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  • Observation In Elementary School

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    Elementary PE I actually was able to observe several different elementary grades, so that gave me a great idea of what the majority of the students do on a daily basis. I loved the kindergarten class as they are really little and cute!! A typical day for these little ones was once they arrived at the gym, they sat on the bleachers and waited for the teacher to give them the green light. This meant the class of six took off for a run for about five and a half minutes. There was one student that

  • Paw Patch: A Short Story

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    They walked over to the first station where five hula hoops were set up. “First, we get the dogs warmed up with some exercises with the hula hoops.” They walked over to the next station. “Next, we have them run around and catch tennis balls from our ball launcher machines.” He pointed over to station three. “Then, we have them jump over these tires

  • Among The Mouurners Analysis

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    Teenagers have dramatically evolved throughout the twentieth century. As they have changed, so have their attitudes. In the story, Among the Mourners, the protagonist Aurora, is seen as selfish and rude. She’s also shown as rather rebellious for her age. So where does she fit in? The early 1900s? The Late 80s? Or maybe even the 2000s? The early years of the 1900s were all related in some ways. The 1900s were a time where there was no real difference between the enjoyable youth of childhood and

  • King Kalakaua Dance Analysis

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    monarch festival. Known by his nickname as "The Merrie Monarch," King David Kalakaua lived up to it. He had a passion for music, parties, food, drinks, and dancing. He specifically loved hula. King Kalakaua believed, "Hula is the language of the heart, therefore the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people.” The art of hula is more than a form of dance, it also has a deeper meaning. With this art we are able to manipulate the stories within us and project it out through movements that the eyes can see, and

  • Kaumakaiwa Kanaka Research Paper

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    traditional Hawaiian hula dancing and chanting. Kaumakaiwa has dedicated her life to this passion and practice, and is considered a hula master. She considers herself an indigenous intellectual in contemporary world, as she attended Western universities, but practices traditional Hawaiian culture. This artist was raised by her grandparents, as it is traditional culture for the oldest grandchild to be given to them, in order to bridge the gap between generations. She comes from a lineage of hula that has been

  • Hawaii Culture Research Paper

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    Hawaiian government, greatly influenced public policy and strongly discouraged hula, which they saw as "heathen" and "lascivious." This influenced King Kamehameha II to abolish the kapu system (ancient Hawaiian code of conduct laws and regulations) and put forth a royal decree which prohibited the worship of Hawaiian gods, and heiau (temples) and images of gods were destroyed; as a result, the traditional context of hula was lost, however, the dance was still performed. In 1830, Queen Regent, albeit

  • Dance In Hawaii Essay

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    the mana through kapu, which direct English translation is Forbidden. Kapu were a set of rules and prohibitions for everyday life. In Polynesian culture, hula was created on the island of Molokai by the goddess Laka at the sacred Kan’an. The movements used in hula demonstrate the sacred, royal and historical poetry, aks known as the Mele. Kumu Hula are master dance teachers guarantee appropriate performance of the dance. The priests and their attendants were the first original

  • Inequality In The Victorian Era

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    Victorian Era From 1837 to 1901, the Victorian Era had a massive impact on England. During this period, many new social and industrial innovations began to occur and was considered to be a time of prosperity and stability. But there had also been developments of many inequalities, which included wealth and gender. Overall, the Victorian Era was a period of many changes which included fashion, employment, lifestyle, and poverty. First of all, the Victorian Era included many changes in clothing and

  • Essay About Hooping

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    to work towards solving is that most people assume the hula hoop is a child’s toy, mere playground equipment for ages three to twelve. When I tell people I love to hoop they may think I’m referring to basketball. When I explain that hooping means hula hooping I open myself up to receiving strange looks from people, sassy comments, or just plain confusion. I have heard people say things such as “You deserve a medal if you can keep a hula hoop up for more than three rotations,” which is a gross underestimation

  • Childhood Observation In The Classroom

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    and blue. Materials needed in the activity were hula hoops: 3 big red hula hoops, 3 big blue hula hoops, 3 big yellow hula hoops; and a small hula hoop in each color. Each hula hoop represented a home. The big one could contain a maximum of 3 people, and small one could only contain 1 person. When the music plays, children spread out and walk around. When the music stops, children stand inside a hoop based on their color group. There were enough hoops for everyone. Few social

