Kimberley Essays

  • Trans-National Corporation Case Study

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    Introduction to Trans-National Corporations Trans-National Corporations refer to an economic entity or a group of economic entities operating in two or more countries, regardless of legal framework, the country of origin, and country or countries of activities, where the activities can be considered individually or collectively . Several Trans-National Companies have engaged in expensive campaigns and programmes to positively impact the world. However, the actual motive behind such events is ambiguous

  • Penalty Theory In Game Theory

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    Penalty taking and Game theory Penalty shootout is a method used in order to find out who is the winner after a soccer match that is drawn. The team who scores the most goals after 5 attempts is the winner. The goal is defended by the goalkeeper of the opposite team and it represents one of the most difficulties tasks a goalkeeper can face. Game theory is a theory “that deals with strategies for maximising gains and minimising losses within prescribed constraints” (

  • The Kimberley Process (KP): Case Study

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    The Kimberley Process (KP) is an International certification scheme, created by the UN, aiming to stop the illicit trade of diamonds to fund conflicts. the KP defines the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) which is a strict set of guidelines to establish whether diamonds exported from a country can be considered legal. Regarding the CAR the KP has created an administrative decision in 2014 which decided for the KP’s working bodies to evaluate the volume of rough diamonds exported from CAR

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Second Anglo-Boer War

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    This time a larger crowd of family men and friends had assembled to hear the latest instalment about events in South Africa. Needless to say he didn’t need to pay for his beer that night! This time he spoke about the Relief of Kimberley – very much in the minds of all British and Colonial citizens. He started with the losses suffered by Lieutenant-General Paul Methuen, 3rd Baron Methuen. Born at Corsham Court, Wiltshire in 1846, Methuen served in the Third Anglo-Ashanti War in 1873

  • Sir Herbert Baker: The Unification Of South Africa

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    Sir Herbert Baker arrived in South Africa in 1892 and left for India in 1913. His career spanned twenty one years in South Africa, in which he designed buildings for the likes of Cecil John Rhodes, Lord Alfred Milner and Jan Christiaan Smuts. During his time in South Africa Sir Herbert Baker built a reputation for himself through his works for the people mentioned above and in turn became one of South Africa’s leading architects of the time, and one of the country’s greatest architects. While Baker

  • Conflict Diamonds In West Africa

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    non-government organisations such as Global Witness and Partnership Africa Canada to create the Kimberley Process Certification System. This system was officially accepted in 2003 to protect others against conflict diamonds to enter the legitimate diamond supply chain. Another voluntary system was adopted which is the system of Warranties to make the consumers sure that their diamonds. Nowadays, 74 countries joined the Kimberley Process Certification System, and 99% of the world’s diamonds are conflict free. (conflict

  • Social Effects Of Diamonds

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    doesn’t change that innocent adults and children are still under threat of abuses, are still being forced to mine, the families that were taken out of their homes are relocated and now live in poverty. Corruption is occurring because the diamond kimberley process portrays these consequences as

  • Social Impacts Of Diamond Trade

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    The trading of diamonds in the global economy has both social and economic impacts on the lives of those that are associated in some way with the diamond trade. The social impact of mining for diamonds in some of the poorest countries such as Liberia and Angola has had a significant negative social impact on the lives of those that are used to mine for diamonds. In these countries children as young as 12 are used to mine for diamonds using only a shovel and often working 16 hour days.The social impact

  • The Pros And Cons Of Blood Diamonds

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    finance their activities. In their extraction, a lot of human rights violations are carried out including slavery, forced labor and cases of rape. Different efforts have been highlighted combat the sale of the diamonds in the international market (Kimberley, 2013).The key among them being the Kimberly Process, which tries to track the sale of uncut or rough diamonds by regulation. The Kimberly Process has a total of 71 participating countries. It requires certification for every rough diamond, and members

  • Swot Analysis Of Tiffany & Co

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    Bahaa Takieddine 1) Vision: The Company's key growth strategies are: to selectively expand its channels of distribution in important markets around the world without compromising the long-term value of the TIFFANY & CO. trademark; to increase sales in existing stores by developing new products; to increase its control over product supply and achieve improved profit margins through direct diamond sourcing and internal jewelry manufacturing; to enhance customer awareness through marketing and public

