Hydrocarbon Essays

  • Crude Oil Research Paper

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    1 PETROLEUM Petroleum is a mixture of gaseous, liquid and solid hydrocarbon that occurs naturally beneath the earth's surface (Awake, 2003). Petroleum is composed of hydrocarbons (hydrogen and carbon) and may exists as crude oil, natural gas or condensates. Crude oil is a naturally occurring, free flowing liquid mainly hydrocarbons with its specific gravity between 1.00 and 0.80. The major elements of crude oil are carbon (83-87%) and hydrogen (10-14%) and minor elements, nitrogen (s density

  • Polyether Sulphone Research Paper

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    Poly (ether sulphone) is stable under the pH range of 2 – 14. In addition, Poly (ether sulphone) is stable in oxidizing agents and various non-polar solvents. However, it does react with low-polarity organic solvents like chlorinated/aromatic hydrocarbons and ketones like methylpyrrolidone. Due to its stiff and yet comparatively flexible structure, it relatively maintains its mechanical and chemical properties from -100 oC to 200 oC. Poly (ether sulphone) is highly resistant to mechanical deformation

  • Environmental Benefits Of Offshore Drilling

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    Offshore drilling refers back to the drilling for oil in the ocean and wet lands.in todays modern day world, this offshore oil drilling is one of the most important technological breakthroughs that the world has ever made in current years. From offshore drilling, many strategies have emerge which have helped drill oil underneath the land and in the water. Since the day offshore drilling was introduced, the world has benefited a lot as it has drilled gallons of oil which have helped in industries

  • Disadvantages Of Jojoba Oil

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    Jojoba oil is known as the Gold of Desert and is produced from the seeds of jojoba plant. The jojoba plant is a desert shrub found in the arid regions of the Mexico, Arizona and California. It is extracted as a liquid wax and then later refined into the odorless and colorless jojoba oil. The plant gain famed from its moisturizing and emollient properties, and properties that balance hair and skin by keeping them hydrated. And this oil is widely used in cosmetic and skin care industry. Skin

  • Syrene Research Paper

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    At room temperature is a colorless gas with an odor similar to gasoline. It is an alkene used to manufacture rubber by addition polymerization. It has two C-C double bonds in its structure which allows the compound to form a wide variety of polymers including ABS. This compound is a toxic gas listed as a human carcinogen. Figure 2. Representation of 1.3-butadiene (mw: 54.09 g/mol) Styrene: A colorless to yellowish liquid that produce polystyrene by homopolymerization. Styrene is a derivative of

  • Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: A Case Study

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    INTRODUCTION A chemical reaction is the chemical change of atoms and molecules. They is are an essential part of daily life, and can be very useful for solving various problems. This essay discusses the use of bioremediation in oil spills, and the chemical processes involved. PROBLEM An oil spill is simply the release of liquid petroleum (also known as crude oil) into the environment. Large-scale oil spills are very problematic, as they as they can cause a multitude of short-term and long-term

  • The Pros And Cons Of BP Oil Spill

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    BP is one of the world's foremost incorporated oil and gas companies. It provide customers with fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, lubricants to keep engines moving, and the petrochemicals products used to make everyday items as diverse as paints, clothes and packaging. Through its two main operating segments, Upstream and Downstream, the company finds, develops and produces essential sources of energy, turning them into products that people need. The company’s projects and operations

  • Marathon Oil Swot Analysis

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    OVERVIEW Marathon oil corporation is United states based oil and natural gas exploration and production company. Principal exploration activities are in the U.S, Norway, Poland, angola and Iraqi kurdistan. Principal production activities are in the U.S, the U.K and Norway. Marathon Oil has recently focused development efforts on liquids - rich shale plays, including the Bakken and Eagle Ford formations. Marathon Oil owns interests developing Athabasca oil sands (Canada) resources and in Waha

  • Shale Oil Hedging Case Study

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    b) Shale oil is rapidly emerging as a substantial and comparatively low cost newly progressive resource in United States. The impending emergence of shale oil presents key strategic prospects and encounters for the oil and gas industry. It growths energy independence from many countries and yet at the same time reducing the stimulus of Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Derivatives markets have become increasingly important in the world of finance and investments. The objectives

  • Calcarenite Research Paper

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    Calcarenite is a sedimentary rock formed of calcareous particles that have been deposited mechanically from a solution. The particles which consist of fossil materials, pebbles and granules of carbonate rock and Oolites are transported and sorted by flowing water. When it is formed entirely of shell debris the rock is called coquina. (Robert 1768) 1.1. Composition of calcarenite Calcarenite is a type of limestone composed mainly of above 50% of detrital sand of size 0.0625 to 3mm in diameter in

