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  • The Challenges Of Islam In Islam

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    Islamic terrorism is now common to hear from the commentators of media and inteligence analysts which means whatever it is true or not, the bad perception about terrorism in Islam is there (Ahmad, 2016).According to Yahya (2014), Islamophobia has risen significantly in places like in the US and Europe. However, the author does not put the blame on the rise of Islamophobia entirely on the non-Muslims. He, in fact, puts the blame

  • Political And Political Contributions Of Islam, Islam And Islam

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    Islam as a religion of celestial component essentially ' aqeedah and Shariah, had a correlation with the political in the sense of space. As a source of motivation, Islam plays an important role society fosters social and political attitudes and behavior. Implementation, then arranged in the Shari 'ah, as catalog-complete set of commands and prohibitions of Allah, supervising human and traffic aspects of human life are complex. Islam and politics have a tangent point is germane, if both are understood

  • Islam Liberalism In Islam

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    Liberalism in Islam opposing the Principles in Al Quran Al-Qur 'an acts as a constitution and it is the highest source of Islamic law. All other sources, Ahadeeth, Fiqh, Seerah, Tareekh, etc. will serve only as a commentary and useful aids in following the constitution that is the Qur 'an. Nothing can be equal to the words of Allah. In some issue, the Al-Quran is silent about it. That does not mean that Allah has forgotten to place something in the Qur’an, It is clear that Allah’s intention is

  • Extremism In Islam And Islam

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    Islamic fundamentalism, which has really changed the image of Islam and Muslim, which is in conflict with Muslim’s own view of Islam and Muslims. Extremism not only stems from Islamic fundamentalism, but from the “fundamentalism” whose two complementary nodes i.e., Far-right groups and Islamic fundamentalism have dominated the global politics. On one hand, far-right groups like English defence league and National action network claim that Islam is at war with the west and on the other hand Islamic terror

  • Islam: Islam And The Origin Of Islam

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    origin of Islam can be traced back to 7th century Saudi Arabia. Islam is thus the youngest of the great world religions. The prophet Muhammad (circa 570-632 A.D.) introduced Islam in 610 A.D. after experiencing what he claimed to be an angelic visitation. Muhammad dictated the Qur 'an, the holy book of Islam, which Muslims believe to be the preexistent, perfect words of Allah. According to Islam The origin of Islam is generally accredited to the prophet Muhammad but to the devout Muslim, Islam began

  • Islam And Islam: The Five Pillars Of Islam

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    prophet” (Section 1 The rise of Islam student notes). In Mecca, Muhammad 's town, this was not a popular idea because their religion persisted of multiple gods, also known as a polytheistic religion. Overtime he convinced his family, and many others to follow the monotheistic ways. After a long battle of teaching followers and others about monotheism it finally started to expand and all of Mecca followed this religion by 622 AD. Today in the

  • Islam: The Roles Of The Jinns In Islam

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    Jinns in Islam play a very curial role; they are a major part of the unseen world which includes the angels. Jinns were created before humans and they were also created from a denser material that is smokeless fire, the following verse from The Noble Quran explains that, “And We did certainly create man out of clay from an altered back mud.’ “And the Jinn race we had created before, from fire of smokeless flames” (Surah Al-Hijr 15:26-27). This explains that the jinns were before the mankind was created

  • Jihad In Islam: The Five Pillars Of Islam

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    community better, but non-Muslim consider this strives or struggle as violence or terrorism. The jihad is hard effort to prevent the temptations by following the five pillars of Islam. The five pillars of Islam are Shahadah, Salat, Zakat, Siyam, and Hajj (Fieser & Powers 2008, pp.441-443). These pillars are set core beliefs of Islam religion, which are necessary to be followed by every Muslim. Jihad is known as an Islamic practice; it is a struggle for the major religious

  • Extremism In Islam

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    Remedies for religious extremism in Islam After having discussed the causes, types and effects of extremism from an Islamic perspective, we will now look at the different tasks we can do as an individual and a society as a whole, to combat extremism that exists currently and to prevent such deviation that could arise in the future. In his report, ‘A Decade Lost: Rethinking Radicalisation and Extremism’, about the terrorism preventive measures being taken by the UK, Professor Arun Kundnani finishes

  • Radicalism In Islam

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    merely a compilation of methods and pronouncements used by communists in the past, or an expression of the "fanatical rage" that found no place in Islam. The religion of Islam can by no means stand for