  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Imperialism

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    During the 19th century, colonialism erupted massively, as the need to expand different empires and conquer others’ lands became a common goal for many countries. From this, many countries were able to benefit greatly in many aspects, including economic growth, power, and the exploitation of raw materials. However, there were some areas that could not gain anything from colonizing or sharing the land with others. This essay will discuss the perspectives of both pro and anti-imperialists and explain

  • Social Impact Assessment Case Study

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    The construction of the clinic would involve the destruction of a Ramsar Wetland which is a breeding ground for an endangered bird species. CONSULTANT: ROMANO FROEHLICH (Pty) Ltd PO Box 19855, Tecoma Kimberley 8375 Public meeting will be held as follows: Date: Friday, 29 April 2016 Venue: Kimberley Community Hall Time: 18:00 For further details and in order to ensure that you are identified as an Interested & Affected Party (I&AP), please submit your details to the contact person within 10 days of

  • Ageism In The Elderly

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    Empowerment practice aims at joining people together to enable them to gain power in themselves and in the social, political, and economic environment. This paper looks at ageism in the elderly population from multiple perspectives for developing an empowerment practice framework. Historical View This view involves learning a group’s history and its relation to social policy. The term “ageism” came into existence in 1969. Robert Butler used this term to describe how old people withdraw from society

  • Atif Aslam Essay

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    Atif Aslam is a pop/rock/Sufi Pakistani singer, songwriter, guitarist, film actor and model. He has recorded several songs which was hits. He has an amazing vocal belting techniques. He gave numbers of chart topping songs to the industry. His most of the hit albums song have been written by himself so he proved himself as a good lyricist as well. Atif Aslam the charming songster made influence with his very first song ‘Adat’ which was an instant hit on different musical websites. He gained remarkable

  • Traditional Art Essay

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    Anastasiya Burenkova The modern world lives during an era of global changes which scales grow day by day. It is the result of the scientific and technical progress of last century which captured all five continents. Globalization is directed on a universalization and the equation of culture, in a consequence of that of a tradition of indigenous people of many countries is subject to change or transformation. Tradition — it that does the person by a link in a chain of generations that expresses

  • Pros And Cons Of Coal

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    Good morning chairperson, timekeeper, opposing team and audience. The topic of today 's debate is South Africa should stop using coal to generate electricity and start using alternative energy sources. We on the positive team agree with the definition given that South Africa should stop using coal to generate electricity because coal is a flammable black hard rock thats contains 65% carbon dioxide.This means that when burning this rock, it releases all the carbon dioxide into the environment.Using

  • Child Labour Case Studies

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    GP RESEARCH ACTIVITY CHILD LABOUR Definition of Child Labour: Percentage of children 5–14 years old involved in child labour at the moment of the survey. A child is considered to be involved in child labour under the following conditions: children 5–11 years old who, during the reference week, did at least one hour of economic activity or at least 28 hours of household chores, or children 12–14 years old who, during the reference week, did at least 14 hours of economic activity or at least 28 hours

  • 2.1.4 Estimate Quantities To A Tolerance Acceptable In The Context Of An Estimation

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    which these temperatures are forecast. Should he pack warm clothes? Explain your answer. Answer 1. The Western and Northern Cape 2. The first temperature is the expected minimum temperature and the second one is the expected maximum temperature. 3. Kimberley. 4. George. 5. 15°C - 5°C = 10°C 6. 12°C - (−2°C) = 12 + 2 = 14°C 7. It is usually the coldest late at night or very early in the morning - this is when the minimum temperature will occur. 8. Yes. Beaufort West is significantly colder than Cape Town

  • Tiffany & Company Case Study: Tiffany & Co.

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    Introduction Tiffany & Co. is a holding organization that works through its backup organizations. The Company 's main auxiliary, Tiffany & Company, is a goldsmith and especially retail merchant, whose stock offerings incorporate a broad choice of jewelry (92% of overall net deals in monetary 2016), and in addition timepieces, sterling silverware, china, gem, stationery, fragrances and accessories. Through Tiffany & Company and more subdivisions, the Company is busy in designing the product, assembling

  • Witch Of Blackbird Pond Analysis

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    with the old lesson so she decides to have the children act out a part of the bible, “The Tale of The Good Samaritan”.The head of the school Mr. Kimberly walks in and is very angry at Kit. Frustrated and upset Mr.Kimberly shuts down the school.”Mr. Kimberley flourished his cane at the silent children. "Go directly home, boys and girls. The school is dismissed. Do not come back tomorrow. We will send word if the school will continue" (Speare 89) Kit was heart broken and wandered off to the meadows where