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  • Hullabaloo In The Guava Orchard

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    Well known critic Matthew Arnold says ‘literature is criticism of life’. Life of human being depends upon nature. So nature and literature having intimate relationship goes hand in hand. Literature reflects everything happening around us. Nature is origin of all sciences. Any branch of science can’t be studied without study of natural elements. Literary field is also not exception. Not any writer could keep himself away from beauty of nature and its depiction in literature. Since pre-independence

  • Room On The Roof Analysis

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    ‘The Room on The Roof’ by Ruskin Bond is one of his wonderful novels which describes the story of an orphan sixteen-year-old boy named Rusty who lived with his guardian Mr. John Harrison in Dehradun and reflects that despite of being lived in an isolated area under British Empire the boy had an great interest in Indian people and traditions and wanted to break-free from the strict rules of his guardian to keep away from the Indians and also shows that how some strangers become a part of one’s life

  • The Jungle Book Report

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    A Book can transport you to a world of its own, away from your reality. These Books are designed to make you experience a longing to go to places all around India, and what's more, they are not even really fictional! Keep your backpacks ready with everything you need- •Rudyard Kipling The book, 'Kim' follows the story of teenage Kim, son of an Irish immigrant and ‘friend of all the world’, who travels the roads of India with his guru, an elderly Tibetan lama on a spiritual quest for a river of

  • The Theme Of Nature In John Steinbeck's The Red Pony

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    Have you ever experienced the moment when you feel you are powerless against the law of nature? For example, death is something that every living thing on the Earth will face at some point of its life and something that people can never control. The Red Pony written by John Steinbeck is a novel filled with symbolic events and lessons about nature’s indifference to man. According to Steinbeck, all nature, including human beings, is inseparably bound together. While the stories of the book are full

  • Rita Wong Forage Poem

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    Rita Wong’s “offering” to Zhi Ma Wu, the Bygone Black Sludge of Nature Rita Wong’s Forage is powerful and unrelenting in its position against chemical harms on the environment, but this stance is not made obvious until after the poem “offering.” This delay is due to Wong’s first paying tribute to the death of the naturally grown, as represented by zhi ma wu, whilst the world progresses toward to the genetically modified. The title of “offering” and Wong’s heritage as a Chinese Canadian alludes to