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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Stereolithography

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    Charles W. Hull coined the term “stereolithography” and patented the method of the same as well in the year 1986. According to Charles, “stereolithography is the method of making solid objects by successively laying down thin layers of ultraviolet curable material one layer at a time through the use apparatus”. 3D SYSTEM INC. which is based in Rock Hill, South Carolina was the first company to generalize and commercialize the procedure. Charles entitled the patent as “APPARATUS FOR PRODUCTION OF

  • The Pros And Cons Of 3D Visualization

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    For years, businesses have sought after photographers for their outstandingly appealing work. For them to compile images or videos to be placed in any media, there were no alternatives besides contacting a production studio and setting up a photo shoot which was costly. Traditional photography will never go away however in this modern era, businesses that require visual content have another easily accessible avenue which is 3D visualization. The term 3D visualization is used synonymously with 3D

  • Movie Review: 3D Animation

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    3D ANIMATION PRODUCTION WORKFLOW 3D Animation, which can also be known as computer animation, are becoming more popular and widely known in the industry. There are many software available that are able to produce 3D animation and the ones that are more well-known are Cinema 4D, Autodesk Maya and Blender. Even though 3D Animation is slowly taking over the film industry, it is a very time consuming process and an animated movie usually takes longer to complete compared to movies that are shot fully

  • The Pros And Cons Of 3D Printing

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    the public. With 3D printers, members of the public are now able to design and construct almost anything in the privacy and convenience of their own homes. This has raised several ethical implications as the layperson who owns a 3D printer can simply download Computer-Aided Design (CAD) files (file type used by 3D printers) and print regulated objects such as weapons and firearms. This

  • 3d Printing Case Study

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    manufacturer has developed its own version of these materials, each slightly modified to work better with their machines. The very nature of these materials makes processing them into usable power, which is then processed into the product via the 3D printer, makes these materials an expensive raw resource. The average cost per kilogram of these metals in powder form can run anywhere from $800-$1000USD. Plastics however are much cheaper, although most are not biologically inert, nor common in this industry

  • Persuasive Essay On Headphones

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    Buying Headphones from Red White Mobile If you are thinking of buying headphones and thinking about where to go for best price and genuine quality, the suggestion I will give you is to visit the website of Red White mobile to get the best headphones in best price. Some of the biggest brands are described below. Plantronics: It’s been 50 years since Plantronics has set foot in the electronics industry and since then they are moving forward with a simple goal of letting the people communicate more

  • Digital Photography Essay

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    DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY AND ITS MARKETING STRATEGIES Digital Photography (one of the several forms of digital imaging) refers to a form of photography in which cameras are used which contain arrays of electronic photo detectors are used to capture the pictures which are focused by a lens as opposed to an exposure on photographic film. The images clicked are digitized and stored as a computer file ready for further digital processing, viewing, publishing or printing. Earlier, photographs were made by

  • Microdermabrasion Benefits

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    THE BENEFITS OF DIAMOND MICRODERMABRASION Farlon | Dermabrasion is a procedure in which the uppermost layers of skin are removed. Abrasive materials such as sandpaper may be used, or the abrasion may be achieved with lasers. Dermabrasion is often used to remove wrinkles, acne and other scars and moles. For these reasons, this surgery is generally considered to be cosmetic, but the improved self-image and self-esteem that it may provide cannot be overlooked. It is also used to remove tattoos. Depending

  • 3d Printing Impact Analysis

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    political, economical, and environmental impacts the technology is having, and how this is a good thing. Social 3D printing has been accepted by the public as it allows the average person to small businesses to design or download any design, then use a printer to print the design from their home or small office instead of relying on a large manufacturer. This has also lead to the technology being feared by larger manufacturers as it will reduce the number of customers purchasing

  • Factory Workers In The Industrial Revolution

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    Today workers have twelve to sixteen hour shifts, clean working environments, and nicely heated and air conditioned working places. People today have nice luxuries like cars, medicine, and nicely constructed homes. There’s been many technological advances like x-rays, TVs, radios, and plumbing. People would not have these luxuries if it was not for the Industrial Revolution.The Industrial Revolution started in Britain during the eighteenth century, it was a transition from handmade products, to manufactured

