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  • Tourism Culture In Jamaica

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    Nowhere else on earth will you find a culture as dynamic as the one visitors encounter in Jamaica. Its people are a mixture of the many ethnicities that have landed on the island's shores over the past several centuries. Weathering enslavement and oppression, the Jamaicans are survivors and their past is full of fascinating stories just waiting to be told. Jamaica is a mixed economy with public sectors as well as private sector businesses. Major sectors of the Jamaican economy include agriculture

  • Status Offenders In Jamaica

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    The purpose of this paper is to interpret the term ‘status offense’ and to analyze its impact on Caribbean societies with special references being made to Jamaica. In the course of this analysis, theories will be applied to explain the prevalence of status offenses in the region. I concluding, recommendations for the treatment of the problem will be proposed. The criminal justice system refers to the set of agencies and processes established by a government in the interest of controlling crime as

  • Essay About Jamaica

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    Jamaica is a beautiful island of the Greater Antillies, which it is located in the northwestern Caribbean Sea, about 145 kilometers south of Cuba and 191 kilometers west of the island of Hispaniola, where Haiti and the Dominican Republic can be found. The island can be found between the latitudes of 17° and 19°N and longitudes 76° and 79°W. Jamaica major cities include the capital which is Kingston, Portmore, Spanish Town which are located to the west of the island, Port Antonio which is to the

  • Dancehall Music In Jamaica

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    Jamaica is an island country in the Caribbean Sea. It is about 10,990 square kilometers and is the fourth largest island country in the Caribbean. Jamaica has 2.73 million people as of 2015 living there. The island's name, Jamaica, came from the Arawak word Xaymaca, which means "land of wood and water" or "land of springs". Even though the official language is English, most Jamaicans speak an English-based dialect which is known as patois. Jamaican music has been around for a long time. Throughout

  • The Importance Of Tourism In Jamaica

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    the Wailers, 1977) has been used by the Jamaica Tourist Board since the mid ‘90s to advertise Jamaica as the number one choice for tourists’ destination. Tourism involves the study of individuals moving away from his usual place of abode to another area. Equally important is the study of the industry to satisfy his needs and how both he and the industry will affect the host country’s economic, physical and sociocultural environment. Significantly, Jamaica provides a wide array of natural and man-made

  • Dark Tourism In Jamaica

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    tourism practice in Jamaica and how we can introduce other parishes like; Falmouth, Clarendon, and St Thomas of Jamaica. Our Participants are the pucker churches, historical and heritage sites that we have in Jamaica that is not recognized. This study will be taking place at 20 South Camp Road, Excelsior Community College by two students. In doing the research we realized that there is not much research done on dark tourism in the Caribbean, however dark tourism is practiced in Jamaica but not openly

  • Informative Speech About Jamaica

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    talking about an amazing country named jamaica it is a talented country and we will be talking about how they say stuff and how they do stuff for the holidays. Speaking of holidays that is the word we are going to learn how to say in jamaica but other than that I will now tell you stuff about jamaica and this is interesting too. I will now tell you how my country celebrates the holidays instead of the holidays lasting one day they last two days in jamaica because they like their holidays long. Did

  • Essay On Drought In Jamaica

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    For centuries Jamaica has been known as “the land of wood and water” for its abundance of both resources, however, despite its acclaimed title the island remains no stranger to droughts. Owing to its location in the Caribbean, Jamaica has two seasons; the wet and dry seasons. It is during wet seasons that water sources such as rivers and reservoirs are replenished in order to prevent drought conditions in subsequent dry seasons. Unfortunately the occurrence of various weather phenomena may result

  • The Impact Of Reggae Music In Jamaica

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    platform for expression during times of war and poverty. Reggae originated in Jamaica to express the discontent in the society. Now, the bounds of reggae have been pushed to further influence cultural and political views in Haiti and Brazil, and younger genres like Dancehall derived from reggae, are heard in popular American music. One of the most defining moments of reggae was the 1978 One Love Concert in Kingston, Jamaica hosted by Marley. The concert was the largest and most successful reggae event

  • The Influence Of Reggae Music In Jamaica

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    identify with. Attributes of the music, mainly its content resonates with Jamaican people as it normally encompasses social, economic and political issues within the country. Similarly, its religious connotation which is Rastafarianism is linked to Jamaica by those outside of the country along with its vibrant colours of red, green and gold. These attributes along with others have been incorporated in the lives of many Jamaicans especially those living in the diaspora whether through the morals and

