Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition Essays

  • The Endurance: Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition

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    Legendary Antarctic Expedition (1998), a nonfiction book by American author and journalist Caroline Alexander, chronicles the most famous expedition by explorer Ernest Shackleton when he and his men were stranded for more than a year on the Antarctic ice in an attempt to circumnavigate and map the frozen continent. Exploring themes of discovery, survival, teamwork, and the age of exploration, The Endurance is considered one of the best and most detailed books on Shackleton’s expedition; it was adapted

  • Endurance Shackleton's Incredible Voyage Summary

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    ‘Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage’ is a book about the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition and the survival of 25 of the men who beat the odds of death after facing ice that was crashing and freezing up onto the sides of their ship, having to abandon the “Endurance” when she couldn’t handle the pressure from the ice floes and later sunk into the ocean and surviving the below zero temperatures with only what the crew could salvage from the ship and what they could gather from the nature around

  • Okimasis In Tomson Highway's Kiss Of The Fur Queen

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    Kiss of the Fur Queen Perhaps the most formidable quality of humans is their ability to persevere through any difficulties they might face. No matter how indomitable a challenge might seem, humanity finds a way to continue on their evolutionary path. A man with a goal in mind is an unstoppable force that cannot be dissuaded. Such is the condition of Abraham Okimasis in Tomson Highway’s novel Kiss of the Fur Queen, chronicling Okimasis’ experience racing in a dog sledding competition. Tomson’s writing

  • Ernest Shackleton Essay

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    The core problem of the case study is the leader of the expedition, Ernest Shackleton. Shackleton put his crew into danger, because he wanted to become a hero to his home country. His objective was to complete an expedition that was dangerous, and an expedition that had never been attempted before. Shackleton ignored the warnings of the weather, and continued his journey. That produces our first solution to the problem. If Shackleton would have listened to the warnings about the weather it could

  • Poker Flat John Oakhurst Analysis

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    The person who ended up with the lead position of the group of outcasts from Poker Flat was John Oakhurst, who led them on their trek. When everyone else wanted to stop and rest, he urges them to continue the long journey which they still have ahead of them. Oakhurst’s gambling, which is the reason that he was banned from Poker Flat in the first place, is a warning to his fellow outcasts to not throw up their hands and quit before the game is even fully played out. This is because heavy snow was

  • Summary Of The Book One Mush Jamaica's Sled Team

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    DEDICATION In life one should never give up and should always keep on pushing for what they want, no matter where one comes from or what stands in one's way. The people and dogs in the Jamaican dog sled team did precisely that. The book “One Mush Jamaica’s Dogsled team” by John Firth is a non-fiction novel describing the story of how the Jamaican dog sled team was formed and of the races they participated in. The main topic of the story though is a man named Marshall Newton, black and from Jamaica

  • Shackleton's Five Practices Of Exemplary Leadership

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    Shackleton was an explorer, he led three expeditions to the Antarctic. He was born in Ireland and moved to London when he was ten years old. Shackleton's first began exploring the polar regions as a third officers under Captain Robert Falcon Scott's Discovery Expedition, During his second expedition he and three others set a record Farthest South latitude at 88°S, only 180 km from the South Pole. Also, he over saw members of his team climb Mount Erebus, an active Antarctic volcano. Due to these achievements

  • Ernest Shackleton Research Paper

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    “Sir Ernest Shackleton was an Anglo-Irish Antarctic explorer, who made three expeditions to the continent, most famously in 1914 on the Endurance” (Sir Ernest Shackleton). The ‘founder’ of the Shackleton family was Abraham Shackleton. Abraham was a profound Quaker born in Kildare County, Ireland. The Shackleton family originated in the English country of the Yorkshire and consisted of pure Anglo-Irish blood. On February 15, 1874 Ernest Henry Shackleton was born in Kilkea House, Kildare County, Ireland

  • Shackleton's Expedition

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    story can be analyzed in a scientific and an entrepreneurial venture. The scientific endeavor consisted of crossing Antarctica which was an astounding feat for the time as well as crossing the Antarctic pictures were taken for scientific purposes. This expedition was also an entrepreneurial venture. The expedition was carefully planned and he was able to raise the appropriate funds. I think in both terms it was a success. The scientific side can also be used to show how we use Shackleton as a major leadership

  • What Is The Significance Of The Lewis And Clark Expedition

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    Lewis and Clark Expedition Imagine going from the nice spring weather to strong winds and freezing cold winters for two years. This is what Meriwether Lewis and William Clark went tough on their two year expedition searching for the Northwest passage. Now, while you might think they had it easy, Lewis, Clark and their expedition crew went through many challenges while exploring the new land. From finding food to eat, to making alliances with different Indian tribes, this journey was anything but

  • Shackleton's Endurance

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    at heart, a man whose soul seemed to be bound to the Antarctic. A stern looking man, he was well known for betraying his appearances and being kind-hearted and modest, putting the lives of his men before his own. This is evident with Shackleton’s rigged pulling of straws, that granted sleeping bags to the seamen, rather than

  • Sir Ernest Shackleton Leadership Characteristics

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    that they would march across the frozen sea with two of the three lifeboats to Paulet island, 346 miles to the northwest. Then to the best of Shackleton 's knowledge, there would be a cache of stores in a hut on Paulet Island from a 1902 Swedish expedition. They would then come up with a plan from there. Without his problem solving they wouldn’t get anywhere. He also thought about things that could happen so that he could prevent them. For example, when the crew was traveling Shackleton kept the men