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  • Hallyu: The Korean Wave

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    1. Introduction Hallyu is came from the Chineses term “Hánlíu” which can be easily translated “the Korean wave” is a term which shows the popularity of Korean culture especially music (K-pop), dramas, foods and fashion. This wave became extremely popular in Asian countries such as Vietnam, China, Thailand, Singapo, Hongkong and so on. Besides, in recent years, the Hallyu is also widespread in Europe and American and be well-known over the world. Since the turn of the 21st century, South Korea

  • Cultural Diplomacy In South Korea

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    and even the modern cultures are known as very unique cultures which always attract people’s attention, especially in these past decades, K-Pop music industry becomes the trends for people around the world. K-Pop music itself or generally known as Korean Pop music, has a meaning as a genre of music which is originally comes from South Korea that consists of pop, pop electronic, ballad, hip hop, dance pop, rock, and also RnB genres (Kpop For Beginners, 2017). K-Pop music now has grown into a popular

  • Cultural Influence Of Korean Culture

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    The popularity of Korean culture has been increasing both in Asian countries and this has spread to other parts of the world in recent years. The forms of cultural influence from Korea are movies, songs, dramas, fashion, food, and beauty. This form of influence is known as Korean wave or Hallyu. In countries like Indonesia, the presence of Hallyu Culture or Kpop affected people to be aspired to be what they idolized from that culture (Burhanuddin, 2016). The influence of the culture continues to

  • The Korean Wave In South Korea

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    Farrar, CNN World, December 31, 2010 A Korean in a foreign country in the 90s would be asked whether he/she was Chinese or Japanese. However as the years passed people started to recognize Korea. One of the reasons for this recognition is the Korean Wave. The word Hallyu, also known as the Korean Wave, can be heard often through various mediums. According to Jin (2012), “The Korean Wave refers to the significant increase in the popularity of South Korean entertainment and culture.” (p. 3) This brings

  • Korek Drama Case Study

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    The Viewers’ reasons of continuous Indulgence on K drama Korean drama has been getting favorable support from Filipino audiences. Local television is catering k drama in a regular basis due to public demand and due to the popularity of Korean program now a days, considering this as a foundation of the researchers were caused to find reasons behind the viewers’ continuous indulgence on k drama. Based on participants’ response to the question about why they are watching k drama, the following themes

  • Eunhyuk Research Paper

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    "Eunhyuk is a South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer and actor. He is a member of the K-pop boy band Super Junior and their subgroups, Super Junior-T and Super Junior-H. In 2011, he joined Super Junior's Mandopop subgroup, Super Junior-M and the duo Donghae & Eunhyuk; active in China and Japan respectively." Eunhyuk is 29 years old. He is born on the 4th April 1986. His height is 5.7 foot ( 1m76 )and he weighs 58 kg "He was born in Neunggok-dong, South Korea. His born name is Lee Hyuk-jae. Eunhyuk

  • Korean Pop Video Analysis

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    Korean Pop, also known as K-Pop, is a genre of music originated from South Korea. K-Pop is known for its idols, who tend to be very beautiful and talented, the vibrant colors and use of unique concepts. There are also many K-Pop groups with a range of 2 to 24 people in a groups. Most K-Pop groups have very strong fan bases due to their fan service, and abilities to speak multiple languages, this gives them the ability to connect with international fans making it popular outside of South Korea. One

  • Bangtan Boys Case Study

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    The overseas influence of BTS Bangtan Boys (BTS) is one of the most popular Korean idol group with high popularity. They have a huge number of fans in Asian and American countries. It is undoubtedly that the popularity and the influence of idol group is closely related if we try to focus on the influence of BTS, we have to talk about the current situation of having high popularity of BTS. The first part I will focus on the phenomenon of having high popularity of BTS in overseas countries and the

  • Soh Ye Jin

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    Japanese colonial rule, it is brought to Japan as a hostage, with the harsh conditions of the time, she struggles to keep hope the Korean people, the production was very difficult, so this year (2016) will be released, by the way this film was produced for the same director of “April Snow” (2015) Son Ye Jin was participated with a CM of a one of the best brand of Korean “MISSHA” combining cosmetics with skincare, the most popular product is the Missha BB cream its natural-looking coverage while providing

  • South Korea Essay

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    Speaking of South Korea, I become enthusiastic. It is an indisputable fact that for many years up until now, the ‘Hallyu’ or K-POP Wave, has rapidly spread throughout the globe. Thanks to all types of Korean entertainment, I got to know South Korea much better and fell in love with this fantastic country. The next thing I knew, when I was in 10th grade, I felt an urge to study in South Korea. The notable cultures, variety kinds of food, excellent public transport systems, advanced technology and

