Jammu and Kashmir Essays

  • Child Soldiers In Afghanistan

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    Stolen Youth What comes to mind when you hear the words ¨Child Soldiers”? Do you think of a child with soldier abilities? Maybe you even think of children who never give up and are true fighters. Child soldiers are children who are conscripted to become a part of armed forces by force. Inside the borders of Afghanistan having children participate in combat is a reality for the civilians and children. In Afghanistan many children are being recruited to join armed groups. The children are being taken

  • What Is Peruvian Huayno Dance

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    Peruvian Huayno Peru is located in the west of South America. A country with a variety of dance movement that express culture and history of the Peruvian people. The Huayno, is one of the most commonly practiced folkdances throughout the Andes. It is also performed in Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, and Ecuador but it originated and remains the most popular in Peru. Even though there are no historical records. It is commonly assumed that Huayno originated in the Incan Empire. In the Andes of Peru,

  • Political And Economic Factors Of Liberia

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    Political and Economic Factors Leibenow (1969) traced the historical development of Liberia and the method of governance as factors in the national conflict in the Liberian society. Similarly, Sawyer (1996) observed that even the motto inscribed on Liberia’s official coat of arms, The Love of Liberty Brought Us Here, excluded the Africans who were living on the land before the settlers arrived. Such exclusions of the Africans from government employment and taxation without representation greatly

  • Analysis Of Leviathan By Thomas Hobbes

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    or man-made hazard. It further states that vulnerability can also arise if people are isolated, insecure, and defenseless in the situation of risk, shock, and stress. 5.1.1- Border People as Vulnerable People: The people living on borders of Jammu and Kashmir are vulnerable as a group because they are helpless and have no capacity to control the situation. They cannot anticipate when the cross-border firing may start. They cannot control it. Their capacity to recover and resist the impacts of this

  • Essay On Missing Persons

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    D isappearance is a worldwide problem. Over the last few decades the World has been shocked by accounts of tens of thousands of people who are known to have disappeared due to one or another reason. Forced disappearances have an effect on the individual, his/her family and the community as a whole. The problems that family members of disappeared persons face are complex and can be overwhelming. Besides the uncertainty about the fate of their relatives, they usually have to cope with economic, social

  • What Is Cultural Identity

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    Introduction One of the most important aspect of the development of an individual is the development of the individual’s identity. Identity refers to “a definition placed on self” which has two simultaneous characteristics. The first is a sense of sameness or continuity across various situations and over a period of time and the second is a difference that makes an individual distinct from others. The formation of an identity is imperative to ensure an individual’s psychological and social well-being

  • Argument Essay On Desalination Water

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    ended up with control of the sources of the Jordan River, and he notes that Ariel Sharon, in his memoirs, emphasizes the role of water in the conflict. A water war was also hidden in the 1965 fighting between India and Pakistan, in mountainous Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan’s military objective was to take an area where three rivers collected a substantial portion of their flows. In all, the United Nations counts thirty-seven cases of water-related violence between nations since the end of the Second World

  • Pakistan Conflict: The Conflict Between India And India

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    conception of India Pakistan conflict is deep seated in the theme of religious and political matter. Kashmir issue is the one of the biggest conflicts between Pakistan and India. There are also many other issues between India and Pakistan like water, 1965and 1971 wars, nuclear test, Mumbai attacks, security of their borders and different religious ideologies and theories. The biggest conflict is the Kashmir conflict

  • Organ Trafficking Research Paper

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    HUMAN TRAFFICKING: - A SHAME TO HUMANITY Human trafficking is a crime against humanity and is the third largest organized crime after drugs and the arms trade across the globe. It involves an act of recruiting, transporting, transforming, harboring or receiving a person through a use of force, coercion or other means, for the purpose of exploiting them. Human trafficking is a $32- Billion industry worldwide. The

  • Animal Cruelty In Today's Society

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    Sheep wool – Sheep is another common animal in the Great Himalayas, that they are used for getting wool from the sheep and wool is then process to make woollen cloths for cold Jammu & Kashmir. Elephants for their body parts – Elephants are hunted for their various body parts like; horn, skin, tail, etc. Elephants as Cranes – Elephants are used as cranes in India to load woods in sawmills. Every second, there is an enormous number

