Islamism Essays

  • Essay About Tet Holiday

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    A long time ago, Tet Holiday plays an essential role in Vietnamese culture; it is also really meaningful for Vietnamese people. Tet holiday is the time for people wish each other health, wealthy and happiness for a new year. Although Vietnamese people solemnize Tet together, differences in the way celebrate this vacation and traditional customs between North and South still exist in Vietnam. I will introduce it, origin of Tet holiday and reasons why Tet vacation is irreplaceable. II. Body 1. History

  • Christina Lamb's I Am Malala The Powerful

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    Like any ordinary teenager, Malala Yousafzai attended school. But Malala turns from an ordinary girl to an inspirational role model with her passion and ability to inspire others. She became a well-known figure by advocating education for all children, especially for girls. In “Malala the Powerful” by Kristin Lewis and the autobiography “I Am Malala” by Malala and Christina Lamb, it further describes Malala’s crusade for education. Clearly, Malala has a strong passion and ability to inspire others

  • Essay On Athletic Resilience

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    Athletic Resilience: Michael Jordan once said, “I have missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I have been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed” (“Michael Jordan Quotes”). Resiliency is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, and significant sources of stress. It is the toughness and strength a person undergoes in hard times

  • Radicalization Vs Radicalization

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    from challenges Muslims are faced, when they attempt to create an identity for themselves, but are influenced by the West. These young Muslims no longer feel a part of the community because they do not identify with their community. The militant Islamism allows the individual to see their own situation of not identifying with their community, as a result of their own failing, but as a result of the Western culture dominance over Muslims (Nielsen 2010). It is this search for identity, dignity, meaning

  • Gender Inequality In He Named Me Malala

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    He Named Me Malala was an amazing movie because it gave powerful insight to prevalent issues of gender inequality, Islamism, and cultural relativism. Before watching this film, I had briefly heard of Malala and her story. However, hearing it through the media was nowhere near as influential as hearing it from Malala and her family. Overall, the movie had several strengths such as the intriguing animation in between scenes and the emotional connection combined with educational information. Gender

  • Hulagu Khan Influence

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    HIST 223 Research Paper Professor Tan Ying Jia Harry Yahao Jiang Influence of Hulagu Khan’s Personal Hatred of Islamism on Mongol’s Westward Expansion Mongols accumulated vast amount of territories through its frequent and aggressive military expansions. As a result of a series of successful invasive campaigns, the Mongol Empire, which originated in the steeps of Central Asia, stretched from Central Europe to the Sea of Japan, reaching as North as Siberia, as East as Indian subcontinent and Iranian

  • Marxism And Sayyid Qutb Similarities

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    this paper, I decided to discuss both of Sayyid Qutb and Karl Marx as I find them so comparable. The reason why I chose these two thinkers is that their ideologies, Islamism and Marxism have some similarities and some differences that’s why they can be comparable. When we look at the similarities, we can see that the two ideologies Islamism and Marxism almost have the same main idea which is throughout the history of mankind there has always been a struggle between good and evil, the evil that always

  • Compare And Contrast Islamic Modernism

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    Islamic Modernism and Islamism were two new streams of Islamic thought which emerged after the decline of European colonialism. Both of these movements had well defined and different visions. In the 1800s, new Western influence was widespread throughout the Islamic World. The Ottoman Empire faced a long decline characterized by financial problems by Western foreign that powers took advantage of to manipulate the decaying empire. The Wahhabi Movement and Egyptian independence marked the beginning

  • The Influence Of Colonialism

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    Only when the colonial interests change, it was the colonial troops who act to bring change to the regime. British tanks besieged Abdeen palace in Cairo 1942 to force king Farouk to appoint a nationalist Wafdist cabinet to cooperate with Britain during WWII, despite 1936 agreement that make Egypt an independent and sovereign state Britain and Soviets reoccupied Iran in 1941 to force Reza Shah to leave the throne to his son Mohamed. The colonial powers established and supported authoritarian regimes

  • Jamal Al-Afghani: Rhetorical Analysis

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    Much has been written on Jamal al-Din Afghani, a political activist and a writer who inspired the need for reformation across the Muslim World. Controversial figure during his lifetime, his origins remain mysterious, it is believed that he was ethnically Persian therefore of Shi’a descend and education. It is possible that he adopted the pen name ‘Al-Afghani’ in order to avoid Sunni mistrust. Spending his life travelling and lecturing; Al-Afghani lived during the height of European Colonization

