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  • Historiography Of The Holocaust: The History Of History

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    Historiography of the Holocaust Historiography essentially is “the history of history”. It looks into what historians have said about a given historically relevant event or topic, how their interpretations have changed over time and where, what and why are the disagreements between the historians. This paper tries to look into these aspects for the topic the Holocaust and explain how knowledge of the historiography of any given event is important in understanding the event itself. The Intentionalist

  • Biography And History

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    The book, Biography and History by Barbara Caine, was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2010. This work explored and discussed the complex relationship between history and biography, the changes within the field of biography over time, and acts as an essential introduction for contemporary biographers. While there are many areas that are repeated and stressed throughout the book, the main argument supports the legitimacy of biography as a field both within the field of history and in its own right

  • Myth Of History

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    History suffers from ideological, epistemological and methodological weaknesses and the fact that historians face these limitations and problems in order to gain complete knowledge of the absolute and undeniable truth do indeed support Voltaire’s allegations. So what is history? The most agreed upon definition is that it is merely a study of past events. However it should be noted that the past and history are two very diverse terminologies. The past has occurred. It is gone, there is no way of bringing

  • Oral History In The Holocaust

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    The word “history” is a term defined as the study of past events, associated with someone or something. With it comes an overwhelming amount of documents, records, and physical artifacts collected and housed for society to dig through, in order to properly evaluate and learn from the past. Many times when written history is presented, it has been edited and re-edited by a secondary source writer, rather than composed by actual witnesses, which proposes a problem; that of the interjectory of the writers

  • History And History In The Poisonwood Bible

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    acquire their own history, and therefore their own story. History is originally retold through the perspectives of people who experience it, therefore it is littered with, and consequently altered by, their own personal emotions and memories attached to the moments. Adah Price, arguably the most introspective narrator in the novel, sums up human life to be “what [they] stole from history, and how [they] live with it,” which further reiterates the concept that humans redefine history by telling their

  • Misconceptions In Rewriting American History

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    This last summer I had the privilege to reenact an important part of history - the pioneer journey west. Although my trek was somewhat difficult, I had many great experiences. Pulling and pushing a heavily laden pioneer handcart 7 miles a day for 4 days was difficult. But surprisingly, the hardest part of the experience for me was enduring the modern day 12 hour long car ride back. Being cooped up with a bunch of 12 year old boys who incessantly sang along to Taylor Swift was torturous. From the

  • The History Of Portraiture

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    Throughout history, people have always shown a fascination with faces and therefore portrait representation. The depiction of an individual likeness is about identification but is also a record of an interaction between an artist and model. Portraits are constructions of identity that serve a range of functions such as expressing power and declaring status. Whether for reasons of vanity or record keeping the genre of portraiture has continued to grow in popularity since the beginning of time, but

  • History Of Surrealism

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    In this essay I will be talking about surrealism, its meaning, where it started, the main surrealism artists, the interactions with history and the 2 main styles of surrealism. Surrealism was an art movement which involved writers and artists, for example Salvador Dalí and René Magritte, these artists tried to make art with unconscious imaginations. Surrealism was begun in Paris in 1924 by a French poet called André Breton with the announcement of his Manifesto of Surrealism. The surrealism movement

  • History In Jane Yolen's Briar Rose

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    A novel can influence our understanding of history. I strongly agree with this statement. A historical novel is a novel that has as its setting a period of history and attempts to convey personal experiences and historical events to historical fact. The novel Briar Rose (1992) written by Jane Yolen is an example of a historical novel. Briar Rose influences our understanding of the Holocaust and allows a reader to gain an understanding of how a human who went through the Holocaust deals with and shares

  • The History Of Slavery

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    The History of Slavery By: Jubran Jindeel Nearly every culture, religion, and race from ancient times to 1815 engaged in some form of slavery. Even though slavery has been around for thousands of years, it differs from culture to culture and time period to time period. This essay will examine the differences and similarities of slavery in various cultures and times. Hunter gatherers and primitive farmers had no use for slaves so they did not own them. When a group won a war they took the other

