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  • Herbie Hancock's Influence On Jazz Music In Jazz And Jazz

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    Rock and A Jazz Place: Intercultural Interchange

  • Jazz Dance: The Evolution Of Jazz And Modern Dance

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    Jazz and modern dance are two different genres of dance. Jazz dance started in the early 1700’s in Africa and was brought to America through the slave trade. Two pioneers that influenced jazz dance were Jack Cole and Katherine Dunham. Jack Cole was called “the Father of theatrical jazz dance” and is remembered as the prime creator of the jazz heritage. Katherine Dunham was known for her leadership of African American jazz dance and started her own dance company. Modern dance started in the early

  • Canadian Jazz Impact

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    The Impact of Jazz on Canada in the 20th Century Though not an entirely Canadian concept, jazz had a significant impact in Canada in the years 1918-1950. Early jazz music in Canada was dependent on touring artists from American cities, who would occasionally perform in cities near the border.n Canada, jazz music was still in its infancy, whereas jazz was “born” in 1895 in the US. Jelly Roll Morton was one of the first Americans to tour in Canada, performing in Vancouver cabarets from 1919-1921

  • Dixieland Jazz History

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    New Orleans is undoubtedly the birthplace of jazz. As the magic of jazz brought about a new period in music history, and legends emerged, jazz quickly took on many forms and incarnations around the country. The originators and pioneers in New Orleans kept the original seed alive in what came to be known as “Dixieland Jazz.” New Orleans was the right place and the right time for jazz. Immigrants to the city in the late 19th century brought their traditions of brass bands with them: marching in parades

  • Jazz Concert Analysis

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    Jazz is as beautiful and is considered a grand style of music. Jazz does not have a standard pattern. It is, of course, necessary to say that in any Jazz Band there must be two sections provided instrumentally, the Rhythm Section – Piano, Bass and Drums (or other percussion instrument) – and the Horn Section – any woodwind or brass instrument – and depending on the number of instruments involved do we name the band’s form. Jazz is more flexible in terms of which instruments should be involved and

  • Jazz Music History

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    States, many other cultures have developed the genre in various ways (for example white musicians created 'White Jazz' subgenre, having their own traditions and influences). Miles Davis and Louis Amstrong were very influential jazz musicians. SOUL was created in the United States of America between late 1950s and early 1960s. It is a combination of elements from R&B, gospel music and jazz. There is is a special emphasis on the vocal piece. The first soul songs were created when gospel songs lyrics

  • Essay On Latin Jazz

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    Latin Jazz, also known as Afro-Cuban jazz originated around 1940. It was due to the gradual and long interactions of American and Cuban music which birthed this distinct style of jazz. African american tunes and dance rhythms traveled north into the United States as well as the musical styles of African-American Jazz found their way down to the Caribbean and Central and Southern America. The fusion of both musical styles; Cuban music and African-American jazz was largely due to musicians and dancers

  • Jazz History Essay

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    • Until the middle of the 1950’s “Jazz dance” was more commonly referred to as tap dance due to tap being performed to jazz music. VIDEO • Jazz music can be traced back to the times of slavery. In America slaves were not allowed to speak their native language and were forbidden to use their drums. Music became a means of survival. • Slave work songs were created, to pass time, in the form of “call and response”. A song leader would call out a line and the rest of the workers would respond to this

  • Essay On Jazz Shoes

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    A jazz shoe is a type of shoe worn by dancers. They are commonly used in jazz dance and other styles of dance, including acro dance and hip hop. Jazz shoes are made in a variety of styles, with varying features. Jazz shoes are also called Gore Boots by many drill teams. My drill team- the Rocky Mountain Panther Dancers, requires each dancer to have their own set of both black and tan shoes. Jazz shoes are a comfortable mix between point or ballet shoes and tennis shoes, making no need for the destruction

  • Jazz In New Orleans

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    Jazz in New Orleans Jazz is such a unique and distinguished genre of music that delights the ear of every person who listens to it. Found in New Orleans, it grew in fame all around the world and will always be popular. Why New Orleans? The history of the founding jazz and what impacted it is astonishing. The 19th century was a century that united different ethnic groups such as German, French, Irish, Spanish, African and Italian together, these ethnicities had one main thing in common – the same

