Landform Essays

  • Difference Between Icy And Snowy

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    Icy and Snowy I am from Almaty the ex-capital city of Kazakhstan. Overther we have all four seasons, summer, winter, outumn and spring. Our city is well know for it’s buty and wounderfull mountais, and you can even get on top of the them. Whenever I used to go there I would see a lot of groups of people from different countries. But the meain seosan when all people would deffinetly get there is winter because many peole are passsioaned about skiing and snowboarding or just having a ejoyable time

  • Landforms In Canada

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    All of these landforms have distinct features that separate them apart from each other. For example, the Interior Plains contain very flat regions of land suitable for growing crops, while the Great Lakes/Saint Lawrence Lowlands contain large bodies of fresh water. As a result of these diverse landform regions, a large amount of natural resources are available to Canada for usage. Likewise, the diversity of landform regions also increases the amount of biodiversity that is available within Canada

  • Argumentative Essay: Why Fishing Should Be Banned?

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    Have you ever thought about how fish are caught? Trawling is one type of fishing, it is a method of fishing that uses a large weighted net, and drags it along the seafloor crushing everything in its path. Trawling is used in many protected areas, destroying them, causing them to become dead zones. These zones are called dead zones because they are filled with toxic sediment which makes the areas uninhabitable. There are three main reasons why trawling should be banned. First, it is a very wasteful

  • The Sea In Beowulf

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    A constant and pertinent literary metaphor used throughout Beowulf, translated by Charles W Kennedy, is that of the sea. The sea in Beowulf is a single object that not only acts as a place for entertaining battles, but also serves as a plot device that reveals the poem’s contrasting views on religion and death. It also gives validity to Beowulf’s position of power, playing a vital role in his character development, as well as the development of the plot. It is vital for Beowulf, as the poem’s main

  • Examples Of Cultural Values In Australia

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    Value What does it mean? Australian examples (use textbook and think of your own) Cultural If a landform has cultural value, it means that it is important to a place 's culture and to people of different cultures who express their love for the landform through creative means like poetry. Uluru has cultural value, especially to the Aboriginal people in Australia as many of their dreamtimes stories refer to how Uluru was formed. Mount Wellington is an example of cultural value because it is one

  • Cultural Value Analysis

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    1. Using the reading, complete the following table Value What does it mean? Australian examples (use textbook and think of your own) Cultural If a landform has cultural value, it means that it is important to a place 's culture and to people of different cultures who express their love for the landform through creative means like poetry. Uluru has cultural value, especially to the Aboriginal people in Australia as many of their dreamtimes stories refer to how Uluru was formed. Mount Wellington

  • Plate Tectonics Movement

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    continents slowly drifted apart. Underneath the earth are plate tectonics, and when the earth drifts apart the plate tectonics move and cause many things to happen. Many of our landforms were created because of this. Three examples are volcanos, earthquakes, and mountains. To begin, volcanos are a great example of landforms being created by the movement of plate tectonics. When the plate tectonics move, it causes pressure inside the earth that creates volcanoes. “The pressure inside the earth forces

  • Blue Mountains Research Paper

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    tourist attraction, and is listed as Australia’s 14th World Heritage Area. The formation of the landform, rock types present, the age, and Aboriginal legends connected to the landscape will all be considered. Overview of the Blue Mountains The Blue Mountains is a spectacular landform in New South Wales. It is extremely broad with the elevation of the highest point as 1,362 metres. The landform itself is a sandstone plateau. Within the Blue Mountains there are many tourist sites, including

  • Kakadu National Park Research Paper

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    2007. It is recognised for its cultural and natural elements. The people, land formations, flora and fauna, and most incredible physical attributes are what create the beautiful park. Landform Kakadu national park is covered with many different types of landforms. In Kakadu National Park there are six main landforms: the Arnhem Land plateau and escarpment, outliers, lowlands, southern hills and basins, the floodplains and the tidal flats. The Arnhem Land plateau and escarpment is commonly known as

  • Equator: Hottest Point On Earth

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    Equator- 0˚ on the latitude scale, the hottest point on earth The equator is the hottest point on earth because it gets the most direct sunlight. The equator is 0˚ latitude on grids on maps, and divides the north and south hemispheres. The equator passes through Ecuador, Columbia, Indonesia, and a lot more. The reason the equator is the hottest point on earth is because earth is a sphere. The equator is always closest to the sun, giving it the most direct sunlight, making it the hottest.

