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  • International Space Station Essay

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    I. The International Space Station (ISS) is one of the best research facilities outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. Not only does it possess highly advanced technology to conduct research, it is also one of the only places with access to microgravity. Most studies on the International Space Station have to do with how different things work under the influence of microgravity which is one-millionth of the force of Earth’s gravity. In order to conduct the research on the ISS highly trained astronauts

  • The Martian Analysis

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    interesting person to research and is also a huge space nerd. “After briefly studying computer science at the University of California-Davis, he published his early literary work on

  • Walt Disney Movie WALL-E

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    No matter what the taste in movies, the newly animated Walt Disney movie WALL-E currently in theatres is guaranteed to entertain the whole family by making them laugh, cry, and think. The movie is set in the year 2805 when the Earth is no longer the perfect planet to live on as humans have destroyed and completely demolished every inch of it. However, hope can be seen in the horizon because only one small WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth) survives the disaster and is continuously scooping

  • Ideas And Symbolism In Plato's The Allegory Of The Cave

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    Throughout the ages, humanity has put forth intriguing and thought-provoking ideas through the usage of allegories, metaphors, and symbolism. Through these literary devices, a writer can easily put forth their ideas and beliefs in a easier to comprehend and intriguing way than through merely describing it. One such case can be seen in the Greek philosopher Plato's work, The Allegory of the Cave. The Allegory of the Cave describes a group of humans who are dwelling in an underground cave. They have

  • Space Station Research Paper

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    International Space Station Did you know that the International Space Station is worth more than $150 Billion United States Dollars?! The International Space Station is recorded to be the most expensive object ever made in the history of the universe! There is Astronauts and Scientists flying back and forth from Earth to the station every six months. The longest ever an astronaut has been at the station is 216 days. There is always 3-6 Astronauts and the ISS at a time. But ask yourself this, what

  • Pros And Cons Of The Privatization Of Space

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    Definitions Private space contractors - non-governmental organizations that fund endeavours in space. While some of these companies plan to pursue space research, others plan to mine asteroids. Kármán line - located 100 Kilometers (62 miles) above sea level, the Karman line the boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and space commonly knowns as where space starts from. International Space Station (ISS) - the ISS is a large spacecraft that orbits Earth which is a home for astronauts as well a data

  • Transhab: History Of Satellite Technology

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    CHAPTER 3 HISTORY OF GOSSAMER TECHNOLOGY 3.1 GOSSAMER STRUCTURES On August 12, 1960, NASA successfully launched Echo I, the first communication satellite, into space. Echo I, a 100-ft diameter ball of aluminumized Mylar®, was the pioneer of inflatable space satellite technology. However, because of overestimated uncertainties in macro-meteoroid flux, inflatable satellite technology nearly vanished after the satellite launches of the 1960s. Instead, NASA concentrated on using aluminum truss and beam

  • The Space Race: The Milky Way Telescopes

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    He would rather have flags of freedom and peace waving, than a hostile flag of conquest; Kennedy vowed that space shall not be seen with weapons of mass destruction, but rather instruments of knowledge and understanding. This speech was essentially a way to formally announce that the US was entering the space race with the intentions to win, the prize being growth in research and science, knowledge about the universe, and new tools and computers. Although

  • Ellen Ochoa Essay

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    director of the Jonson Space Center. She is the first Hispanic director and it’s the second female director of the Johnson Space Center. She became the first Hispanic woman to go to space when she served on the space shuttle back in 1993. Ochoa has gone to space four times. She was selected by NASA in 1990. Although in her career in NASA, she was a research engineer and

  • Careers In Aerospace Engineering

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    degree or doctorate and more than 15 years of experience is $93,660 to $147,582.” Most aerospace engineers typically work in an office, but may work in the manufacturing and testing facilities from time to time if they are needed. The international space station could be a possibility for the work environment as well for engineers that