  • History 202B Research Paper Assignment

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    Paper Assignment History 202B Fall 2015 In a well-organized essay of 4-6 pages, respond to the statements and questions listed below. Be sure to provide references and examples from the assigned readings (see below). You are responsible for the entirety of Black Boy and Bloods. Since this is a take-home assignment, grammar, spelling, and the like will carry more weight in the computation of the final grade than is the case for an exam. Compare and contrast the Africa-American experience of

  • Cather Love Queer History Analysis

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    identification, desire, longing, and love highlighted (31). In contrast, Heather Love seeks to focus on the negative aspects that characterize the relationship of queer history amid the past and present, in her work, “Emotional Rescue: The demands of Queer History,” the first chapter in her book, “Feeling Backward: Loss and the Politics of Queer History” (31-32). According to Love, some queer critics have failed to include the harsher accounts when studying queer cross-historical relations. The negative aspects

  • History: How The Industrial Revolution Changed History

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    The Industrial Revolution changed history. It changed many lives, because of the technology. How did the industrial revolution begin? England had many natural resources, they also had many people move to England to work, inventions from inventors made everything more easy and simple, it also produced many products. The natural resources that England had gave them an advantage. Major resources that England had was Coal, Iron, Wool, Lead, Tin, and Cotton (Doc 1). With the advantages, farmers used

  • Howard Zinn History

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    Zinn, the author, said, “History is important. If you don 't know history, it is as if you were born yesterday. And if you were born yesterday, anybody up there in a position of power can tell you anything, and you have no way of checking up on it.” History is a compilation of past events which affect society to this day. Howard Zinn emphasizes the importance of understanding the past and making interpretative claims of history. His written account, A People’s History of the United States, portrays

  • Charles Beard: A Historical Analysis Of American History

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    Historians Analysis of American History In history, many historians have written their own interpretations of American history. All historians want to reveal their analysis of the topic through persuasive essays and show why their interpretation is most relevant to the continuous development of American history. As history grows becoming more and more complex and extensive, more historians begin analysing and interpreting history through their own eyes. But new historians can only base their essays

  • Formalism In Art History

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    In this essay i will be defining the art historical perspectives of the methods formalism, iconography and social history of art and their aims. I will be discussing if art can just be aesthetically pleasing or must there always be a political and social meaning/inspiration behind it. I will be doing a detailed analysis of The Large Blue Horse(1911) by Franz Marc using the method formalism to show that not all artwork needs to be observed using various methods since not all art works have social/political

  • Camera Obscura History

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    the beauty of the sky was captured within that one moment, which will stay in vivid colors forever. Photos are a very important artifact in people’s lives that preserve memories and keep history in a single image. Without the many innovations that many photographic techniques and cameras went through in history even from the earliest inventions, then people would not have the cameras and that the world sees today. This simple machine received its name from the Latin language meaning dark chamber

  • Norton Museum History

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    Travelling artifacts are very beneficial for those who cannot afford to travel to other countries. Museums are engaged with various forms of public history. They not only explore the history of the world but also look into the future. One important function of museums is to ensure that marginalized voices and world history is shared with the world. History is brought to life and the truth is presented to the world through museums. Museums help in building a community by developing a true and strong

  • History Of ICT In Education

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    Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is being developed as one of the pillars of modern society (UNESCO, 2002). Many countries believe that critical understanding of ICT along with mastering the skills and concepts of ICT as part of the core of education is as much important as reading, writing and arithmetic (UNESCO, 2002). It is widely believed that information and communication technology is changing the education system leading to the modernization of teaching and learning (Sindhu,

  • Chalk Animation History

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    The born of this spectacular technology in animation where now still standing still and used worldwide is a hard work from John Lasseter who an animator that worked in Pixar as chief director. He is the one who created Toy Story that now written in history as the starter of Computer Generated Imagery and also