  • Girl Jamaica Kincaid Analysis

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    Jamaica Kincaid’s prose-poem “Girl” is about a mother who tells her daughter how a girl should be and what should she do and act in different cases. Throughout the prose-poem, we see that the love the mother gives is considered as tough love due to her bossy and strict tone, yet the girl deserves to be who she wants to be, have a voice and live her life making her own mistakes. Parents have a huge influence on their kids and even though it is good to have a parent educating you, it can get

  • ' A Small Place, By Jamaica Kincaid

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    Tabshir Ahmed Anarchy in Antigua Jamaica Kincaid has emphasized deeply in her short story “A Small Place” that everyone inhabiting the island of Antigua such as the local Antiguans to the outside people such as tourists contributes some elements in what is wrong with Antigua today. According to Kincaid, some elements these groups of people share in regards to crippling Antigua is negligence of the environment and corruption in the higher power. First of all, Kincaid writes this in a perspective

  • Girl By Jamaica Kincaid Analysis

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    The “Girl” is a poem that was written by Jamaica Kincaid. The poem depicts a mother instructing her daughter of what to do, and how to do it. As stated in the poem the child was being instructed on how to buy cotton which shows that the person receiving the instruction is a girl, “buying cotton to make a nice blouse,” shows females attributes and qualities. As quoted, “iron your father’s khaki shirt so that it doesn’t have a crease,” shows that it is a mother speaking. The tone of the poem is one

  • Social Criticism In Jamaicaaica Kincaid's Girl By Jamaica Kincaid

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    In the story “Girl”, Jamaica Kincaid illustrates the talk given to a young Antiguan girl about what is expected of her in order to make a point about the cultural pressures and unfair social boundaries that come with being a girl in the Caribbean. The author plays with word choice and sentence structure in a way that makes this unconventional writing style enjoyable and metaphorically resonant. Though it is possible to read this prose as a mother talking directly to her daughter and the daughter

  • Relationship Between The Daughter And The Mother In Jamaica Kincaid's 'Girl'

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    Kincaid’s poem “Girl” uses the relationship between the daughter and the mother to show the strict, commanding tone of the story. Although the setting was not directly told by the narrator in the story, it gives you a idea in which the culture was written. The story gives a “sneak peak” into how strict parents were to their children in the 1980’s. In Kincaid’s story there is no introduction of the characters, no action, and no description of setting,but it does supply a insight of the relationship

  • The Importance Of Cultural Heritage Tourism

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    Jamaica possesses a wealth of culture and heritage that is exceedingly unique, hard to imitate and is one of the most easily identifiable image in the world. Such a greatness should be used to increase visitors’ interest to the various attractions but unfortunately Jamaica has not capitalized on this fact. Since its establishment as a tourism hotspot, Jamaica is flaunted as one of the Caribbean region’s most beautiful and unique getaways. This reputation has been solidified through its many grand

  • Essay On Reggae Music

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    generated without the attempt of multinational shops, spin doctors and press agents. Reggae music is created with the singers’ soul and pride. This makes Reggae music like a way of life for those who live in Jamaica and many others all around the world. Reggae music is a soulful diversion today in Jamaica. It has a powerful social force that releases the pressures of everyday life putting them into words that describe, expose ,induce the people that listen to its meaningful messages .The music originated

  • Advantages Of Jamaican Culture

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    1a: Reggae and Extended family Reggae is in many ways an extreme important form of music for Jamaica. Reggae has given Jamaican’s a way to define them self, and a way for us to get an understanding about Jamaican lifestyle and culture. It is many things that fascinate me about Reggae. That it is a way to celebrate nationalism fascinates me. That a form of music is part

  • Bob Marley: A Crisis In The 1970's

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    Jamaica was a going through a crisis in the 1970s because political tensions exploded. During this time one of the bet reggae singers, Bob Marley, was emerging as one of the best and most iconic artists in the world. Once Bob Marley was emerging as the best, a notorious gang leader Josey Wales had a plan to assassinate him. This plan failed, however, Bob Marley was shot in the chest but it was not fatal. This all occurred two days before The Peace Concert Marley had setup that was going to be free

  • Dub Music In Dub Poetry

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    According to Wikipedia.org, Dub poetry is a form of performance poetry of West Indian origin, which evolved out of dub music consisting of spoken words over reggae rhythms in Jamaica in the 1970s. Dub music grew out of reggae, remixing an existing sound track, the subtracting of the vocals and adding more of the beat, riddim (rhythm), echo and words of substance. Unlike deejaying, which also features the use of the spoken words, the dub poet 's performance is normally prepared, rather than the extemporized