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  • International Students

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    International Students have varied educational experiences, competencies, skills and different family and community backgrounds. All these individual and social characteristics influence an individual student’s integration and performance in higher education. The international students who are confronting new place and study environment may face tremendous difficulties. There are many factors and challenges that can affect and influence an international student’s academic performance and these factors

  • Grading International Students

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    resolutions and my personal opinion on the ethical implications of grading international students. International students are an important part of the US university system. The international students bring a new perspective into each of the course discussions as well as help us understand different cultures around the world. There are several problems that can arise when grading and giving feedback to international students. Whether it's grading writing or speaking there are many ethical problems

  • The Importance Of International Students In Australia

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    destinations of international students. Australia is really a dynamic and technologically vibrant country which offers good educational and career life for the students from across the world. Each year students from various parts of the globe reach Australia in abundant number to avail dream educational opportunities here. The key reason behind this is that it provides best educational system as well as challenging English speaking environment. Thus, Australia deserves attention of students from across

  • International Student Experience

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    Before arriving to Korea, I decided to become an international student and have not regretted my decision to continue and move forward. I believe the next step for me is to go on the Exchange Student Program which can provide me the opportunity to experience another university lifestyle while still being enrolled to my the home university. While being at Yonsei I have had a complete experience, not only in the academic aspect, though also by joining student besides academic clubs and volunteer programs

  • Problems Faced By International Students Essay

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    Problems faced by international students International students face variety of social and academic issues. Selection of the university, language proficiency tests, applying producers for visa, handling financial issues, understanding new and different educational system, accommodation at new country and mixing with a different culture, are the major tasks that international students have to accomplish. A significant number of international students take admission at Point Park University every

  • Essay On International School Students

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    for international schools worldwide, is there really that much of a difference in the character outcomes of students studying there? Many perceive international school students to be bratty, rebellious students. This stereotype, however, is clearly false. International school students are simply foreign or local students sent to international schools to receive education for various reasons. There is no solid evidence that all of them are spoilt brats. It is inevitable that there are students with

  • International Students Limitations

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    International students have in recent years come to constitute a large proportion of the worldwide student body in the higher learning institutions. There is hardly any country that is unaffected by the presence of international students in its institutions of higher learning (Paige, 1990) (As cited in Lackland, 2000). As a result, this leads to my two research topics. The first one is “Do international students feel difficult to adapt into school social life with locals?” and the second one is “Are

  • International Student Recruitment

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    Globally, recent data show that international student enrolment increased by 4.7 percent (from 690,923 to 723,277) during the school year of 2010 to 2011 (Institute of International Education, 2011). The figure improved to 6.5 percent during the academic year 2011 to 2012 with a total of 228,467 new enrollees. The top places of origin of international students in the United States are China, India, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Canada. 2.4 The Use of Social Media for Marketing Higher Education

  • Being An International Student

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    that he has never ever imagined to be by any chance. I’ll officially turn 21 in November. I’m from Vietnam, a small country somewhere in Southeast Asia. Being an international student is the dream of millions of students all around the world. Except lucky factor and wealthy family, apparently students who want to be an international student in US has to be talented or high achieving in school so that they could be accepted. I’m one of them. One

  • International Student Study Abroad

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    There have been studies on the experiences of some different cultural and racial international students like the African and Asian international students. However, there is 19 not a whole lot of research on the experiences of international students in the United States higher educational institutions. I have, therefore, undertaken to review some literature on the experiences of students in other countries outside of the United Sates. The system of going abroad or overseas to study is referred to

  • International Students Advantages And Disadvantages

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    Diep Rena Tillinghast English 1303 02/15/2018 International students are now “subsidizing” public American Universities to the tune of $9 billion a year It is undeniable there are more and more foreigners coming to the United States for many reasons such as business, travel, especially education. Moreover, because of that, there is a dramatic increase in the diversity of most colleges and universities in the United States. However, many oversea students have been complaining about the extremely high

  • English Language Teaching China

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    The regional difference in China’s English language teaching Introduction Around two months later,an important examination:Chinese college entrance examination will start.All of the third year high school students in China will take the examination.English exam is one part of the examination.English language teaching also is an vital part of Chinese education system.In the last quarter century, English language education has been received attention,government regarded English teaching as a way

  • Essay About Filipino Language

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    However, the word called globalization entails ideas that are in contrast to this. In order for us to be in trend and to keep up with the fast pace of globalization, the population of a country tends to speak in English, since it is known as the “international language” and it is believed to be the gateway to modernization or progress. But as for me, I think it’s better to implement one’s native language. And one way to achieve it is by maintaining

  • Game Card Reflection

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    Tittle: Students’ Perception towards learning Fraction by using Game Card. 1. Background In 2011 as stated by Ministry of Education, the aims of Mathematics in Secondary School is to develop students’ ability in logical, analytical, systematic and critical thinking as well as to develop students’ ability to solve problems and use mathematical knowledge in their daily life. Beside that, the curriculum hopes that through the various learning activities, the students will be able to appreciate the

  • Disadvantages Of Traditional Education

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    Being surrounded by motivated people and studying in groups increases students’ discipline and self-motivation throughout the whole learning process. Another advantage of traditional education is the personal communication with the professors and the discussions during the lectures. The discussions keep the students more involved in the learning process and provide a chance for them to express their opinion or point of view on a specific topic

  • Advantages Of Learning English

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    As the language learner, you might find learning language other than your mother tongue is a painstaking task to do. You start wondering how to absorb the language that you learnt immediately as you always want to speak like a native speaker. However, no matter how hard you try, or worse still, no matter how much time and effort you have put in learning English, you could hardly grasp those essential words. Now, start asking yourself whether you are fed up of learning English. Are you frustrated

  • The Importance Of Millennials In The Workplace

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    The millennial generation is now the largest generation in the workforce of the world. (Gordon Tredgold) So, maybe you should know more about what makes up most of our workforce. The millennial generation, most of our workforce, is very lazy, and they lack a strong work ethic. One reason the millennial generation is lazy, is they dislike jobs. Jean Twenge, an associate professor at San Diego State University, has found through studies that “people who graduated from high school in the 2000s dislike

  • Reflective Essay-Spoken Language

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    English is the most commonly spoken language in the world, English is the chance to open up more opportunities, and English gives the wider access to knowledge. Those are the importance of English and I need to progress my English skill exchange with the far-reaching prospect. To give you some background, once, I have a friend from German, he asked that how long I study English, I answered that since I was the elementary school and he was shocked and asking why I do not have fluent English because

  • Social Support Model

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    3.5 OBJECTIVES OF THE SCALE The major objective of construction of perceived social support scale was to develop a self-reported paper-pencil test to assess perceived social support among students in the age group of 11-17 years studying in secondary or senior secondary classes under Indian condition. 3.6 IDENTIFICATION OF THE AREAS AND GENERATION OF ITEMS In the development of social support scale, the first step involved was careful identification of areas and selection of items relating to

  • Essay About Classroom Observation

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    from classroom observation To see the students’ participation in speaking activities applied by teachers, classroom observation was done. It was also conducted to know problems faced by students while speaking. Data from observation indicate most students were unwilling to speak .Only few students were willing to speak in class. When they were asked by teacher than only few responded and asked question in return. This condition of class claimed that students had problems/hindrances to speak or to