  • Essay On Gender Discrimination

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    INTRODUCTION : Gender discrimination is a discrimination based on gender. It has rising issue mostly in Asian countries where people bounded to their cultures and customs. Gender discrimination has immensely increased as men have given preference over women in countries. Gender discrimination has become a serious issue in most countries as women are completely being cut off from rights and facilities. They are provided less food, less education, less pay grades as compared to boys and men. Women

  • Essay On Gender Inequality In India

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    Introduction In India, discriminatory attitude towards men and women have existed for generations and thus it affect the lives of both genders. Although the constitution of India has granted men and women equal rights, but gender gap still remains. Female discrimination violates human rights. These are mostly seen in family land sharing among sisters and brothers. Women are perceived to be disadvantaged at work. Indian laws on Rape, Dowry and Adultery have women 's safety at heart, but these highly

  • Theme Of Patriarchy In The Great Gatsby

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    Constructing Women: Analyzing The Great Gatsby through the Lens of Gender Dr.Munejah Khan,Assistant Professor,Department of English Language & Literature,Islamic University of Science& Technology,Awantipora ,Pulwama,Jammu & Kashmir ,India.email: munejah_k@rediffmail.com Abstract F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby (1925) is often referred to as one of the best exemplification of the Jazz Age or the Roaring Twenties. The wealthy

  • Cultural Comparison Of Hinduism In Trinidad And Tobago

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    Hinduism is one of the world’s oldest religions and have been influencing the lives of a vast population of persons worldwide. Trinidad and Tobago is multicultural and therefore there is no one religion as it relates to different cultures. India however is the home of Hinduism. The topic of Hinduism is very in-depth but as you read through the following definitions, relative relations and comparisons made to demonstrate the effect of culture on religious practices you will understand the differences

  • Trypanosomiasis Research Paper

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    INTRODUCTION Trypanosomiasis is caused by a parasitic protozoan of the family Trypanosomatidae and genus Trypanosoma. Trypanosomes can infect mammals including humans and can exhibit very high parasitaemia as blood parasites; it is also considered a tissue parasite, due to its ability to invade the nervous system. It is the agent that causes sleeping sickness in humans. This disease in vertebrates is colloquially known as Surra (Derived from Marathi) or Mal de caderas in Brazil but this term was

  • Diclofenac Pain Case Study

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    Pain is the most pervasive and universal form of human distress. The costs of pain in human suffering and economic resources are extraordinary. It is the most common reason for seeking medical care, and it has been estimated that approximately 80% of physician office visits involve a pain component. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are among the most widely used class of drugs for the management of acute and chronic pain in dentistry. NSAIDs minimize edema, but they are associated with

  • Write An Essay On Peregrine Falcology

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    Introduction Raptors are birds of prey which hunt or feed on other animals and are on the top of the food chain. India holds a excellent diversity of raptors including 69 species of diurnal and 34 species of nocturnal raptors. In a total of these 103 species some are migratory and come through western Asian flyway, Central Asian flyway and East Asian flyway such as Eurasian griffon, Cinereous vultures, Steppe eagle and Amur falcon etc. Resident raptors are stays here throughout the year and breed

  • Managerial Economics Quiz

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    1. In the following questions, select the one which is different from the other three options: (A) 36-42 (B) 72-12 (C) 48-18 (D) 56-76 Answer: D Explanation: Except D, all pairs are completely divisible by 6. 2. In the following questions, select the one which is different from the other three options: (A) Rectangle (B) Square (C) Circle (D) Rhombus Answer: C Explanation: Except circle, all others are parallelogram. 3. In the following questions, select the one which is different from the other

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Physician

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    regardless of variety of career opportunities for college kids, MBBS nevertheless retains some of the exact slots. It remains referred to as because the cream of our society. Being a physician meets each criteria set out through folks for a successful life. Couple of decades lower back getting admission in MBBS became restricted to two classes- prosperous and particularly clever. however now because the ordinary of living has extended and new avenues have come up, fitting a physician has become

  • Truss Bridge Research Paper

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    ABSTRACT Being in our early stage of civil engineering, the topic CONSTRUCTION OF BRIDGES is of great use and importance in our life. It is therefore necessary to understand meaning of bridges ,their basics of construction and their importance.Some important points to be looked upon are – 1. Monitoring of bridges 2. Failures 3. Machines used in construction 4. Common equipments 5. Some history about Bridges 6. Some famous bridges So attempt was made to understand these concepts through this project