  • Classroom Observation Paper

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    playing the game. The next theory I observed was Piaget’s theory of Preoperational Period. Piaget stated: “think of things only in terms of own activities”. During a hula-hoop game when the class had to work together to put all the beanbags in one hula hoop. One boy kept taking beanbags out of the main hula-hoop to put in his own hula-hoop because he wanted all of the beanbags. Another theory of Piaget’s concrete operational period theory I observed was learning best through direct experiences. During

  • The Importance Of Play Masks In Young Children

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    with fifty dollars. When shopping, I tried to find age-appropriate toys. Since Amanda is five years old, I purchased toys meant for children between the ages of 2 and 7. I purchased a memory match game, leap frog interactive learning system, small hula hoop, and a set of play masks. I later observed the child play at home with the items I had purchased. When I did my observation, I viewed Amanda's behavior and compared it to several developmental theories and stages. According to the German-American

  • Personal Narrative: My First YAP Program

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    I decided today was an appropriate day for a journal reflection. I just hosted my first YAP program all by myself. Now you are probably asking yourself, “what is YAP?” YAP stands for Young Athlete Program in which I took full charge of here at Nova Southeastern University. This is a program that meets once a week with children roughly between the ages of 3-8 years old. Most of my children in my class mainly have trouble focusing on one simple task and ranges from one boy whom is only able to walk

  • Occupational Therapist

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    I have always enjoyed children and working with them but once I understood that there was a career that could enable me to improve a child’s life I was set on becoming an Occupational Therapist. I knew I could assist and change the lives of children that have been told they could not succeed nor live life to their fullest potential. Regardless of the struggles these children are facing, they are capable of a multiple of tasks for success. This is the work of an OT to capitalize on their strengths

  • Reflection On Inclusive Teaching

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    Is there a way to make the activity achievable but still challenging? For example, changing the size, weight colour of the ball etc. When coaching my student basketball using the hula-hoop as the net (as mentioned above) one of the main problems was that he was unable to reach the net with the basketball using certain throws. With the TREE principle in mind, I chose to change the size and weight of the ball to make it easier to score

  • Autistic Child Observation Report

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    autistic children do, understood very few words and spoke even fewer, which I learned the first day we became partners at a multi-sport camp for special needs children. We spent most of the day playing with whatever caught Devyn’s attention, from hula-hoops to scooters, while the rest of the children participated in the organized sports such as soccer and basketball. On the second day of camp, I hoped that the previous day had been a random occurrence and that today we would be able to participate

  • Fit Family Summer Assignment

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    The arrival of a screaming baby does not mean triathlon training is over. Parents with infants or young children who continue to stay in shape make cross-training concessions. The best part? Adapting your fitness habits to consistently include your kids will someday deliver a teenage workout partner capable of smoking you in a 5K. Here are ideas for your next Fit Family Summer Assignment: Consider This Book. "Fit Family: The Infant, Toddler, and Preschool Years" is a recent 2008 release to inspire

  • Gender Bias In Physical Education Essay

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    Activity 1: Vignette - Gender Bias in Physical Education (Primary 1 Pupils) It is time for Physical Education (PE) lesson and the pupils of Primary 1E are getting excited as they will be having a friendly soccer match. There are thirty pupils in this class, comprising of fifteen boys and fifteen girls. Their PE teacher, Miss Toh, has taken three weeks to teach them the basic skills of handling the ball using their foot. They are now able to dribble, kick and pass the ball using the various parts

  • Toys R Us Research Paper

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    These toys are mainly Play-Doh and hula hoops. Most of these gender-neutral toys are intended for learning and generating creativity. Sesame Street toys are not essentially attracted to one gender more than the other. These toys seem to be created for toddlers who possibly do not yet acknowledge

  • Drug Addiction Among College Students Essay

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    into a habit which is quite difficult to stop. Most people don’t know that every hour, around 342 people die of tobacco-related disease. Observers of popular culture said the cigar boom and the upsurge in youth smoking are no more enduring then hula hoops. On the contrary, those who are to follow tobacco trends will foresee the upswing to a dangerous relaxation of the awareness towards the risk of