  • Crystals Lab Report

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    Introduction: A crystal is a solid whose atoms are arranged in a specific repeating pattern. Real crystals undergo years to grow, but today's scientists have obtained a way to grow crystals right in the lab. They have also been effective in finding a way for people who aren’t scientists to grow crystals in the comfort of our own home. Although they may not be the same crystals we wear as jewelry, they give us a basic idea of the unique types of crystals that are made, formed and grown all over the

  • 3d Printer Essay

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    “Prosumer” 3D Printers In The Medical and Dental Industry Prosumer technology is marketed for the individuals that can afford a high spec personal printer. The prosumer market is differentiating itself from the regular home personal or office printer classes using high performance parts as well as an extensive range of materials giving the machine more application range. There are two general feelings on prosumer tech entering the medical or dental industries. Some speculate that prosumer printers will

  • Advantages Of Laser Hair Removal

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    Summary: Laser hair removal is considered as a good technique that can get you rid of unwanted hairs. In countless ways, laser hair removal in Delhi is much better than other hair reduction approaches, including electrolysis, waxing, shaving, tweezing or depilatory creams. It can yield long-lasting effects, unlike many of the procedures on this list. It takes just a couple of treatments, dissimilar to the unending ritual of shaving or waxing. If you are fatigued of these practices, then using a laser

  • Technology Defographic Assignment: 3D Printing

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    Identify/Describe the Technology Topic The technology topic chosen for the infographic assignment is 3D printing. 3D printing is a process that creates three dimensional objects from a digital file. This innovation has permeated in almost every industry. 3D printing has the capability of replicating organs, building a house and many other things. For this assignment, my focus is going to be on how 3D printing is going to change the way people with disabilities, impairments or illnesses are treated

  • Persuasive Essay On Virtual Reality

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    In spite of the indifference, Virtual Reality has awoken the world in giant ways. Society should not stay doubtful of the countless possibilities it has to bring in an optimistic and technological way. Recently, in order to describe something that holds spirit and effect without having form, but having an effect on the actual, the word ‘virtual’ was used. Virtual reality is developing all the time and has found hitches not formerly considered. Applications of Virtual reality are starting to find

  • Lotte Reiniger Animation

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    Animation refers to the creation of the sequence of images drawn, painted, or produced by other artistic methods that change over time portray the illusion of motion. Animators are artists who specialize in the creation of animation. Animation has 2D and 3D, for 2 dimensional figures are created or edited on the computer using 2D bitmap graphics or created and edited using 2D vector graphics. This includes automated computerized versions of traditional animation techniques, for 3 dimensional is digitally

  • History Of Graphic Design

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    The vocational area of my selection is Graphic Design. Graphic Design is the art or skill of using typography and images to compose a visual message, usually conveyed in magazine covers, book covers, advertisements, posters and so on. It uses a variety of software, from the likes of adobe photoshop, to the simple Microsoft word, but may also be done by hand by using paints and stencils. Following this vocational area, I will now further explore what graphic design is, where it comes from and the

  • Roller Coaster Essay

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    Introduction The purpose of this project is to design and build a functional roller coaster for a marble or, if possible, multiple marbles. The base of the roller coaster must be lesser than 1m x 1m.This roller coaster is run based on conservation of mechanical energy. The scientific concept of force, motion and energy, which we had learnt this year, have been applied into this project. My roller coaster model consist of seven loops, two layer of spiral (horizontal loops) and a funnel at the end

  • 3D Animation Production Workflow Essay

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    IDM Project Assignment: Research 3D Animation production workflow - MAXON C4D When creating a 3d project, there are a number of steps and disciplines involved. And those steps are called 3d pipeline. We first go to the pre-production process of creating artwork to illustrate the look of characters. We will also create storyboards to give role map to follow when creating the shots. From here, we can begin to create all of the models that we are need for animation, this will involve modeling the objects

  • Lotte Reiniger: 3D Animation

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    The animation refers to the creation of the images drawn like painted or produced by other artistic methods that can change the illusion of motion. Animators are artists who create of animation. The creator of animated or better known as the animator must use logical thinking to determine the flow of the motion of an object for 2-dimensional figures are created or edited on the computer using 2D bitmap or 2D vector graphics, for 3-dimensional is digitally manipulated by an animator. The animator