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  • Refugees In Kenya Essay

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    Kenya has had great numbers of refugees in the country from several years back. “Refugee Realities: Refugee Rights versus State Security in Kenya and Tanzania” is a journal article by Edward Mogire who states that Kenya has been hosting refuges since 1970 and in the end of 2005, it hosted about 251,300 refugees including 150,500 from Somali, 76,600 from Sudan, 2,800 from Uganda and 21, 400 from other nationals. (Mogire, 2009) Kenya has always been seen as a peaceful country that other states such

  • Human Trafficking Research

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    Kenyan urban centers such as Nairobi and Mombasa provide both the supply and demand required to grow the industry. Often victims are trafficked either to or through Kenya from neighboring countries such as South Sudan, Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.(Unknown, n.d.) Forced labor is the main form of human trafficking in Kenya, with 41.3% of Kenyan children ages 10-14 years of age being exploited for cheap labor within the country. Once taken, these children are put to work in industries

  • How To Travel To Tanzania Essay

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    What your safari consultant will not tell you before travelling to Tanzania Tanzania provides the ultimate safari experience – a country so vast, its horizons so wide, some of its big game strongholds are the size of small countries. Nowhere are animals as visible as on the high plains of the Serengeti and nothing as humbling as seeing the snow-peaked Mt Kilimanjaro when the sun rises. To look down into the immense bowl of the Ngorongoro Crater is to stand at the gates of heaven itself. Ways to travel

  • Descriptive Essay: Incredible Paraguay

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    Incredible Paraguay Paraguay is a landlocked country between Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia. The landscape varies with swampland, subtropical forest and chaco, wildernesses that consist of savanna and scrubland. San Bernardino is one of the main gateways to the capital city of Asuncion. It is located in a lovely setting by Lake Ypacarai. Visitors arrive by ferry to enjoy the swaying palm trees and stretches of sand. For those who want to live it up there are plenty of discos and bars and partiers

  • Islam In Africa

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    Africa was the primary mainland, outside of Arabia that Islam spread into in the mid seventh century. Just about 33% of the world's Muslim populace dwells in the landmass. Muslims crossed current Djibouti, Somalia and Eritrea to look for shelter in present-day Ethiopia amid the Hijarat. Most Muslims in Africa are Sunni; the unpredictability of Islam in Africa is uncovered in the different schools of thought, customs, and voices in numerous African nations. African Islam is not static and is continually

  • Idi Amin: Koboko Uganda

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    Born in 1924 in Koboko Uganda, Idi Amin joined the British Colonial Army in 1946 to fight the war against the Mau Mau revolt in Kenya. After joining the army, he coutinuously rose in military ranks and became Uganda’s heavy weight boing champion. In 1962, Uganda won their independence from Britain, Idi Amin began supporting his country’s new prime minister, Milton Obote. Obote appointed Amin as chief of the army and air force. The relationship between Obote and Amin quickly began deteriorating and

  • How Does Somalia Violate Human Rights

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    It is located on the east coast of Africa between Ethiopia and Kenya, surrounded by the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean. Somalia is also known as the horn of Africa. It is composed of eighteen regions and its capital is Mogadishu. Somalia’s flag has a white five-pointed star in the center and a light blue background. The Federal Republic of Somalia has a federal parliamentary republic ruled by Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. It became independent in 1960 and joined to the United Nations on September 20, 1960

  • Why Is Globalization Inevitable

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    But this globalization leaved many questions to the people’s mind such is Globalization inevitable? And can we escape it? For me, based on the definition, globalization is, it refers to a worldwide movement of economic trade. An opening of the local and national through interconnectedness and interdependency, such as exporting and importing products around the globe. Is globalization inevitable? Yes, we cannot avoid globalization, why? Because as of now we are living where technology increases

  • Reasons For European Imperialism

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    In the beginning West Africa have traded goods like gold, slaves, sugar, and many more with European colonies. West Africa and the European colonies had a good run until the 1800’s. In 1884-1885 there was an important event called the Berlin Conference and this conference was lead by the European colonies to get some parts of Africa. Africa was not invited to this meeting and this caused tension between the colonies and Africa. This caused European colonies to take over some parts of Africa. There

