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  • Was Asoka Ruthless Conqueror

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    In Ancient India, the people named their flag after Asoka. He did great things for the Mauryan Empire that gave a good ending, but were the means of the ending just? Asoka ruled Ancient India and changed the history of it doing good and bad things for himself but for his empire. Was it being Ruthless or Enlightened? His responsibility for many deaths, his wanting of unfair wars, the unjust laws all clearly imply that Asoka is a Ruthless Conqueror. To start, Asoka’s responsibility for taking innocent

  • The Moon Cannot Be Stolen Analysis

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    The Moon Cannot Be Stolen The zen short, the moon cannot be stolen, is about a Zen master named Ryokan who gives a thief his clothes as a gift, only wishing he could give him the moon. The author inflicts confusion on the reader so they will analyze the text and find a more pertinent meaning. They make you look deeper and find the meaning through connotation, irony, and repetition. Connotation is a powerful tool used throughout the moon cannot be stolen. The feelings and emotions attached