Jonathan Coachman Essays

  • Coaching And Self-Determination Theory Analysis

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    In the realm of sports psychology, there are two main theories of how coaching influences motivation, the Behavioral Approach to Coaching (BAC) and the Self-Determination Theory (SDT). Both theories work in different ways in order to increase motivation and produce desired behaviors from athletes. The Behavioral Approach to Coaching utilizes operant conditioning to shape desired behaviors. Operant conditioning concerns the relationship between three events, called contingencies. Operant conditioning

  • Film Analysis Of The Movie Radio, The Dramatic And Uplifting Movie

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    The dramatic and uplifting movie “Radio” starring Cuba Gooding JR. and Ed Harris, is based on the true life story of James Robert Kennedy, a k a Radio; a mentally retarded young African-American who spends his days pushing a shopping cart around the streets of Anderson, a small South Carolina town, collecting junk and old radios. The movie starts with the heartbreaking scene of Radio pushing his cart around the town, in his own little world; people are ignoring him, and a lady pulls her daughter

  • Cindy Crawford's Case Summary

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    Cindy Crawford is a graduating senior at Setabump University and is majoring in Business Management with a minor in Marketing. She is the captain of the volleyball team and is one of the best players on the team. She has won player of the year three years in a row. Next month is their national championship game, which Cindy must play in to guarantee a win. This year, each teammate’s grades cannot be below a ‘B-’. Cindy is enrolled in Business Management 427, which is an online course taught by Professor

  • Personal Narrative-Let's Go Rams !

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    “Let’s go rams!!” was all you could hear coming in to the locker room, hundreds of family and friends along with recruiters outside anxiously waiting for the number one team in Florida to face the second seat it was a much anticipated game and the moment was finally here. We sat in a circle on our chairs listening to the game plan along with a motivational speech from the coach, I’m sure most of us weren’t even listen we were just dying to get out on the court and for one final time show everyone

  • Personal Narrative: Bayside

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    It was a hot and sunny day when I walked into the gym. When I saw about twenty players warming up for practice tonight. Then coach officially announce our position. My mind was questioning when I heard i was going to be a point guard this year. So I asked him after practice, he said: “I put you where you need to be and it will be really powerful against other teams this year.” I was overjoyed when he said that, but I still need to focus on the game. After practice, he passed out our schedules, our

  • Personal Narrative: Concordia College Volleyball

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    Volleyball has been my passion since the sixth grade, I love it with all my heart, and could not imagine my life without it. This past summer I had the opportunity to attend the Concordia College volleyball camp in St. Paul with a few friends from Sartell. It has been sometime since I’ve participated in one of these camps, and I was a bit hesitant about going because I did not know what was expected of me. My mother had signed me up, as she believed that the skills I would learn would make me a

  • Philosophy Of Coaching

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    A coaching philosophy can be a thing which a number of mentors will acquaint with enhances the standard of a play bunch, for instance, to establish objectives, placing goal for individual team member on a group and the group all in all, for instance, one objective may be restricting the other group from scoring, and it’s a practical objective. It is critical that coach should not to set doubtful objectives, as it can put weight on a specific player or group, for occasion, to experience the season

  • Personal Narrative: A Small Soccer Team In Peoria

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    The grass was green, the soccer nets were just put up, and white lines had just been freshly painted on the grass. Kids were busy playing soccer, but then everything stopped, the whistle was blown. A young girl was on the ground in pain with her team huddling around her, and a boy from the other team was next to her apologizing. As a matter of fact it reminded Abby of a scene that she had been in a few years back. As Abby sat on the bench nearby watching she was also remembering. She remembered the

  • Personal Essay: Golf Game Analysis

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    In one of my softball games my freshman year we had begun to practice before the game and I had been put at third base in the game. During warm-up/ practice the coach had been hitting balls in consecutive order. The first ball it to me, I missed, my teammates said “It’s okay Cassidy, take another one!” So, I asked my coach for another one, I fumbled with that ball. They replied with “Don’t worry about it Cassidy! Next one is yours!” I had asked my coach for the third ball and as it was coming to

  • Jump Shots: A False Game

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    378 Jump shots bouncing off the rim, passes to the wrong team, a silence where one could hear a penny drop, and the word “BASELINE” is what I remember from practice two days before the Highland Park game. We were playing live against the scout team, but we were playing them like they were the ‘95-’96 Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan at the helm. After a few minutes of this nonsense, Coach McKendrick told our team to get on the baseline to run. However, it was not because we were playing poor. It

