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  • National Honor Society Induction Speech

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    Good morning, I welcome you all here today to the 2015 Science National Honor Society Induction Ceremony. I am honored to been asked to speak and to celebrate this wonderful occasion. I would like to congratulate to the students for being honored today for your achievements in leadership, community service, scholarship, character and your enthusiasm on science which are shown through hardwork and dedication that each of you has displayed. I would also like to congratulate to the parents and families

  • National Junior Honor Society Induction Speech Analysis

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    Speech for NJHS Induction Ceremony Good evening students, faculty, and family members! Thank you, Mrs. Reece and Principal King, for inviting me to this year’s National Junior Honor Society induction ceremony. Students, tonight we honor your achievements in the areas of Scholarship, Citizenship, Responsibility, Community Service, Character, and Leadership as we recognize and celebrate the choices, and at times the sacrifices, you have made. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "The reward of a thing well

  • National Honor Society Essay Sample

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    In addition to the grade point average of students, an individual should be respectable, intelligent, and mature to gain acceptance into National Honor Society. National Honor Society is a widely renowned group that only the top candidates should be admitted to, not just for academic achievement, but for being a genuinely good person. Not only do I believe that I portray these qualities, but I have much more to offer, therefore, I should be considered for admission. Scholarship can be shown in

  • HBCU All-Star Student Analysis

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    through government, create and amending policies, and become a voice for the student body. Academically I was inducted into Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Upsilon Phi Delta Honor Society, Psi Chi International Honor Society, consecutively on the Dean’s List since freshman year with consecutive 4.0 GPA semesters since Sophomore year and am on track to graduate with Honors. Throughout my college career, I have been engaged civically through community service at various organizations such as Mentoring Majesties

  • Personal Narrative: My Sorority Experience

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    Tell us about your sorority experience. I have had a fantastic sorority experience. I went through recruitment and joined a sorority with a completely open mind because I am the first in my family to participate in greek life, so I really didn’t know what all to expect. I am confident when I saw say, joining a sorority was the best decision of my life. I have had the opportunity to make amazing friends in and out of my sorority, meet impressive alumni at our international conference, and learn about

  • Ethical Awareness In Social Work

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    Ethical awareness forms a fundamental part of the profession of social work. The competence and commitment of social workers to behave ethically is an essential aspect and quality of the services they offer. The Association of Social Work identified core values for social work profession in the preamble to its code of ethics. Social work’s mission is rooted in these core values which are six in total, however, service, social change and integrity will be discussed. These core values embraced by social

  • Role Of Code Of Ethics In Social Care

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    SOCIAL WELFARE POLICY AND SERVICE According to (Terminology Committee for Social Work, 1995) social policy is the accepted guideline for the changing, maintenance or creation of living conditions conducive to human welfare. Social policy is more like a guide line that is driven by the basic human needs of people in a particular community. There are policy makers in the country and the social worker is one of the policy makers as they understand the basic human needs of people and they are able

  • Honor Society Loyalty

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    National Honor Society if given the chance to take part in such a prestigious organization. Ever since I was in elementary school, I have driven myself to achieve knowledge with all the effort that I could muster. This drive is why I want to be a member of the National Honor Society; I believe that the organization will help to encourage my desire for scholarship by developing my leadership skills. I yearn to have a more positive impact on the people in my life, in my community, and in society in general

  • Leadership: Weaknesses And Strengths Of Leadership

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    The past experience in leadership tells me that there is no short cut or formula to take you to a top leadership position, but there exist a scope for some principles in leadership that everyone requires to learn if they want to assume leadership positions in the organizations. People who become leaders observe their peers for small successes and copy their styles in their own leadership styles. These people locate mentors who have been in those positions earlier and participate in leadership development

  • Honor Society Evaluation

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    The chance to be evaluated for the Sherwood Middle School National Junior Honor Society is an honor, and I 'm excited to try and take this opportunity, so thank you. I wanted to start out by saying, that if I’m accepted, I have plans of doing community service with some of my friends, and even if I’m not accepted those plans will not be changing. Throughout my life, I 've always tried for the best, whether it be my grades or my attitude. Reflecting a good mood to those around me is half of the battle