  • British Imperialism In Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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    Things Fall Apart Whether British Imperialism in Africa was good or bad is still a hot topic today, despite the fact that it happened a century ago. Imperialism is when the Europeans invaded Africa and colonized it and forced their culture onto the natives. Even though there were definitely some positive effects for Africans, the effects of imperialism in Africa were mostly negative; borders weren't placed well, native Africans were made as slaves, and religion was forced upon them. Some positive

  • Essay On Religion In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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    Religion in Things Fall Apart Religion is the belief in a greater power, which shapes the way someone lives their life. Religion can bring people together, or it can pull them apart. The novel Things Fall Apart, a work by Chinua Achebe, is about a man named Okonkwo and how he and his village deal with the colonization of Christianity. In the end, it pulled Okonkwo away from his people, leading him to his death. Not only did Okonkwo face the new idea of Christianity, but so did Chinua Achebe. During

  • Health Disparity In Cameroon

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    Introduction Health disparity is something that can easily be witnessed among all society around that globe. Understand what factors cause these disparities can act as a giant step toward containing them. When societies or nations work to identify and address the factors that result to health disparities among racial, ethnic, geographic, socioeconomic, and other groups, this eventually helps in bridging the barrier to health equality (CDC, 2013). As we best understand, peripheral nations are the

  • Ibn Battuta's Life In The Swahili Coast

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    Society in America recognizes Africa for its exotic people, creatures and land. The first thought of Africa is dry hot savannahs and indigenous African people living in villages. It’s vast lands have more to offer than what is seen in today’s media. On a closer view, East Africa holds many achievements to become a successful society. Ibn Battuta’s journey during 1333 CE presents hardworking and generous people revealing some customs and the tropical atmosphere of the Swahili Coast. The environment

  • Informative Speech: Marine Vacation

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    Introduction I. Attention Getter Just to echo the words of Dalai Lama ”once a year, go to some place you’ve never been before II. Thesis: why go to Africa? for a safari, cultural historical and marine vacation III. Preview of Main Points: There are three main points that I would like to talk about a) The Beautiful Scenery b) The Culture c) The Great Wildlife I will take you thought the experience of living in the sunshine, swimming in the sea, and breathing the great wild

  • Traditional African Igbo Culture In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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    Reflection of Traditional African Igbo Culture in Chinua Achebe’s Novel Things Fall Apart Sikandar Kadar Aga Abstract: The aim of this present research paper is to highlight the insights of the traditional African Igbo culture, as represented in Chinua Achebe’s novel Things Fall Apart. Achebe in the novel Things

  • The Effect Of Food Shortage In Somalia

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    The country of Somalia is located between the Ethiopia and the Indian Ocean. Somalia hold lots of cultures and heritage. This country also populated by several ethnicities such as: Ethiopians, Arabic and the native Somalis (BBC, 2016). The country of Somalia was a colonized country in the late 19th century and has been a ground of warfare between the rival groups for decades (BBC, 2017). Therefore, Somalia has many stories behind their existence. Despite of its unique ethnicities and cultures,

  • White Tea Experiment

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    Chemistry IA Introduction In this report, i will explore the effect of temperature on the caffeine content of White tea. Just like coffee, tea is one of the drunkest beverage for people either just like the taste of it or for those who really needs them to stay fresh in the morning. Caffeine is the chemical that was found within both products. Caffeine is the world's most widely consumed drug. It is a central nervous system stimulant belong to the methylxanthine class. Caffeine can be derived

  • A Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Turtle Beach

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    Point of View The fitting description of turtle beach is “beautiful scenery.” The best decision I have made so far today seems to have been coming here. Sitting while watching love-birds walk past me, holding each other’s arms and young couples struggling to keep their hands away from their partners but ending up losing the battle makes me forget the stress I had earlier in the day. The beach is clean and less crowded; I guess the silence has really proven to be medicine when I needed it most. There

  • Summary: The Effects Of Feminism

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    The effects of feminism on the modern society today can be linked deeply into history, where women fought for equality against men. Feminism is a movement which intends to persuade people on improving gender equality and strengthening women's status in society. A recent example of this movement will be Emma Watson's speech to the United Nations in 2014 These movements transformed the lives of many individual women and exerted a profound effect upon our present society throughout the twentieth century

  • Colonialism In Kenya

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    were getting their lands taken away, Kenya did benefit through British colonization. Throughout a new government, conversion in religion, and change in jobs and schooling, Kenya was affected educationally, religiously, socially,