  • Surreal Experience In Korea Essay

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    It was only like a blink of an eye when the Korean wave has reached its highest peak and conquered Philippine television. Many have adapted and have even lived out a lifestyle as in a Korean way. And I was one of the many. I was one of those who got captivated and became a huge fan of Korean Dramas. Full House, Winter Sonata, Empress Ki, My Love from the Star were among the Korean dramas I was totally crazy about. I was impressed how creative Koreans are when it comes to producing films with emotionally

  • Korean Audience Reception Theory

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    Numerous of Korean cultural products (K-Pop), comprising of television dramas, movies and songs gained extremely fame from the East to the Southeast Asian region, the end of 1990s. Furthermore, the Asian economic crisis in 1990s led to influenced Asian buyers to exercise Korean cultural products. In Indonesia, Korean drama series gain a promising reception from countless generation of fans. This snowballing number of Korean dramas flourished on various television stations in Indonesia.This study

  • K-Pop Case Study

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    1. Improved K-pop Show Contents Since the globalization of K-pop, the demand for Korean popular music contents has been diversified throughout Asia. To meet the needs of fans wanting to see K-pop stars directly before them, Korean production companies, broadcasting companies and non-profit foundations increased overseas performances and prepared for alternative channels such as internet live-streams. But they could neither satisfy fans in quantity nor in quality. K-pop fans in Asia did not enjoy

  • And Symbolism In Nathaniel Hawthorne's 'The Ocean'

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    Have you ever swam in the ocean? Ever fought against the waves? Have you ever felt its intensity?? Oceans can be quite treacherous and rigid, but once you sink down beneath the water, all is calm and peaceful. In “The Ocean” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, he paints an image of this by illustrating the waters and the men at sea. Men at sea are represented by showing the journey they fought on the Ocean but how after they died they were at peace. By using symbolism, rhyme, and personification, Hawthorne develops

  • Short Essay On Radio Waves

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    What are waves? Scientifically, waves transfer energy through vibration from one area to another. Some types of waves need a medium in which to travel through; these waves are called mechanical waves. Other types of waves do not need a medium in which to travel through, they can travel in empty space; these waves are called electromagnetic waves. Mainly, there are two types of how the particles in the waves vibrate, they are called transverse waves and longitudinal waves. The particles in transverse

  • Examples Of Resilience In Laura Hillenbrand's Book 'Unbroken'

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    The determination to live comes from human nature. But the urge of giving up when we come across a difficult problem is also a part of human nature. There a few people in this world that have the characteristics of resilience. As author Kendra Cherry describes them, "People that are able to keep their cool have what psychologists call resilience, or an ability to cope with problems and setbacks" (Source A; Cherry, 1). An example of someone who has the characteristics of resilience is a bombardier

  • Descriptive Essay About Surfing

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    After a few waves I started understanding why stance is so important while surfing. While I was still falling a lot I was beginning to be able to stand up more and more. I began being able to ride waves more and more until finally the stars aligned, the heavens were kind, the sea was gentile with me and I rode a wave all the way. It was amazing. In looking at the video my dad took it looks awkward and unimpressive

  • Standing Waves

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    Investigating The Variation of Wavelenght on Standing Waves: The Relationship between the Tension and the Wavelenght of a Standing Wave Research Question: How is the wavelenght of a standing wave dependent on the tension applied on the string? Hypothesis: If the tension on the string increases, the wavelenght of the standing wave will increase. Aim: To investigate the relationship between the Tension and the Wavelenght of a Standing Wave. Introduction: As a musician myself, I have always

  • Essay On Ultrasonic Testing

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    testing techniques based on the propagation of ultrasonic waves in the material tested. It uses very short ultrasonic pulse and waves with center frequencies ranging from 0.1-15 MHz. Ultrasonic testing is often performed on steel and other metal alloys, though it can be used on other materials like wood, concrete etc. Figure 3: Principle of ultrasonic testing Principle of ultrasonic testing. LEFT: A probe sends a sound wave into a test material. There are two indications, one from the

  • Essay On Waves

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    heard of the word wave, as in the ocean waves but it turns out that the term wave has another meaning, a scientific one. Waves are all around us. How do you think you hear people when they speak? Also how do water waves form? It’s all because of waves. A wave can be described as a disturbance that travels through a medium from one place to another. There are three types of waves longitudinal, transverse and surface waves. Longitudinal waves can also be called p-waves. Longitudinal waves are when particles