  • Contributions Of Islam

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    Jehanzeb Siddiqui History 8 October 2014 Contributions of Islam to the world and Baghdad By studying and surveying the heritage of Islam, we come to know the contributions Islam has made in the development of the world’s culture, education, science and civilization. The foremost idea that Islam gives us is to foster the importance of education in the minds of the people and this importance has been signified by our last Prophet (P.B.U.H) as well. History tells us that the world progressed very swiftly

  • Islam: Ethical And Moral Teachings Of Islam

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    ISLAM: Ethical & Moral Teachings Of Islam Introduction: Muslims like many individuals they seek purpose in their life, they arrive at their views on right and wrong by believing that the purpose of human life is to worship and God and fulfil the pursuit of achieving harmony and peace. Muslims look to the Qur'an and Hadith as their guide to this way of life. The word "morality" comes from the Latin word moralitas meaning " manner, character and proper behavior" Morality generally refers to a code

  • Jihad In Islam: The Wars Of Islam

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    implications within Islamic society as a whole and especially for the daily life of the individual Muslim. Jihad. Jihad, as ordained by Islam, does not consist of killing and being killed but in striving hard to win the pleasure of Allah. Individually and collectively, jihad is essential for the advancement of the souls. The primary objectives of the wars of Islam were to establish freedom of belief and worship and to fight in defence of hounor and freedom against unprovoked attacks and this will

  • Islam: The Spread Of Islam In Arabia

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    Islam began in Arabia and was revealed by the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) to the humanity. People who follow Islam are called Muslims. The followers of Islam believe that there is only one God. The Arabic word for God is Allah. The word ‘Islam’ means 'submission to the will of God '. Islam is the second largest religion with over 1 billion followers throughout the world. The 2001 census recorded 1,591,000 Muslims in the UK, about 2.7% of the population. • Islam was revealed over 1400 years ago in Mecca

  • Islam: The Importance Of Modesty In Islam

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    IMPORTANCE OF MODESTY IN ISLAM “Every religion has a distinctive quality, and the distinctive quality of Islam is modesty” It is clear from this hadith how much power modesty holds in Islam. What exactly is modesty? In literal meaning, modesty is the behavior, manner, or appearance intended to avoid impropriety or indecency. Islamically, its meaning is not much different, which is acting in a descent and respectful manner and to wear garments that show decency, stressing on decency in clothing.

  • Modernism In Islam

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    Lebanon (Blanchard 2009, p.5). In the Middle East, “Iran is the only one in which a true Islamic revolution took place. The Iranian revolution is tightly linked to Shiism conceived of not as a corpus, but as a history” (Roy 1994, p.168). Based on this, Islam is also the leading discourse of the Iranian cultural environment, and the socio-political particularities of Sh’ism therefore provide an interesting series of important points for Iranian social and individual identity. In that sense, regardless of

  • Islam: The Advantage Of Women In Islam

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    important things in our life the Islam made a special section to women , even Allah(s.w.t) has mentioned a surah in the Qur'an and its name ' al nisa' ( the women ). consequently, we can note that the woman has a big part out life and there is no doubt about it, because she's the real reason about how our society will be in the present or in the future for the next generation, if it's useful or not. This study sought to investigate marbles about the woman in Islam in UAE mosques , It employed both

  • Islam: The Importance Of Being Islam By Shahab Ahmed

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    In this book, ‘What is Islam? The importance of being Islamic:’ Shahab Ahmed has presented a complete, a fascinating definition of Islam that contradicts with the dominant Islam in this contemporary society. Shahab’s idea of Islam is built upon various subdivisions, and these subdivisions serves as a scaffolding to help him construct the idea of historical Islam sophisticatedly. Since he wants us to be sophisticated, therefore he has endorsed the notion of Sufism i.e. mysticism and paradoxical poetic

  • Comparing Islam And Christianity: The Beliefs Of Christianity And Islam

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    Christianity and Islam are the two largest religions in the world, with 2.1 Billion and 1.3 Billion followers respectively. Each had their own rise, golden age, and eventual large-scale split. However, each religion spread in different regions of the world in different ways and developed their own traditions and structures. Christianity and Islam have similarities such as a large-scale split and a history of spreading through popular trade routes, while simultaneously having many differences such

  • Islam: The Three Aspects Of Islam

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    The three aspects of Islam are Tawheed Ar-Rububiyyah which means Oneness of Allah’s Lordship – Believing in Allah alone. Tawheed Al-Asmaa Wal Sifat, maintaining the attributes of Allah. Then comes the third aspect Tawheed Al-Uloohiyyah or Tawheed Al-Ibaadah meaning Oneness of worship. In the Qur’an it clearly states “Praise be to Allah, the Lords of the Worlds. The