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  • Consolidation Test

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    Short Summary The aim of this experiment is to determine the rate and magnitude of compression of the soil. This is achieved by the displacement of water content in a given saturated soil sample when subjected to a load. By studying its rate and magnitude of compression, its preconsolidation pressure, compression index, recompression index and coefficient of consolidation can be calculated. Having the preconsolidation pressure helps determine the maximum vertical loading the soil can withstand before

  • Write An Essay On Solid Structure Of Soil

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    formation of strong friction and cohesive bonds between colloid particles and soil water, and is why a clay soil holds together better with the soil solution. This results in the than a sandy soil when wet. Soil Structure: Soil structure is the arrangement and binding together of soil particles into larger clusters, called aggregates or pads. Aggregation is important for increasing stability against erosion, for maintaining porosity and soil water movement, and for improving fertility and carbon

  • Soil Classification System

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    Lab Report #4: Soil Classification using USCS and AASHTO System Soil classification is basically the identity of a soil based on its characteristics and properties. Soils may be classified into groups and sub-groups. Two classification systems utilized in this activity were Unified Soil Classification System (USCS) and American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) classification system. Two previous experiments, namely, Particle-Size Distribution (Gradation) of Soils

  • Architectural Design In Putrajaya

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    Architectural Design in Putrajaya • The arrangement of building The centres were planned with bus stops, car parks, pedestrian streets, cycle paths, water bodies and beautiful landscape that really give the benefits to the community. The workplaces, a mosque, commercial areas are built at the main centre which the citizen can just walk to each other. Housing areas are at appropriate distance from the neighbourhood centres. Putrajaya create special paths for walking and cycling which are safe, continuous

  • Essay On Soil Mechanics

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    A Clean Look at Soil Mechanics Soils are basically unconsolidated layers that cover the earth’s surface. Soils consist of particles of varying shapes and sizes formed after parent rock are subjected to and broken down by forces of climate, organisms and chemicals over time. Soils mechanics refers to the art of applying the mechanics of solids to the soil to predict its deformation behavior and strength. Understanding soil mechanics enables engineers and other professionals to create structures with

  • Admixture On Pl Of Soil Essay

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    CHAPTER 5 RESULT 5.1 GENERAL: - In the present work different additives are used in different percentage to stabilize the soil. Following are result which comes after the completion of experimental work. 5.2 EFFECT OF ADMIXTURE ON LIQUID LIMIT OF SOIL: -The Liquid Limit (LL) of soil is defined as the water content at which the behavior of soil changes from plastic to liquid. It is the minimum moisture content at which a soil flows upon the application

  • Group Index Test Report

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    4.3.3 Group index To evaluate the quality of a soil as a subgrade material, the Group Index (GI) is also used along with the groups and subgroups of the soil. Group index is a function of the liquid limit, plasticity index, and the amount of material passing the 0.075mm sieve. A group index of 0 indicates a “good” subgrade material and a group index of 20 indicates a poor subgrade material (AASHTO, 2000). Group index is calculated using the following formula. GI = (F-35) [0.2 + 0.005(LL-40)] +

  • Essay On Rice Dehusking

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    Abstract Rice obtained from the field is basically in the form of paddy rice. It consists of a hard protective covering called husk that protects the rice grain from being damage. This covering is removed and the rice grain obtained is called as brown rice. This brown covering is called as bran. After removing the bran the head rice grain thus obtained is white rice. The paper comprises of the detail information about the process carried out during rice dehusking. This paper also discusses

  • Soil Stabilization Lab Report

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    STABILIZATION OF CLAYEY SOIL USING CHEMICALS Bhawna Sahay1, Prof. V.K.Arora2 ABSTRACT: Soil stabilization is a technique of enhancing the geotechnical properties and strength of soil to modify the bearing capacity and durability of weak soil. There are numerous methods of stabilising the soil such as soil replacement , grouting ,reinforcing ,chemical, mechanical, electrical method, using additives such as fly ash, rice husk, gypsum and cement. Chemical stabilization with lime and sodium hydroxide

  • Hexavalnet Chromium Case Study

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    The present investigation was carried out with effect of hexavalnet chromium on seed germination, growth, yield, biochemical constituents, mineral contents and RAPD analysis of Tagetes erecta. In addition recompense on hexavalent chromium polluted soil by using suitable soil amendment of VAM(Arbuscular mycorrhiza) treatment was followed and their correspondent results have been given above mentioned parameters. Germination percentage The germination percentage, vigour index, tolerance index, toxicity

  • Thermodynamics: What Is Soil Classification?

