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  • Indonesian Immigration Case Study

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    INDONESIA Introduction Indonesia is the largest island-country in the world, which made up more than 17,000 islands. There are about 260 million people live in Indonesia. As the largest island-country, Indonesia has many tribes, cultures, local languages, and religions. The one that unites these diversities is the principal and foundation of the country, known as the Pancasila (Five Principles). Thus, this makes Indonesia’s motto as “unity is diversity”. It means that the differences among the people

  • Labor Migration In Indonesia

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    IN INDONESIA Introduction Indonesia is the largest island-country in the world, which has more than 17.000 islands. There are about 260 million people live in Indonesia. As the largest island-country, Indonesia has many tribes, cultures, local languages, and religions. Therefore, the one who unites them is the principal and foundation of the country, which is the Pancasila (Five Principles). This is why Indonesia’s motto is “unity is diversity”. It means that the differences among the people are

  • Essay About Indonesian Tourism

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    groups which has many different languages. However a common language is Bahasa Indonesia. It is known for its multiple cultural beliefs and religion spreads from Sabang in western Aceh till Merauke in Papua. Extremely explore over 5200km between the Asian mainland and Australia. Exploring Indonesian archipelago mean incredible adventure journey in an array of tourism attractions of cultural diversity, nature and wildlife. It is pretty unforgettable, in the fact Indonesian travel adventure excursion is

  • Fiji Cultural Analysis

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    Chapter 1: CULTURAL ANALYSIS The chapter pertains to the cultural environment of Fiji. We try to research and examine everything about the customs, traditions, beliefs, behaviors, and practices of Fijians to find out what will be our product. The introduction, tells us the main points in Fiji’s cultural analysis. I. INTRODUCTION Fiji is an island and tropical country surrounded by 330 islands with two major islands, the Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Fiji is known for being the tourists spot in the

  • White Tiger Character Analysis

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    The White Tiger is the Man Booker Prize winning debut novel by Indian author ArvindAdiga published in 2008. The present novel reflects a reality of Indian life which is kept hidden from society. After globalization there is a huge chasm between rich and poor India. A handful of rich class wants to have control over the large population of India. The writer has dexterously presented the life of servitude, religion, corruption, social caste system, poverty in India before the reader. This novel

  • Importance Of Effective Reading Essay

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    Skills For Effective Reading It is one of the eldest habits of people. Reading is a personal dynamic process, that allows an individual to gain knowledge skills and information. It gives him a direction in life, and how to control his feelings. Reading is the process of thinking as it differs from one individual to another. The person chooses its goals and objectives of reading and does it according to it. Education depends mainly on books, so if someone needs to study, he needs to know the

  • Reflection On Deep Reading

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    MORANTA, CIELO GRACE Y. ED ENG 106-Technology in Language Teaching MAED-ENGLISH 1 Dr. Mercelita J. Labial Reflection Paper on Deep Reading It is always the aim of teachers to make every child a reader . It is because the ability to read is greatly necessary to educate a man. With this main objective, teachers adopt different reading strategies and approaches to facilitate the development of various reading skills. Reading is a basic skill in life. It is not only a skill but as

  • The Importance Of Food In Indonesia

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    cultures blend together and produce unique cuisine for each region. Indonesians embrace and preserve the diversity of their local food by consuming and promoting the food. The prominence of Indonesia’s local food has extended beyond the country. This could be seen from the 2011 online poll held by CNN International. The result placed several Indonesian food such as rendang (Minangkabau’s spicy meat dish), nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice) and satay in the 'World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods (Readers

  • Skyway Bridge Case Study

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    Introduction A Skyway Bridge is a bridge, road, railway or similar structure that crosses over another road or railway. It is constructed of steel and concrete. It is estimated to have a length of 4.9 km and a width of 6 m. The bridge carries two lanes of traffic in different direction. The road surface reaches a height of 15m above the surface of the Diversion Road. Problem Statement A vehicle can cross the Batangas-Bauan Road in 21 minutes but because of traffic jams, 21 minutes could reach up

  • Ethnic Integration In Malaysia

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    It promote culture in a form of dance or martial arts ; lately as sports among all the Chinese communities. The dance move, craftsmanship and decorative means in form of couplet. It also have the value to appreciate the language of Chinese. However in Malaysia, lion dance is not solely meant for the Chinese. It has evolved to promote unity and the tradition meaning of integration. It has become an icon for the youth to learn the martial arts appreciation and building sound

