Kimchi Essays

  • Personal Narrative: Homemade Cookies

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    Kimchi is fermented cabbage and other vegetables in spicy sauce. I put some rice in the rice cooker and added some water. When the rice was done, it was all dry, so I added some water, mixed it, and put it in the rice cooker for about ten minutes. When the rice was finished, I put all of it into a frying pan. I added some kimchi and then stir fried it. When I made the eggs, I had to get some help from my mom. I sprayed

  • Essay On Avian Influenza

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    from South Korea. Research conducted by scientists at the Faculty of Microbiology, Seoul National University, South Korea, have shown encouraging results. They found that kimchi, Korean style pickled vegetables, able to fight the virus that causes avian influenza in poultry. Research done by providing a liquid extract of kimchi to

  • Personal Narrative: The Soup Kitchen

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    behind. I identified most of the people as Korean men dressed in business suits, heavy winter coats, and several other layers of clothing. Next, my eyes skimmed the long serving table that held various types of Korean food, such as rice, beef, and kimchi. Then, I stared at serving spoon I held in my hands as I prepped myself to serve the crowd of homeless people. Although, I was apprehensive at first, my experience working at the soup kitchen introduced me to my love for community service. In

  • Personal Narrative: Kimmie Chang's Home

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    my friend Kimmie Chang 's home. I experienced healthy eating at just the age of eleven. South Koreans eat healthily in fact Only 3.2% of South Koreans are overweight, which ties the country of Japan for the lowest percentage of the world. I enjoyed kimchi for the first time, a spicy pickled cabbage which had my taste buds soaring. Pork belly and seafood stew also covered the table. Kimmie taught me how to use chopsticks for the very first time that night. There were absolutely no

  • How Golf Changed My Life

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    Have you ever wondered what makes you the person you are today? For me, golf was the biggest thing that has changed my life. Golf led me to the new education and friends which made who I am today. Golf changed my life majorly and I am thankful for it. Three things that influenced who I am today: Education, Golf and Friends The first thing that started to change my life was golf. I started to play golf when I was in grade five. During that time I didn’t like it at all. I felt like this sport was the

  • Essay On Food And My Eating Habits

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    My view of food and my eating habits was significantly shaped by my mother. My mother was a stay at home mom, so she was there to prepare every meal. I grow up in a middle class family which was not the norm in the 60s and 70s for black families. My dad worked for IBM during that time and it was not long before he started working as a engineer. My dads job allowed my mom to buy and prepare healthy well rounded nutritional meals. My mom prepared foods that seem to always have plenty of vegetables

  • Personal Narrative: If I Spend The Night At Her House

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    morning.” The second question I asked her was “could you give me an example of a typical meal (breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack)?” For this question, she was quick to answer, “For breakfast, my mom cooks Doenjang soup (soybean soup vegetables), cooked rice, kimchi, bean sprout side dish, spinach side dish, steamed egg, roasted small

  • Food Appropriation Essay

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    exploitation which a subordinated culture by dominant culture without permission or compensation (Rogers, 2006) and appropriation will be common as globalisation has allowed interactions with different groups of people. One of the common appropriation in this multi-cultural world will be food. As such, Singapore has been accused by Malaysia in appropriating dishes like chilli crab, bak kut teh and nasi lemak along with Americans which also being accused of committing food exploitation of Burritos

  • Types Of Cultural Appropriation

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    Cultural appropriation is the act of taking or lending ideas, arts, foods, fashion styles and iconic objects from other cultures in another country (Ziff and Rao,1997). It has been around since the colonisation era. After that globalisation had allowed interactions with different groups of people which allowed more cultural appropriation. However, some people still consider it as stealing of intellectual properties, traditional knowledge and unique expressions without permission from a cultural community

  • Cultural Imperialism In American Music

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    Cultural imperialism is the export of other countries’ cultural values of consumerism and individualism, for instance, the western country’s culture. It mostly exports the ideals of the first world country and imports them to the third world country. In that way, people across the globe are absorbing the same information, so the recipient’s culture is eroded if the other countries culture tries to dominate them. The lifestyle, food, fashion, and also music, and so forth are the part of the culture

  • Individualism Vs Collectivism Research

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    Individualism versus collectivism. Initially, a heuristic answer comes up to mind – Korea is a collectivist country. It is really so – people give a lot of focus to group and team work. They do not behave like the “smarty pants” in the class, though it was sometimes obvious that some students wanted to ask something or knew the answer to the teacher’s question, they still kept silence not to act out of line. They learn “how to do” rather than “how to learn” – that is why they do not question the

  • Muller Lyer Illusion Theory

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    processing occurred when individuals were instructed to pay attention to global stimulus, such as the large shape of letters, and perceptual local processing was attained when individuals were instructed to attend to smaller letters (Navon, 1977; Kimchi & Palmer. 1982). With regards to this, Mundy (2014) used Navon Stimuli to test Day’s hypothesis which stated that

  • Cultural Self Analysis

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    Recognising a cultural identity, cultural values and beliefs takes up an important part of ever-greater needs of the multicultural community within culturally diverse health care environment. Cultural value is a barometer of whether is right, wrong, acceptance and justice within specific society’s view. Each individual member of the community has tendencies to show respect and follows normative values sanctioned in the culture group (Spencer, 2012). The cultural beliefs can also be good examples

  • Young Adult Novels

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    In Growing Up Asian American in Young Adult Fiction, just published this last fall, Ymitri Mathison presents a collection of ten essays by writers discussing Asian American young adult(YA) novels focused on different Asian American subgroupings and how those novels address issues particular to each subgroup. In her introductory essay, Mathison describes the specific context in which Asian American children and YA literature has developed and how that literature goes beyond the “model minority” stereotype

  • American Apparel Target Market Analysis

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    3. Chapter 2 – Methodology 3.1 Introduction This chapter challenges all levels of knowledge, according to the ‘Bloom’s taxonomy’ method. Within this chapter the aim is to focus on a specific US clothing line called American Apparel, founded in 1989 by a Canadian named Dov Charney. Today, this company is based in all corners of the world, however its main quarters are in Los Angeles, California. The way in which this is evaluated is under sub-headings that will break down the analysis: American Apparel-

  • Essay About South Korea

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    Introduction South Korea is a very cultural and historical place which has 51 million inhabitants. Their country is in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula and they own many thousands of islands, however not all are habitable. They have very extreme weathers and a very varying terrain. Above all, these the Koreans are very proud people that value education, culture and history very much. Geography South Korea is a country in East Asia which covers the southern part of the Korean Peninsula

  • North Korean Culture

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    Culture is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “The customary beliefs of one culture, social forms, social group, or religious; also: The characteristic features of everyday existence, such a way of life, shared by a group of people in a place or time”. Culture is unique in the world of nature; it is only adapted by humans. People that share a culture can relate to one another and often, experience “culture shock” when immersed into a foreign culture such as North Korea. Merriam-Webster dictionary

  • Celebrity Endorsements Analysis

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    Introduction Celebrity endorsement means any individual that who are enjoys public recognition and use this recognition on behalf of the product by presenting it in an advertisement (Mc Cracken, 1989). They using a celebrity in advertising to promote a product or service is prevalent in advertising. In reality, approximately 20% use celebrity endorsement in all commercials advertisement. It is great potential to the brand itself to manage well the brand equity when using celebrity endorsers to promote