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    Soil classification is the separation of soil into classes or groups according to its similarity either characteristics or behaviour. The phrase 'Soil' come from the Latin word Solum. Different scientific fields have different meanings of the 'Soil' term. Agriculture scientist refers soil as "the loose material on earth's crust consisting of disintegrated rock with an admixture of organic matter, which supports plant life". While, Geologist distinguish soils as the disintegrated rock material which

  • Essay On Soil Erosion

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    1.1 SOIL EROSION: 1.1.1. SOIL: Soil contains minerals, water, air, natural matter, and life forms that are the rotting. It forms at the surface of land – it is the “earth’s skin.” Soil has capability to support plant life and is invigorating to life on earth. Also it is capable of supporting all civil engineering structures. Soil is the prime source-for food. Since, topsoil is necessary to grow plants. So, that way soil is the most precious gift of nature. So, we have to fertile soil for better

  • Potato In Pakistan Case Study

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    ESSAY ON DISEASES OF POTATO IN PAKISTAN BOTANICAL NAME: SOLANUM TUBEROSUM FAMILY: SOLANACEAE Potato is starchy, tuberous crop from the perennial Solanum tuberosum belonging to Solanaceae family. The word potato is referred to the plant itself in addition, the edible tuber. It is world's fourth largest food crop, following rice, wheat, and maize. The annually consumed diet of an average global citizen in the first decade of the 21st century included about 33 kg (73 lbs) of potato. Potato has

  • Dragline Mechanism Essay

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    Dragline mechanism is simple, as the drag cable pulls the bucket across the ground surface the bucket weight and teeth produce the digging action. The position of the drag chain attached to the bucket affects the digging action. The angle in which the bucket enters the soil is related to the point of attachment, the higher the point the deeper the angle. Throughout the swinging and hoisting action, materials in the bucket are reserved by forcing tension on the dump cable. As the force is released

  • Acid Rain Memo

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    Dear U.A.E. Ministry of Environment, Acid rain is affecting many things in our world. Architecture, animals, the ecosystem and even us as humans. Acid rain is one of the many things in this world that is caused by a chemical reaction. Acid rain begins when both sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides (which are both compounds) are released into the air. They can reach up to the atmosphere. There they mix and react with oxygen,water and other chemicals to form acidic pollutants, which is also known as

  • Compacted Mixture Lab

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    Lab Report #3: Laboratory Compaction Characteristics of Soil Using Standard Effort (12,400 ft-lbf/ft3 (600 kN-m/m3)) Soil compaction demonstrates how the soil will behave considering factors such as physical and chemical properties, moisture content, method of compaction, amount of compactive effort, and thickness of layer or “lift” being compacted when a compactive effort was added to it. This results to a compaction curve which is a plot of dry density versus moisture content. This was obtained

  • Essay On Specific Gravity

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    2. 0 DETERMINATION OF SPECIFIC GRAVITY 2.1 Introduction 2.1.1 OBJECTIVE To determine the specific gravity of a given soil by Density Bottle or Pycnometer Method 2.1.2 Learning Outcome Explain the Concept of Specific Gravity and its Uses Describe Lab Method for Determining Specific Gravity of Soils Perform the Specific Gravity Test on a given Soil Sample Determine Specific Gravity of the Soil Produce a report of the exercise 2.1.3 NEED AND SCOPE A knowledge of specific gravity is often used together

  • What Are The Objectives Of Composting

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    when dumped in the backyard, give rise to bad odour and reduces the beauty of the place. Hence the waste management companies in Ireland have decided to help people by collecting the wastes and composting them to create useful substance called humus. This humus helps the plants in gardens and the crops in the fields to grow properly. It helps in increasing the fertility of the soil and keeps chemicals at bay. The farmers are benefitted by it and the waste is reduced by ninety percent.

  • Effects Of Overgrazing On Soil

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    Human influences on soil erosion Aspect 1: The effect overgrazing has on soils. Overgrazing is when a farmer stocks (Keeps) too many animals in their land. Examples of such animals are sheep, which pull up the roots of plants, cattle, which kick up the top layer of dirt which is then blown away by the wind, and goats. These animals all damage the surface of the soil and speed up soil erosion. These animals eat the vegetation cover of the area and their hooves dig into the soil, which compacts it

  • Municipal Solid Waste Essay

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    nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) and can hold water and air for plant, allow trace elements in plant and provide humus to improve the organic matter in the soil. (Sue and Hailu, 2011) Compost with dark brown or black soft spongy humus can holds water and plants nutrients to improve the moisture-holding capacity of soil. Plus, compost which made up of humus can control the weeds, pests and diseases. This is because most weed seeds cannot withstand the high temperature