  • Essay About Culture Of Indonesia

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    It is true, if Indonesia is known as one of the countries that has many natural resources that won 't even run out. But in addition to the rich natural resources, Indonesia is also known as one of the country with many cultures where every city has the characteristic of each to become a symbol of their city. A simple example can you see such ethnic Betawi. Ethnic Betawi which is part of the capital city of Indonesia has a culture very good variety of food, historic buildings, traditional clothes

  • Indonesia Geography Analysis

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    Those local languages are mostly used by people of various ethno-cultural groups in their daily life, apart from their lingua franca, ‘bahasa Indonesia’, which is used mostly for education, business and official purposes (Cf. Antara 2008, Bahasa Kita 2009). Figure

  • Essay On Chicken Soup

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    Chicken Soup Recipe Chicken soup is a soup anyone can be proud of. It is a refreshing soup that no one can ever easily get tired of. A pure chicken soup is a golden broth. When preparing a classic chicken soup from the scratch, the true essence is in the chicken skin. It will release more flavor to the soup and makes it more savory. More so, chicken soup is good for cold and flu, it is the right thing anyone needs to warm the bones or soothe bad weather. The soup should be satisfying, simple, and

  • Descriptive Essay About Nadini

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    TITLE Nandini Jungle Resort, Ubud: A Perfect Retreat In Bali LEAD PARAGRAPH Have you ever felt so secure and happy being in the middle of a jungle? In Bali, there is a resort named Nadini, which makes its guests feel as if they stayed in the middle of a jungle, but with luxury. There are many places to go in Bali, but when you stay in this resort, you will find that this resort alone will be the highlight of your Bali holiday! PARAGRAPHS Luxury in a jungle In the past Bali was traditionally

  • Hu Nan Cuisine Analysis

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    Introduction Located in southeastern China, Hunan is a unique place that boasts of abundant delicacies, all these courtesy of its lakes, pools, plains, mountains and rivers that are a source of varieties of fish, crab, shrimp and turtle. Keen on making the best out of the available varieties of game, fish, shrimps, crab and turtle, the inhabitants of Hunan have come up with an equally wide range of delicacies. Characteristics of the Hu Nan Cuisine The Hu Nan Cuisine has a number of characteristics

  • Essay On Balinese Cremation

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    It was a beautiful morning. Breakfast in bed: local fruits, nuts, toast and coffee. Little I expected that before dinner time I will see half burned body of a local official during traditional cremation ceremony. I skipped the supper that night. Close to 85% of Balinese identify themselves as Hindu believers, and yet their rituals differ being deeply influenced by local Balinese cosmology and believes from before the time Hinduism was introduced on the island in the 1st century. Basic principles

  • Rapid Urbanization In Malaysia

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    SPC Dickhoff, Andrew/25JAN18 (U) Malaysian Urbanization (U) Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy located within Southeast Asia that has been going through the process of rapid urbanization. Rapid urbanization is the rapid building up of formally rural areas at a faster than normal pace. Rapid Urbanization can be a good thing, however, it has begun creating problems within families as well as an increase in other crimes. (U) Malaysia gained its independence from the United Kingdom on

  • Essay About Malaysian Culture

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    dominates the area of sea shore. There are living mostly in the area of east coast of Sumatera, Islands of Riau-Lingga and Western Kalimantan. Either Malay tribe is just covered around 3.4 % total population of Indonesia, but Malay language (Bahasa Melayu) becomes an official language for this country that can be known as Bahasa Indonesia. It is synonym in Malaysia. Malay are interrelated Islam as their based religion. According to national constitution, Malay can be understand as a people that belief and

  • Difference Between Pidgin And Creole

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    and how both differentiate from each other. Body: The Pidgin language is a contact language or a lingua franca which arouses naturally. This form of a language is needed if a few groups are exposed to one another over a long period of time. It develops due to a need of communication between those groups and a lack of will, mistrust or another reason not to learn another's language. Often pidgin is derived from a higher language but only uses a few words and extends their meaning. Furthermore

  • Ri's Tea Industry Case Study

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    you ask every Indonesian people, they will recognize those two tea maker easily. Sariwangi and Teh Botol are like Lipton from UK. However, I conclude that those two companies lack of innovation. It is true that they have a good and strong branding, but in the other hand, I think they don’t have product differentiation. They are too depending on the conventional Indonesian market and not willing to invest more on the new product development on my opinion. It is a fact that Indonesian market is a big