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  • Symbolism In The Open Window

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    The contrast between appearance and reality exists in the world, and remains extremely prominent in literature. Irony exists in literature to show this differing perspective of reality, while foreshadow gives the reader minor hints at what the author actually plans to happen at the end. Symbolism usually appears in literature when an author gives an item a deeper meaning than the actual meaning. All play a crucial role in the creation of the highly-entertaining and highly-regarded short story, “The

  • The Great Gatsby Color Analysis

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    Item 2: Color Chart: In the book “The Great Gatsby,” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, colors have been used to represent the character’s unapparent and underlying thoughts, feelings, status and class. Through the motif of colors, Fitzgerald depicts the feelings of the character as he refers to a specific color while describing each one of them. The colors make a deep impact on the readers as they contain a profound meaning throughout the novel. There are around five main colors in the novel appearing frequently:

  • Essay On Family Dynamics Of The Family

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    Introduction The family is the basic unit of our society, according to Friedman. Families are made up of many individuals that each have their own personalities, values, and beliefs. Although there are differences within the family, the family can still be a functioning unit. In the family analysis, I will be assessing the Reyes family. The Reyes family migrated from the Philippines with their son many years ago. Once they reach America, they had their first and only daughter. In this paper, it

  • Anne Frank Isolation

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    The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank details approximately two years of the life a Jewish teenager during World War II. During much of the time period covered by her journal, Anne and her family are in hiding in an attempt to escape Hitler’s anti-Jewish laws and genocidal desires. Anne’s diary ends abruptly in August, 1944 when she and her family are taken into custody by the Germans and transported to concentration camps. Before that Anne writes a detailed journal which depicts are courageous

  • Literary Analysis Of To Kill A Mockingbird

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    To Kill A Mockingbird - Literary Analysis One significant theme conveyed by Harper Lee throughout the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, is the destruction of innocence. This theme is conveyed throughout the novel with two main characters, Scout and Jem. Their childhood innocence began to fade as they grew older, finding out that not everyone is good even though they had never seen evil before. Tom Robinson and Boo Radley were both misjudged and had no intentions of hurting anyone, yet they both got hurt

  • Dramatic Irony In A Midsummer Night Dream

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    An unknown author once said, “Some people create their own storms, then get upset when it rains.” Irony can be seen in three different ways, which include dramatic, verbal, and situational irony. Verbal irony is when the opposite of what is meant, is said. Dramatic irony is when the audience or some characters know something that others don’t. Situational irony is when when the opposite of what you expect to happen, happens. During the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hermia and Lysander were in love

  • Racial Discrimination In The Silver Bell

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    Analysis of ’The Silver Bell’ All around the world, there is racial discrimination. You see it as a big deal in the United States, and even in Denmark. Mostly it involves blacks, who are being discriminated or treated unfairly. This is something that is today, and something that was once. In David Evans’s short story ‘The Silver Bell’ from 2006, this topic of racism and apartheid is in the spotlight, as some of the whites in South Africa cannot accept the reality of the blacks having equal rights

  • A Jury Of Her Peers Critical Analysis

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    “A Jury of Her Peers” is a short story written in 1917 by Susan Glaspell based on the true story of the 1900 murder of John Hossack. The story is centered around Martha Hale’s hasty departure from her farmhouse in Dickinson County, Iowa. Martha Hale hates to leave her work undone and her kitchen in disarray, but she has been called upon to accompany a group of her neighbors who wait outside. The group stopped to pick up her husband, Lewis Hale, but the sheriff, Henry Peters, asked that Martha Hale

  • The Sacrificial Egg Short Story

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    The short stories titled “The Sacrificial Egg” by Chinua Achebe and “The Elephant Vanishes” by Haruki Murakami deal with transitioning into a societal order succeeding the previous one by searching for the element that the new order deprives them of but the old order gives them. However, the characters faced with this conflict have contradictory responses. In “The Sacrificial Egg”, Julius Obi, a Western-educated Igbo, eventually comes to recognize the influence of “Kitikpa” (traditionally believed

  • Romeo And Juliet Identity Analysis

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    Love Can Not Shed Identity “It's challenging to find an identity as a young person if you don't have the sustenance of love” Mary J. Blige In the play Romeo and Juliet identity is a timeless theme that is related to a family name and the wealth of the family and the social status of the family. Even during our present-day, family status in Canadian society is quite important especially if you are from a very) wealthy family, the last name of that family is a very powerful contributing factor to

