Ish-bosheth Essays

  • The Gods And Goddesses In Homer's Odyssey

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    The gods and goddesses in Homer’s Odysseus perform a key role in the characters’ fates. They act as guides in reaching their destinies although sometimes they are petty, cruel and bent towards destruction of the characters. In this case, the gods have conflicting motives other than the main harmonious purpose utilized by those in union. However, the gods are like the human characters by which they influence their lives. The mortals in the story are experiencing some favour from the divine entity

  • Book Of Esther Research Paper

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    Powerful Life Lessons from the Book of Esther The Book of Esther is a dramatic account, which shows us special and purposeful plans that God has prepared for our lives. The story is also full of powerful life lessons about God’s supreme love toward human beings and the importance of one having courage. Esther was a little orphan girl. However, her uncle, Mordecai, raised Esther as his own child. He taught her to believe in God and therefore, God blessed her with cleverness and beauty, incomparable

  • Tamar Rape Case Study

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    "Do you know what rape is like, and to scream and no one hears you?" Envision this, knowing this happens within our sacred text the Bible, and still happens today. Why do we not learn from our past? Is it that our cultural norms blinds, mutes and deafens ' our senses to what is said, to that of what is not said in our Biblical text? In this paper I am removing the scales from my eyes, the deafness in my ears and silencing of my mouth to let the passage speak to me. In hopes to convict my heart of