  • Acetaminophene Lab Report

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    In this diagram we can see that acetaminophen consists of a benzene ring core, with hydroxyl and amide functional groups in proxy. Benzene (C6H6) is a hydrocarbon composed of 6 carbon atoms (92.26% of the molecule) and 6 hydrogen atoms (7.74% of the molecule) with alternating double and single bonds (resonance bonds) and is aromatic because of this. Benzene is a natural part of petroleum, usually <1.0% by weight, but is found in many things used today. Benzenes most common use is to produce ethylbenzene

  • Essay On Petroleum

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    Petroleum Name: Sumaya Ismail Ali ID: K-715810110 Name: Marwa Mohamed Elneel ID: K-215810001 Dr: Kauser Fatima Environmental issues What it is ? Petroleum or Crude oil: is thick liquid, flammable, and it has several of color, found under the ground. Petroleum is one of the fossil fuel with Coal and natural gas. And it came from remnant of dead ancient marine organisms buried under many ground layers over million years and high pressure and temperature convert to petroleum. The

  • The Treadmill Production Theory

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    Origins of the treadmill production theory focuses on the social, economic and environmental conditions, established in1980. Thus, it raises the question and addresses why U.S. environmental degradation had increased. Schnaiberg argued that capitalism is the reason of increase in demand of natural resources. The treadmill production looks to replace production labor with new technologies to increase profit. New technologies are emerging and in high demand. The treadmill production helps understand

  • Catex Oil Case Study

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    Caltex Oil (Australia) Pty Ltd v The Dredge Willemstad (1976) 11 ALR 227 Chapter 4 Relevant facts Caltex oil (Australia) Pty Ltd (Caltex) and Australian Oil Refining Pty Ltd (AOR) both parties were having an agreement according to which AOR used to refine the oil that was delivered to its refinery on the southern shore of Botany Bay by Caltex and then the refined product is delivered back to Caltex’s oil terminal on the northern shore of Botany Bay through a pipeline which was running under bay

  • Essay On Enhanced Oil Recovery

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    Obtaining the largest amount of oil possible from an oil reservoir is a task that oil production companies seek to improve. Currently, the recovery of oil can involve three separate phases. These phases include primary, secondary, and tertiary recovery. Tertiary recovery is also called enhanced oil recovery. Both primary and secondary recovery only recover twenty to forty percent of the oil in the ground; however, enhanced oil recovery can recover up to seventy-five percent of oil originally present

  • The Pros And Cons Of Underbalance Drilling

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    Over the past number of years, the most common and well- known method used to drill wells was the Overbalance Drilling method (OVD). Overbalance Drilling is a technique where the bottom hole pressure of the wellbore is kept higher than the formation pressure while performing the drilling process. To maintain an overbalance atmosphere, the mud weight in the drilling fluid needs to be heavier and denser. It is designed to just be above the formation fluid pressure but lower compare to the formation

  • Mammoth Cave National Park Research Paper

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    Mammoth Caves National Park: Spelunking into Mystery The Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky spans 52,830 acres, it has a surface area of about 80 square miles and the mapped five-layer cave system encompasses more than 365 miles. (National Geographic) Mammoth Cave in Kentucky provides the opening to the world 's largest known cave system that is rich in historical significance and offers many more opportunities for discovery. Mammoth Caves National Park is the largest known cave system in the

  • Argumentative Essay On Fracking

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    1. Introduction 1.1 What is hydraulic fracturing? Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is the process of drilling down into the earth’s surface, followed by a high-pressure water mixture, which is directed at the rocks to release the gas and oil that is inside of them. Furthermore water, sand, chemicals and other substances are injected into the rock at a high pressure, in order to allow the gas in the rock to flow out and up to the top of the fracking wells. The process of fracking allows humans to

  • Maersk Drilling Research Paper

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    Jan 2010 - Jan 2012 MAERSK DRILLING | www.maerskdrilling.com Maersk Discoverer 6th Generation Deepwater DP2 MODU Senior Electrician & Electronic & Instrument Technician Maersk Drilling supports global oil & gas production by providing high-efficiency drilling services to oil and gas companies around the world. Maersk Drilling seeks to become a significant and stable contributor to the APMM Group by developing and growing their business within the ultra deep-water and ultra-harsh environment

  • Polyester Lab Report

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    Polyester is synthetic fiber which mainly derive organic chemical compound from coal, air, water and petroleum and have the ester linkage. According to How (2015), the chemical reaction between an acid and alcohol formed polyester where a combination of two or more molecules form large molecule whose the structure repeats throughout its length. Researched by Smith (n.d) mentioned that production of polyester is by the chemical reaction of ethylene glycol with either terephthalic acid or its methyl