International Council on Monuments and Sites Essays

  • Tourism: The Four Different Perspectives Of Tourism

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    It includes the museums and unique archaeological sites. Furthermore, it relates to the unique music, art forms and traditional rituals from the communities with different cultures. The mission settlements, the slaves working sites, urban spaces for ritual, rock formations and natural landscape are considered part of the cultural tourism. Cultural tourism is applied to a wide variety of activities

  • Globalization In Social Work

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    economic and social environments for poor and marginalized people as mentioned by the IFSW (2012a). Social work as a profession tends to meet those people who are suffering the damaging effects of aspects of globalisation IFSW (2012b). The IFSW international Ethical Documents (1) for social work does also include the term „globalisation”. This document says:” Social workers recognise the benefits and disadvantages of globalisation for the most vulnerable people in the world. Our professional perspective

  • Chichen Itzá: Mayan Cultural Identity

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    research of the site in hopes to generate international awareness for Chichen Itzá and its residents, so it could be restored to its previous glory. Following the Harvard University Peabody Museum’s instillation of artifacts excavated from the Cenote Sagrada, also known as the Sacred Well, the artistic traditions of Chichen Itzá was brought to a modern and foreign audience. The exhibit promoted the site as a hot tourism location for the western elite. Due to Chichen Itzá’s new international tourism status

  • Social, Social And Economic Benefits Of Tourism

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    effects were recognized in the declaration, which stated as; ‘’tourism is an essential activity both on the life of the nation since its direct and indirect effects on economical, social, cultural, and educational sectors of the society and their international relations’’. Economic benefits of tourism 1. Contribution to Gross Domestic Product; Tourism is being one of the world’s largest industries and contributes directly and indirectly (total contribution) to the global economy. Its contribution

  • Le Corbusier Charter Of Athens Analysis

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    1943 by the Swiss architect Le Corbusier, who had a major influence on urban planning and architecture after World War II. His work was heavily based upon Le Corbusier’s Ville Radieuse (Radiant City) book of 1935 that was written by the Congres International d’Architecture Moderne. The Charter got its name from the location of the fourth CIAM conference in 1933, which took place in Athens. The making of the Charter had the first vision that architects and planners could no longer work under the pressures