  • Afrofuturism In Jazz Music

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    this term. I will give some examples of musical genres and artists that were involved in the Afrofuturistic music. Jazz is the first musical genre that will be discussed. Jazz is often associated with blackness and slavery. Unsurprisingly, several jazz musicians follow the ideals of Afrofuturism. According to Davids article in 2007, Sun Ra is one of the best examples within the jazz genre. His music shares a lot of the post-human ideals. The ideas of space, the post-human, dehumanization and the

  • Definition Essay On Jazz

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    Define jazz in your words Jazz is a form of expression that does not confine itself to music and expands itself to influence beautiful art pieces––such as paintings, poems, novels and essays––that intellectuals represent themselves in. Is that truly what jazz is? Not really, as it is a culture that has more than one identity, as well as, more than one definition. Describe jazz Jazz culture consists of different types of art, but they have many elements in common. Jazz music is truly innovative; the

  • The Importance Of Jazz Music

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    rhythm and bounce which is combined with improvisation in multiple parts of their songs. Most of jazz music contains improvisation. My favorite song containing improvisation from the jazz genre is called “Blue Train” by John Coltrane. Looking further into time, it is clear that both European traditional and African traditional have combined influence into the style of jazz. For example, later on jazz does have pitched

  • Origins Of Jazz Music

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    History of Jazz music Jazz is music genre that originated from New Orleans in the early 20th century. A major port city, people from all over the world, of different ethnic groups came together and as a result, musicians were exposed to a variety of music (Verity, 2016). Jazz was born out of and evolved from the African American experience in the United States. Jazz evolved from slave and religious folk songs and its originators were primarily African American (Dyas, 2016). However, its roots can

  • Compare And Contrast Jazz Rock

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    Aaliya Shafi 7B Jazz Rock 21/1/2017 Jazz-rock may be known as the loudest, wildest bands from jazz camp. This is also known as Jazz-fusion as a musical genre, which was developed, in the late 19’60s and the early 19’70s. This was when artists merged different characteristics of Jazz harmony, and improvisation with styles such as: rock, funk, blues and Latin Jazz. Different artists started experimenting and trying out electrical instruments for the very first time. Jazz-Rock is quite different

  • Jazz In African American Music

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    Jazz is a genre of African American music originating from New Orleans in the southern United States from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. Jazz is recognized for its unique playing style and performance itself rather than the format of the song or the song itself. Sounds, phrasing, rhythm, blues and harmonies of jazz come from the unique sense of African and African American music. Instruments, melodies, harmonies used in jazz follow the traditional approach of Europe. Jazz’s features

  • Descriptive Essay On Jazz Music

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    It’s become a routine of mine, to take myself out on jazz dates while I travel. Why? Because jazz music needs no translation. It’s a feeling, and for me, always a positive and warm one. Music is that constant among all the differences with the cities I visit, and the languages I learn. So I’ve made it a point to drop the language and cultural barrier by visiting jazz venues almost everywhere I go. As I arrived in London, I was feeling extra inspired to follow Amy Winehouse’s footsteps and uncover

  • Essay About Jazz Music

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    “The Discovery of Jazz Music “ Every music around the world has its own history, the instruments, rhythms, and even the compositions have their own origins. Music is a tool because it is used as a way of communicating with other individuals. It is very powerful because it can express a person’s emotions or feelings such as grief, sadness, happiness, love, and even those emotions which cannot be explained or be expressed. Jazz music is like a language. It is a language that musicians use to express

  • Monreux Jazz Festival Analysis

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    1. Disclaimer Although the Montreux jazz festival is a world renowned event it is still located in Switzerland, in the French speaking part. Thus some of the information of this report are just translated version of different sources 2. Introduction “Jazz does not belong to one race or culture, but it’s a gift that America has given to the world- Ahmad Alaadeen” This paper will be an analysis about the Montreux jazz festival, the second biggest jazz festival in the world. This paper will present;

  • The Culture Of Music: The History Of Jazz Music

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    be expressed. Jazz music is like a language. It is a language that musicians use to express their emotions on a concrete moment or the emotions that they are feeling while they are performing. It is unique and diverse that the musicians improvise music within the spur of the moment which makes Jazz music much more intriguing and different from other genres of music consequently making it one step from the past, one step from the present and one step from the future. (What is Jazz?, n.d.) The Birthplace