Indianapolis Colts Essays

  • Tony Dungy Character Analysis Essay

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    Character is defined in the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language as “Moral or Ethical Strength; Integrity; fortitude. Tony Dungy is known as the first African American to win the super bowl as a coach. He is also known as a man with outstanding and excellent character. This paper will reflect on Tony’s exceptional character and how he has relied on his values and high morals to achieve goals that many thought were unreachable goals. Tony attributes a lot of his success in the world

  • The Patriots: A Short Story

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    Patriots were playing the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Divisional Championship. From the beginning of the game you could tell that the Patriots were just on another level that the Colts just could not reach. In that

  • NFL Accolades

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    NFL Accolades MVP- Andrew Luck: QB Indianapolis Colts: 5003 Passing Yards and 44 Touchdowns How confident am I in my choice of Andrew Luck as the NFL MVP? Well, if I had to choose between the field and Andrew Luck, I would choose Luck. On offense the Colts are loaded at receiver and running back. Luck has never played with this many skilled weapons. He has a hungry Andre Johnson, a young stud in T.Y Hilton, a deep threat in Donte Moncrief, and an extremely talented rookie in Philip Dorsett.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers Research Paper

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    (working tiitle) The Pittsburgh steelers has a lot of history behind it, from the uniforms logo and even the name.The Steelers are owned by a man by the name of Art Rooney who bought the franchise in 1933 for 2 thousand 500 dollors. Since they were found in 1933 they are the 5th oldest franchise in the NFL. Since the Pittsburgh has the steel mark and iron institute they gave a suggestion to Art Rooney about the logos ( Injury-report .com). But since Art Rooney no name for the franchise that he bought

  • Why Is It Better To Be Underrated

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    In my opinion, I firmly believe that it is better to be underrated rather than overrated. Throughout my life especially watching sports has shown this to be very true. For example, a player who is overrated is expected to have high expectations with almost no room to improve. A sports player who is underrated has a high roof to improve and exceed expectations that people had rather low in the first place. One sports player as of this year I can think of is Robert Griffin III the former starting quarterback

  • Peyton Manning's NFL Career

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    Panthers. In addition, Manning also helped the Broncos achieve AFC West division titles, two Super Bowl appearances and one World Championship. The 40 year old Manning started his career in Indianapolis after the Colts made him their number pick for the 1998 NFL draft. He played 14 seasons for the Colts and earned two Super Bowl titles for them. Manning also earned four MVP awards, including

  • Personal Narrative Essay: When I Am A Pittsburgh Sports Fan

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    In all ways I am a Pittsburgh sports fan. I am a die had Pittsburgh sports fan, whether it be Steelers, pirates, penguins, or Pitt panthers I ride or die with them. They affect my day if they win or lose, I grew up watching all of them as a kid and I am emotionally attached. Being a Pittsburgh sports fan definitely has its ups and downs. Like last year the wild card game for the pirates which I went to, we got shut down by the Cub’s pitcher and didn’t post one run the whole game. Or in 2010 when

  • Comparison: The Panthers And The Carolina Panthers

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    The Carolina Panthers got blasted from every direction in 2014, with injuries and personal mishaps and personnel blunders. Yet, Carolina was able to take advantage of a weak NFC South and make the playoffs with a losing record of 7-8-1. It’s hard to imagine anything going much worse in 2015 so the Panthers are likely to reward ticket holders with a division title and another shot in the postseason. Cam Newton is still the face of the franchise though he hasn’t proven himself to be a top tier NFL

  • The Patriots Research Paper

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    The Power Ten- 1. New England Patriots: 9-0 (1) Despite injuries to their offensive line, Dion Lewis, and Julian Edelman, the Patriots remain at number one in the power rankings. Bottom line is this: The Patriots find ways to win games. They were depleted offense so much on Sunday, that Michael Williams, the team’s third tight end, who lined up on the offensive line the previous week, was lined up on the outside as the Z receiver, and they still managed to win the game. One of the best attributes

  • Peyton Manning: The Best Quarterback Of All Time

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    fourth down conversion born March 24, 1976. He was my first pick in the fantasy draft and he had the best passing yardage in the NFL 2 years in a row. He played 18 seasons in the NFL and primarily with the Colts. He considered being the best quarterback of all time he spent 14 seasons with the Colts and was a member of the Denver Broncos for his last four seasons. Manning played college for the University of Tennessee and the first overall pick in the 1998 NFL draft. he led the team to eight division

