lived in Dublin and were deep in love. They fought like every other couple in love. They had planned

  • Film Analysis: Freedom Writers

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    its way into the United States education system, especially in Long Beach, California (Kronenwetter). The 2007 film Freedom Writers depicts the life 150 kids are living after the LA Riots. In this Humanitas Prize and Image Award nominated film, Hilary Swank

  • The Impact Of Popular Culture In The Politics Of India

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    Movies today are probably the most dominant industry that contributes in the production of popular culture today. What movies show depict what society is like and in turn as well decide what society would be like. Although movies are not particularly a medium meant to impart knowledge or awareness only, however it does do it and when it does it has the most impact compared to any other medium, to say for example books or news. We as mere human beings living our lives isolated by the rest of the world

  • Racism In Freedom Writers

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    be the root of violence. As Eva says: “schools are like the city and the city is just like a person, all of them divided into separate sections, depending on tribes.” 2Shortly after the Rodney King riots in L.A., new school teacher Erin Gruwell (Hilary Swank) wants to experience the difficult freshman class of Wilson High School, made up of some ethnic groups’ kids that the system has given up on. The optimistic young teacher Erin comes up with her confidence to try her best to get the kids to learn

  • The Beatles Impact On Pop Culture

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    BEATLES 1)http://www.timesreporter.com/article/20140208/News/140209379 2)https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Beatles%27_influence_on_popular_culture The Beatles the famous English rock band, was formed in Liverpool in 1960. The band had four members John Lennon, George Harrison , Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr and became widely known as the best ever band of that time. The rock band influenced rock music and popular culture. In 1964 The Beatles made their first appearance on American TV and they

  • Freedom Writers Movie Analysis

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    Title : The Switch of Speech Style Used by Erin Gruwell in Freedom Writers Movie 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study Language is more than just a tool for communication that helps the speaker to deliver the information to the listener, but rather as an important key feature on leading people (Baxter, 2010). In the education context, teachers are considered as leaders who “place their students’ learning as their primary goal and work within their own classrooms to improve student achievement”

  • The Savior Trope

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    “The Savior Trope and the Modern Meanings of Whiteness” by Name title argues that the cinema has always been cater toward an ideology of the white supremacy. Freedom Writers self-evidently appear as a majoritarian narrative by having Hilary Swank starring as Erin Gruwell who play as the enthusiastic young teacher who help change the lives for her students of color, but along the movie there is a subtle switch of importance from the teacher to these students as they struggle for changes. As it goes