  • Honor Society Pillars

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    as an applicant of the Westlake High School National Honor Society. I would seek admittance to the National Honor Society because I wish to give back to the community and being part of this organization will assist me in my career path. The National Honor Society is built upon four pillars which are character, scholarship, leadership, and service. I believe I posses the characteristics embodied by the four pillars of the National Honor Society because I have solid study habits such as reviewing

  • Essay On Honor Society

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    The Honor Society helped me stay motivated while enrolled in the Washington State University (WSU) Mechanical Engineering Program. I made the decision to go back to school and earn my Mechanical Engineering degree. It was a difficult decision at the time as I was working fulltime as a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Programmer in the aerospace industry and my husband and I had just had a baby. I realized that engineering was my passion and I would do whatever it took to earn the degree. I had already

  • Honor Society Speeches

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    have been blessed with not only the advantage of wanting to learn, but also the motivation to succeed with the guidance of God. My goal is to be sincere in everything that I accomplish in and out of school. I demonstrate the pillars of National Honor Society through my determination to learn, my willingness to give back to others, my ability to stand up for a righteous cause, and the way that I strive to always do the

  • National Honor Society

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    The National Honor Society (NHS) is a notoriously prestigious organization, and it is possibly one of the greatest honors a student can earn in their high school career. Becoming a member of the NHS can open many doors for students, including leadership experience and opportunities for college scholarships. Admission for this program is based on certain ideals. The criteria for admission-scholarship, service, character, and leadership-are four areas in which, at least I believe, I excel. Even when

  • Honor Society Speeches

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    deeply honored to be one of the many students to be considered for the National Honor Society. This is something I have been looking forward to ever since I left my former school 's National Honor Society. As my dreams of being inducted are slowly getting closer to becoming a reality, I truly really what qualities are to be shown by those who get the opportunity to be considered. Not only would it be an enormous honor to be accepted, it will show that hard work and effort truly pays off. As I began

  • Honor Society Goals

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    Throughout my life, I strived to produce my greatest work possible and continue to do so today. I am in National Honor Society, I take Advanced placement, Honors, Advanced, and dual-enrollment courses at Penn State DuBois. I spent two summers volunteering at the local community theater kid’s summer workshop, and during the year I volunteer to usher, stage manage, and run lights at the theater. I began selling clothes on eBay at thirteen and by fifteen I created an online store through Etsy. I began

  • Kim's Convenience Character Analysis

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    In the play Kim’s Convenience, the store has always been at the heart of the discussion. Time again, Appa made it clear that he wants his children to one day take over and continue the family business. His expectations seem to linger throughout the story, never letting go and always finding Its way into the conversation. However, the problem within the Kim family touches on the internal conflict that people from all walks of life have once seen or felt. The dialogue about character provides an inspiring

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Everyone Is Equal Speech

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    Current president Barack Obama gives a speech at Wakefield high school in Arlington, Virginia. The main theme is “everyone is equal and have the same opportunities”. Nothing comes easy in life and you have to work hard for it. The intention of the speech is to motivate the American students. Do your homework, take responsibility for your life and take your school seriously. Not only for the purpose of yourself, but also for America’s future. Make students believe in them self and fight for it, whether

  • Lick Perlstein's Two Years Better Than Four

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    Liz Addison’s essay, “Two Years Better Than Four,” was first published in the New York Times Magazine back in September of 2007. Addison went to two community colleges and majored in biology; earning her degree in 2008. In her essay, she is responding to Rick Perlstein's article “What’s the Matter with College?” in which he claims, “College as America used to understand it is coming to an end” (211). Addison refutes Perlstein’s claims by saying, “My guess, reading between the lines, is that Mr. Perlstein

  • Synthesis Essay On Honor Code

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    Cheating, plagiarizing, and taking credit for another’s work is usually frowned upon, but the honor code was created to prevent these acts from occurring. Honor codes are different from school to school and are commonly not followed. The honor system was created to convey that when you lie about accomplishing something yourself, you will be penalized for it. Honor code systems should be revised because of the lack of student involvement, the lack of confidentiality, and the burdensome consequences