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Middle Year Basketball Tryouts

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    I remember it like it was yesterday freshman year basketball tryouts I was really excited as soon as that final bell rang I ran straight to the gym to get ready tryouts were the whole week but I felt like I needed to get off to a good start. I got in the gym put my shoes on stretched and started to get warmed up. The coach walked in the gym I got really nervous he didn 't know me I didn 't know him so I went up shook his hand and told him my name and the grade I was in. Tryouts finally started we

  • Personal Narrative: Racism Swim

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    It was early fall, 2013, when I was sitting alone on the bleachers during the first practice of a new swim season. I had recently leveled up, so I didn’t recognize anyone. As I looked around at my new teammates, I noticed all around me, kids were sitting together in groups laughing with their friends. I pulled my knees to my chest, feeling nervous and alone. No one seemed to acknowledge I was there. A couple minutes later, a young woman with long reddish-brown hair stepped out of the coach’s office

  • Personal Narrative Essay About Soccer

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    One of my best days was when my soccer team won the championship. I won several other championships ,but with other teams.This was my first season playing with this team. The major characters in this event were me, my teammates, my coaches and the parents. This event took place in a park at sanger during the summer. I was twelve when my team won the championship. “ Championships bring joy and happiness ,but takes a lot of work to get there. It was a warm and sunny day as I prepared to run the drills

  • Personal Narrative: My Field Hockey Team

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    The day of September 12th, 2017, was a day in which I will never forget. My field hockey team was tied with St. Joe’s. With little time on the clock, a dribble the ball up the side line and into the circle. The ball found its way to a defender’s foot. “TWWEEET!” the whistle blew from the nearby referee, temporarily drowning out my ears. There was a foul made by the rival team. Relieved, my team rapidly set up for the penalty corner, anxious for a goal. Coaches on the sideline fumbled around with

  • Obstacles In Volleyball

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    Obstacles are placed in our way to see if what we want is really worth fighting for. I was about eight years old when my best friend and I were sitting out in the front yard when a young man came up to us. After introducing himself, he asked us if we played any sports, and at that young age, I told him that I wanted to play volleyball on my school team when I was older. Even now, I think back to that conversation and think of how long I have had this dream to play on a volleyball team. Little did

  • Student Competition: Why No One Wins When Everyone Wins

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    Imagine a world where everyone would get a trophy for participating in sports. The world would be a bad place to be in because every kid would expect trophy even if they didn 't work hard. More and more sport districts are starting to do this method, and this method is not right. This is not a good thing to do for kids because kids will have unhealthy competition, Participation trophies will not show that you worked hard to get it and Kids get stuck on always getting a trophy when one day the won

  • Characteristics Of Contingency Leadership

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    1. Introduction In the organization environment, managers are taking the leadership characters and they act as leaders. They motivate other employees to achieve the target of specific goal of the organization. Leadership is possibly perceived and understands the phenomena of the (Burns, 2010). Naylor (1999) states that effective leadership has different characteristics such as passionate, visionary, creative, inspiring, flexible, innovative, imaginative, courageous, initiates change and experimental

  • Pros And Cons Of Youth Football Essay

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    Youth football is a sport that is played in many places, many people think that it is not dangerous and kids should be able to play, while others think that this sport is too dangerous and should not be played. Based off of all the evidence that I have found through research, it has let me to agreeing with the fact that youth football is too dangerous for young children to be playing. This sport has pros to it, some of which are very good, but the con side outways it, these are the things showing

  • The Importance Of Adversity In 'Summer Ball'

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    In many of our lives we face adversity and crucial scenarios that seem to be impossible to overcome, but the one thing that allows us to persevere is ambition. In the novel Summer Ball by Mike Lupica he demonstrates the key aspects of how to overcome adversity through the life of Danny Walker a eighth grade boy who plays the sport basketball. Danny and his closest friends are from New York and are heading to a summer camp for basketball in Maine, but this is not just any camp it is a camp for the

  • Persuasive Essay On Ejaculation

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    it is rather irritating not to be competent to satisfy your associate for the reason that of lack of patience or knowledge of the way to prolong ejaculation, is not it? It must consider awful to look her disillusioned face while you got here approach too early, again. But probably she would not even cares about that anymore and began looking for pleasure in different places. That would be anything simple and harmless like a intercourse toy however normally it is a new accomplice who can satisfy her