  • Pros And Cons Of Sending Humans To Mars

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    How did you think about the aliens? Did you think they are really exists? If we success on send humans to mars, we can see aliens or another living things. According to INDEPENDENT news, Nasa’s Curiosity Rover found evidence of life on Mars. Curious spikes of methane cannot explain by geology or other theories. If, maybe they look same as us. I think people need to go to Mars and more inquiry about it. The purpose of this paper is to make a decision about we should send humans to mars or not. I think

  • Compare And Contrast Ocean Vs Space Exploration

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    Ocean V. Space Exploration The ocean covers more than 70% of the Earth, yet we’ve explored only around 5% of it. This means there is so much more to explore in the ocean. The one reason we haven’t explored as much of the ocean is because of space. Space is wildly more popular, and has proven its worth with many advancements. The ocean, however, has major benefits: providing food, medicine, and the air we breathe. Oceans can bring much more to the table, if we would simply explore more of them. Space

  • Space Debris Mitigation Essay

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    rapidly. Because this debris is travelling at orbital speeds (7-8 km/s), it poses a significant threat to the space shuttle, the International Space Station, and the many satellites in Earth orbit. This problem can only be solved globally.Travelling at up to 28,000 kilometres (17,500 miles)

  • Space Exploration Benefits

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    With space exploration beginning with Generation X, who are now our parents, living on other planets and in space has always been a thought. The space voyage, starting with Kennedy, has yet to see a halt in the space exploration advancements. Kennedy had said in 1961, that within ten years they will send a man to the moon, and by 1969 three men took the first steps on the moon. Scientists and researchers see that with a will there's a way, and the goal set for Mars colonization is the year 2020.

  • Essay On Progress Of Technology

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    Of all the great, new, discoveries made, technology is arguably one of the greatest. Technology is just about anywhere; things that are as small as your phone or as big as the International Space Station. Whether we think it is or not, technology is a big and important part of our lives. Technology has benefited the world around us as well; it has helped us be able to find and send others information faster, make greater scientific discoveries and most of all, it has made life a whole lot easier

  • The History Of Aerospace Engineering

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    Aerospace Engineering “That’s one small step for man…” -Neil Armstrong. Mankind has always been fascinated with space and the idea of flying and that is exactly what Aerospace is the study of. This includes all of the space missions done across the world they were all lead by an Aerospace engineer. Aerospace Engineering has unofficially been around since mankind began making attempts at flying, the Wright brothers would technically be engineers. Aerospace Engineering is a specialized route of Mechanical

  • Benefits Of Living On Mars

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    visiting Mars have various advantages and disadvantages. The real question is: which one would benefit science, and humanity the most? Stephen Hawking once said, “I don't think the human race will survive the next thousand years, unless we spread into space.” Overpopulation is an enormous issue in the world today. We have exceeded our carrying capacity by far, and are now using up all of our resources available. Humans are greedy. We want more than what we need, and thus use up everything we have. The

  • Neil Armstrong Contributions

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    accomplished this feat. Influence on History: Neil Armstrong made many contributions to society and his country. His legacy will be remembered throughout all of history, being the first man to walk on the moon. His country was given a boom of curiosity for space exploration. Personal Life Neil Armstrong was born on August 5 1930 in Wapakoneta Ohio. He was the eldest of three children. By the age of six Armstrong was already intrigued by airplanes, and he went on to take his first ride in one 10 years later

  • Wernher Von Braun's Accomplishments

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    never backed down from a challenge and took the term impossible as a suggestion rather than a fact. He was all these things, yet still we forget him. Without Wernher Von Braun, the U.S. would have lost the space race. While Wernher Von Braun is most known for his contributions to the space race, his origins in rocketry can be traced all the way back to his childhood. Braun was born on March 23, 1912 in Germany, two years before WW1. His father, Magnus Von Braun, was a wealthy landowner and the

  • Halo 3 Persuasive Speech

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    today I would like to focus primarily on the lore of this franchise. SPOILER ALERT! You’ve been warned, even though I’m going to tell you about it anyway. The world of Halo takes place hundreds of years into the future when humans have settled in space and are on the brink of extinction from an alien race known as the Covenant. Humanity’s last hope is an elite group of soldiers known as spartans. Spartans are