  • Swot Analysis Of Yosemite

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    CLIMATE Yosemite is famous for it’s “Mediterranean” climate with most precipitation occurring during the winters. Other months are nearly dry, with less than 3% precipitation during the Spring Summer and Fall,. Average temperatures range from 25 °F (−4 °C) to 53 °F (12 °C) at Tuolumne Meadows at 8,600 feet. At elevations below 5,000 feet, temperature is comparatively warm. The mean daily temperature at Yosemite Valley (elevation 3,966 feet or 1,209 metres) varies from 46 - 90 °F (8 to 32 °C)

  • Essay On Plate Tectonics

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    Plate tectonics, the cause of many, many natural disasters and landforms. The shifting of tectonic plates can cause earthquakes, mountains, volcanoes, mid-oceanic ridges, and oceanic trenches, depending on the direction the plates move. Though it seems they have such a large effect on Earth itself, the most affected thing being Earth’s organisms. These organisms have evolved to be able to live in these conditions, be it on top of mountains or deep below the surface of the ocean. These creatures

  • Canadian Shield Research Paper

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    Greeting  Fellow tourists My name is Moses Trotman and today i will be talking about the Canadian Shield .Did you know that the Canadian shield is a landform region that covers more than half of Canada ?, located in northeast Alberta, northern Saskatchewan, northern Manitoba, southern Northwest Territories, Ontario, Quebec, and Newfoundland. Weather and Climate The climate in the Canadian Shield region varies throughout the year. The Canadian Shield region gets 200-300 mm of rain in summer,

  • Into The West Summary

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    Collins, T. L. (2014). Into the west. North Mankato, MN: Capstone Press. Into the West is a great book to use in this unit because it focuses on not just what happened during the U.S. westward expansion but also the causes and effects of it. For the unit, it would show students not only what happened, but the effects of the expansion west. It’s rated by the Northwest Area Education Agency as a low intermediate level, meaning it is perfect for a 5th grade classroom. It is available for loan from

  • Descriptive Essay: Sirmilik National Parks In Canada

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    Sirmilik National Park is located in northeastern Nunavut and is one of the most isolated, yet marvelous national parks in Canada. It was officially established in 1999 and holds on to 22,250km2 of land. To begin, the word “sirmilik” means “place of glaciers” in Inuktitut. One form of these glaciers are cirque glaciers (bowl-like carves). They have influenced the mountainous areas of this park. They have created sharp peaks, ridges (depicted at top of my poster), and valleys/cliffs (depicted on the

  • How Do Glaciers Affect The Rocky Mountains

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    How glaciers affect the Rocky Mountains Intro The Rocky Mountains are located in the South West Canada and the North West America all through to central New Mexico. The highest peak of the Rocky Mountains is 14,255 ft. above sea level (encyclopedia). A brief history of the rocky mountain is that the way they were formed during the Mesozoic era when an earthquake occurred involving the plate from the ocean and the plate from the continental running into each other. The Oceanic plate is pushed under

  • Reaction Paper About The Bahamas

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    glance around I see the oceans dark blue shimmering body of saltwater, and tall dark brown palm trees. The Bahamas three major landforms are, the largest point which is positioned on Cat Island, where limestone rock rises to 63 m over sea level, The islands were mostly made by the disintegration of seashells and coral reefs, and low scrub covers much of their surface. The landform look like, the Bahamas are a class of nearly 700 circle like coral islands, and little, low islands composed largely of sand

  • Plato's Story Of Atlantis, The Lost Civilization

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    Emma Layman Henderson English 9 April 14, 2016 Atlantis, the lost civilization The story of Atlantis dates back thousands of years ago and was developed into a well-known legend by the philosopher Plato, who first heard the story from his Grandfather. In Plato’s story, the Greek god Poseidon created an island for his new wife to protect her from harm. They raised five sons. The oldest son, Atlas, ruled over the civilization of Atlantis. According to the story, one tragic night of fire and flood

  • Essay On Iceland

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    ocean and just below the Arctic circle. It is still part of Europe but is 645 miles away. North West of Iceland is the strait of Denmark, to the North East if the greenland sea, and to the East is the is the Norwegian sea. There are many different landforms in iceland that have formed over a long period of time. There are mountains and mountain ranges made from volcanoes. There are also rivers that make beautiful waterfalls. There is a giant plateau in iceland that is 2000 feet high. Also iceland has

  • Aztec Geography Chapter 1 Summary

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    Geographical Setting: What continent? What Landforms? What important Places? The Aztecs lived in the north of Mexico. They arrived in 1325 to Tectnotilan which is now present day, Mexico City. They lived on a small lake island. Since of the very little space they turned swamps into their own. Their geography had a great impact on their culture because they had to adapt to their surroundings. Political (Leadership, citizenship, decision-making institutions) In 1502, Montezuma the 2nd became