  • Descriptive Essay On Alshon Jeffery

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    Enough of about the past. We love Frank the tank 's situation in Indy. He made a major upgrade from a mediocre/confused offense to arguably the best offense in the NFL next season. With no one really competing with him for the job and the fact that the Colts should be around the goal line frequently makes us here at fantasy makes us want every bit of him in our

  • Green Bay Packers History

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    The Green Bay Packers traveled to Gillette Stadium tonight to face the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots. The Patriots came into the game trying to forget about their off-season stemming from the “Deflategate” scandal. Tonight, we got to see just how the Patriots offense would look for the first four games potentially without their field general, Tom Brady. Brady is looking at a potential four-game suspension unless the court decides to reverse the league’s decision. Both teams’

  • Analysis: The New England Patriots

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    the rest of their games should be easy for them other than maybe the Denver Broncos, or the New York Jets, because you never know what could happen in a divisional game. So far this season they have won against the Steelers, Bills, Jaguars, Cowboys, Colts, Jets, Dolphins, and Redskins. In my opinion, New England has enough experience in the league and in important games to go undefeated to the Super Bowl, considering that they have done it before. In 2007 they went all the way

  • New England Patriots Essay

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    When Robert Kraft became the owner of the New England Patriots, he had to pocket $172 million – a record amount back then for a sport team. Looking at the team’s latest $2.6 billion valuation by Forbes, it seems like Kraft’s risky business investment has paid off big time. For the Patriots to get to where they are now, there are lots of reasons and lots of people to credit for but there are two names you can never leave out. In fact, they deserve to be mentioned first and foremost: Head coach Bill

  • Argumentative Essay On 'Conference Championship Takeaways'

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    Conference Championship Takeaways 1. AFC Championship From kick off till the end of the game, the Denver Broncos outplayed the New England Patriots- and it wasn’t even close. Tom Brady was hit a season high 20 times. Their offensive line was embarrassed- specifically Marcus Cannon who was routinely beat by Von Miller. Miller finished the game with 1.5 sacks and an interception. The offense was outmatched by the Broncos’ defense. The Patriots finished 2/15 on third down conversions. They struggled

  • Consequences Of The Nfl Draft

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    Five Biggest Surprises From The First Round Of The NFL Draft The first round of the NFL draft didn’t disappoint in terms of excitement and surprise. An abundance of trades and head scratching picks, emotional interviews, and a “scandal” involving arguably the best player in the draft; the first round was much more than just a player-draft. Below are the five biggest surprises: 1. The San Diego Chargers selection of Joey Bosa with the third overall pick The first big surprise came early on in the

  • Reflection On The New England Patriots

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    Super bowl 51 was the greatest super bowl I have ever seen in my personal opinion. Not just did the New England Patriots come back from a twenty five point deficit against the Atlanta Falcons. This amazing super bowl performance by not just the New England Patriots, but also Tom Brady’s out of this world performance and leadership. This may have put Tom Brady as the best quarterback of all-time. I believe this performance puts Tom Brady as the best ever. Since the start of the game nothing was going

  • Coach Rhoads Case Study

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    Iowa State Cyclones Big 12 Conference (2014 record: 2-10) Head Coach: Paul Rhoads Offense: In recent years, the Iowa Cyclones have turned into a bit of a punching bad for the Big 12 Conference. After two seasons with a total of one with within the conference, one has to believe Coach Rhoads is coaching on a short leash. In 2014, the offense was lethargic. They gained a total of 372.5 YPG of total offense while only scoring 23.2 PPG. The only positives to take away from last year was the offense

  • The National Football Team: The Carolina Panthers

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    The Carolina Panthers are a specialized football team in America Charlotte, North Carolina, who play in the National Football Conference (NFC) South division of the National Football League (NFL). The club is value just about 1.58 billion$, according to Forbes and is controlled by creator Jerry Richardson and his family, who have a 48.1 percent stake; the remnants of the team is detained by a group of 14 limited associates. The team leader is Danny Morrison, and the chief coach is Ron Rivera. The

  • Tom Brady's Major Accomplishments

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    Tom Brady is a quarterback in the National Football League for the New England Patriots. This skilled man has 4 super bowl rings which ties for the most in NFL history. Tom is a pretty interesting person, and has had an interesting early life, has great accomplishments, and some interesting facts that some people do not know. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr, was born on August 3rd, 1977 in San Mateo, California. He was born to Tom Sr and Galynn Patricia Brady, and grew up with his siblings Julie