  • Human Rights In The Catholic Church

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    The most obvious clue that identifies a human-being ethnically is the rights he or she possesses. As is well-known, human rights are the foundation which establishes a very existence of human-beings, they are indeed at the very bottom of life pyramid. When people think of the human rights that serve themselves unconditionally, they take them for granted and no longer concern the people who are less fortunate. While, religion on the other hand has also a strong power that governs people’s lives. According

  • Reinventing The Veil Analysis

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    This essay compares the articles “Reinventing the Veil” by Leila Ahmed and “Why aren’t woman advancing at the Workplace” by Jessica Nordell. Both articles display oppression of woman due to stereotypes and the culture effecting environment phenomenon. “Reinventing the veil” is an article that shares an insight into the author’s perspective on hijabs and a brief discussion on hijabs over time and what they represent to Muslim woman. The article “Why woman aren’t advancing at workplace” attempts to

  • Should Birthright Citizenship Be Illegal Essay

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    Should birthright citizenship be Illegal? A hot topic in The United States of America these days is immigration. How can we decrease the number of illegal aliens entering the nation? One solution that will be the focus here is should the United States of America get rid of the right of citizenship from birthright. Those who are in favor of keeping it believe denying it would be a betrayal to the American dream the land of the free where everyone (hypothetically) is given a fair chance to succeed

  • Definition Of Islamophobia

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    she says that she “didn’t think [she] could be [angrier]” by the fact that not only did Nidal shoot all those victims at Fort Hood, but that, in a way, “he did [that] to [his family], too” (Bergen 278). Adding onto this, words like militant Islam, Islamism, or Sharia rule are not familiar to most people; these words are used multiple times in Pipes’ essay, and because these are not so common in our everyday lives, instinctively, we just fear it. Islam is a new, controversial topic, so until we thoroughly

  • Tea Culture In Ancient China

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    The history of tea can be traced back to the time of “Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns” in ancient China. During Jin Dynasty and Northern and Southern Dynasties, tea became a favorite beverage to many literati who used to be fond of wine, therefore, the substitution of tea for wine was introduced. Later, they began to write poems and songs about tea, symbolized tea-drinking was seeped into the realm of spirit. It became a way of cultivating minds and expressing spirits for people to show hospitalities

  • Ziya Ghokalp Essay

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    Who is Ziya Gökalp? Ziya Gökalp was born in the Diyarbakir province in 23 March 1876, which is a cultural and a political frontier of the Ottoman Empire. His early life was shaped by the shifting terrain of national identity which he saw around him. Where he live was a mixture of Turkish, Kurdish and Armenian people, Diyarbakir, the administrative and the cultural center of south-eastern Anatolia, had been ruled for centuries by Persians and Arabs (foundation of Turkish nationalism p.20). The province

  • Bargaining With Patriarchy Analysis

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    Deniz Kandiyoti, emeritus professor of Development Studies at University of London in her article Bargaining with Patriarchy by means of comparative analyses of different regions namely, the sub-Saharan Africa and South and East Asia and The Muslim Middle East explores different negotiation strategies employed by women within a given set of restrictions set in place by different patriarchal societies which Kandiyoti terms as ‘patriarchal bargains’ and states that female strategies for subsisting

  • European Colonialism

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    Following the end of WWII and the formation of the United Nations in 1945, there was a renewed view of European colonialism - that is the policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically by several European states. This changed outlook came from the ‘new’ perceived global notion of racial equality and national self-determination born out of the now discredited ideology of Nazism, i.e. ‘Inferior nations

  • Childhood In Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis

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    Children are constantly learning about themselves and the world around them. As they grow up, their world expands from their home to peers and, eventually, to people and places they know about. Children should learn about themselves and develop a positive self-image if they have to be successful citizens in society. They must learn how different they are as well how alike they are in relation to others. Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis is the story of Satrapi’s childhood growing up in a tumultuous post-revolutionary

  • The Egyptian Political Party System

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    What was the role of socio-economic factors in the change of the political party system and what was the impact of the change on these factors? This paper will tackle the impacts of the Egyptian revolution of 25th January 2011, specifically the socio-economic impact that the change in the party system brought. According to Huckshorn, a political party is “autonomous group of citizens having the purpose of making nominations and contesting elections in the hope of gaining control over governmental