  • Theme Of Betrayal In A View From The Bridge

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    How does Miller explore the theme of Betrayal in ‘A View from the Bridge’? Betrayal is an extremely important theme in Arthur Millers 1950’s play ‘A View from the Bridge’. The setting and community of the play, play a vital role in showing this themes significance; with the Italian American Red Hook community underpinned by the law of Omertà, a code that dictates silence and forbade people from cooperating with authorities, an extremely obvious portrayal of how betrayal is loathed within the community

  • Analysis Of Ayim's Blues In Black And White

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    In the above poem Ayim tries to fit in her hyphenated/two part identity into one inseparable whole. Although she states that: “[her] fatherland is Ghana, [her] mother tongue is German” (Ayim, Blues in Black and White 46), her Afro-German identity is adaptive to and inclusive in her surroundings: “I have been living and working in West Berlin and feel more at home in this city than anywhere else” (Blues in Black and White 47). However, racism causes her to feel estranged even after the unity of the

  • Madness In My Last Duchess And Porphyria's Lover

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    What is madness? Is madness, what is perceived in today’s world - to suffer from a mental illness, the same as what was perceived in times of Italian Renaissance and the Elizabethan Era? Robert Browning, a famous poet of his time, was greatly affected by the time frame. The protagonists of Browning's literary pieces represent the time frame during which the men were disciplinarian, and very possessive about their surroundings. Browning represents madness of the early modern period through the protagonists

  • Essay On Class Ideology In Jane Eyre

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    bringing out great effects.”(p,451.). Females were to be pure, nurturing, gentle and religious, going to church and turning to God in times of need. Jane on the other hand is the opposite of this and “No Christian grace is perceptible upon her.” (p,452.) and is often seen “murmuring against the comforts of the rich.”(p,452.) here the reader experiences Jane going against her roles of class and gender as she is in no way acting as a respectable, responsible

  • The Tempest Revenge Analysis

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    Desperation can fuel a false sense of love when people think they will not find anyone else to love, leaving them susceptible to others taking advantage. In William Shakespeare’s play The Tempest, the prince of Naples, Ferdinand, finds himself shipwrecked on an island where he meets Miranda and Prospero. While he and Miranda fall in love, Prospero carries out his plan for revenge against his rival Alonso, Ferdinand’s father and King of Naples. Miranda and Ferdinand believe they fall in love-at-first-sight

  • Essay On Zoo Should Not Be Kept In Zoos

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    Do zoos fulfill the needs of the animals? Should animals be kept in only one enclosure for their whole life? Is it worth all the time and money for the animals to be unhappy? Many people think zoos are doing a good job of keeping animals happy in the man made zoos. Because people think that, they support the zoos by giving them money to see these animals instead of going to animal preservations where the enclosures aren’t entirely man made. Animals that can function and survive in the wild should

  • Life In Frank Abagnale's Catch Me If You Can

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    In Catch Me If You Can, Frank Abagnale states, “A man’s alter ego is nothing more than his favorite image of himself” (Abagnale 9). Frank Abagnale was a man of many names and identities. Frank Abagnale also held the names of Frank Williams, Robert Conrad, Frank Adams, and Robert Monjo (Abagnale 5). Frank Abagnale was known for being one of the most hunted con men, fraudulent check writers, master forgers in history, and the world’s greatest impostor (Abagnale 5). Abagnale was an airline pilot

  • Examples Of Irony In Desiree's Baby

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    Surely, only an opposing, selfish, and insensitive person could send their wife and child away upon realizing that they both were mixed race. In Kate Chopin’s “Desiree’s Baby”, however, protagonist, Desiree, is altered over just a few days as she goes from being thankful from the happiness of her husband and baby into saddened and betrayed by her lover. The story eventfully shows how racism and denial both play a part in the way the future may turn out. From the time that the story begins, one can

  • Analysis Of Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey

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    Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey is a bildungsroman, a coming of age story that focuses on the psychological development, and maturity of the protagonist Catherine Morland. This essay will analyse the language, and narrative techniques of the set extract, and discuss how this excerpt suggests vicissitude in Catherine’s priorities and relationships. In addition, it will discuss the ‘domestic gothic’ and real life abuse that prevails in ordinary situations. Furthermore, it will argue how Austen’s rhetorical

  • Nadine Gordimer Analysis

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    Chapter 2 Political Views of Nadine Gordimer 2.0 Introduction This chapter attempts to explore the political scenario of the times Nadine Gordimer lived and her political views. Gordimer and her White identity, her proclivity towards liberalism and its disavowal later on, portrayal of the attitudes of Black Consciousness and the effects of the same on the ‘white liberals’ are the important areas stressed in the chapter. Another crucial element is, how has her transformed political views been expressed