Landscape Essays

  • Rembrandt Van Rijn's Landscape With A Stone Bridge

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    genre, for instance, history, portrait, and landscape. Landscape paintings are those, which either only show or place greater emphasis on the natural surroundings such as rivers, mountains, and trees. This genre was popular among the ancient Greeks and Romans but later faded in and out of favor. Landscape paintings in Europe were revived during the 16th century while in East Asia they had already become a separate genre around the 10th century (Landscape Painting in Chinese Art, A Brief History).

  • Loneliness In Samurai's Garden

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    them have different gardens one is beautiful and full of flowers but the other is dry with no flowers. Here's what Sachi's garden is described as . "There were no trees, flowers, or water, only landscape made of sand, stones, rocks, and some pale green moss which covered the shaded areas... A dry landscape." (Gail Tsukiyama page 40). Sachi tells us even though her life was "dry" because of her leprosy she still shows her way of beauty through stones in her garden. When

  • Analysis Of Short Story 'Boys And Girls' By Alice Munro

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    Phrabakar and K. Venkat Satish (2011) said that, “Alice Munro is a forthright feminist fiction writer who uses the short story form as a medium to portray the sad conditions of women living in the landscape of small town, Ontario, Canada where she has been brought up and her stories voice woman’s feeling towards society from feminist perspective”. So, ‘Boys and Girls’ short story highlighted the issue of feminism the most in which at that time, society

  • Compare And Contrast The Architecture Of Thomas Cole And Louis Sullivan

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    hopes of how nature and society (or civilization) would interact in the future of America in the 19th Century. While Louis Sullivan sought a new reconciliation of nature and society, Thomas Cole, saddened by the increasing replacement of natural landscape with Man’s built environment, called for Man to develop a greater appreciation for the untouched natural world he found so compelling. Louis Sullivan felt that the collision of nature and Man brought a new opportunity to create a form of architecture

  • Nostalgia In Midnight In Paris

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    Most of us sometimes evoke nostalgic feelings from our past. When people are exhausted to their present, they often imagine going back to not only the distant past but also the recent time. For instance, college seniors who have about one year for graduating would miss the time when they just entered a university. Also, some office workers would look back on the past longing for their old school days. Likewise, many people often pine for the past, the time they think that they would feel happier

  • Descriptive Essay On Chattswood Park

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    Chatswood Park is located at 35 Orchard Road, Chatswood in the greater New South Wales Region. It covers an area of approximately 2.6 hectares. The open space consists of public toilets, a fenced playground with many shaded park trees, equipment for exercise, a skate park, picnic sites and is topped off with mosaic murals which were designed by Sally Portnoy. The park was named after the Chatswood estate of the late Richard Hayes. The vast land that it is now was acquired in 1898 and further acquisition

  • Hills Like White Elephants Rhetorical Analysis

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    In the short story “Hills Like White Elephants,” by Ernest Hemingway, there is a relationship unfolding, a complex relationship difficult to understand. The relationship is revealed by a conversation between a man and a woman, a topic of conversation that people rarely discussed in the period that the story was set. After researching interpretations, it is consistently said “She is pregnant, and he wants her to have an abortion” (Weeks 76), to which I agree that this conversation is about abortion

  • Narrative Techniques In The Lovely Bones

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    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to look down from heaven after you were murdered, and see the people who loved you try and figure out your murder? The Lovely Bones, written by Alice Sebold, pulls readers in with its vivacious storyline to find out who killed the main character. The story takes place in Norristown, Pennsylvania, and it follows a teenage girl, named Susie Salmon, who watches from her heaven, as her family struggles to find out her killer. In conclusion, Alice Sebold uses many

  • Trarilonco Xarilogko Essay

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    In addition, the printed fabric has been used as a metaphor for the Chilean society and the way it functions in comparison to the Australian society. The distinct pattern a hybrid design in itself, composed of scattered red roses similar to roses found on teacups and a strange infrequent brown and grey checkered design possibly used in patchwork. The organisation of the design has its own methodology belonging to the designer, however the methodology is unknown and incomprehensible, similar to

  • The Mediterranean Landscape

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    the Mediterranean landscape, one should ask themselves: what is a landscape? In an English Oxford dictionary, one can see that the definition of landscape is ‘all the visible features of an area of land, often considered in terms of their aesthetic appeal.’ There is more to the landscape than just land and features; it is the place where existing political and cultural differences or similarities manifest themselves into creating a mixture of places, which is seen as a landscape (Olwig, 2007). Currently

  • Suburban Landscape

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    The piece of art I selected is a one called Suburban Landscape. An artist by the name of Alan Barden produced this in the year 1982. It comprises a collection of three paintings, the first two created with what I believe to be acrylic paint and the final one with oil. I found this work of art at the Baron and Ellin Gordon Art Gallery. In the painting Suburban Landscape, I see 3 distinct places within a neighborhood. Lines are used throughout all three paintings. In paintings one and two you they

  • The Australian Landscape

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    The Australian landscape has for long been an enigma to composers especially to poets. Its juxtaposed hostility, but at the same time sublime beauty has provoked poets like Judith Wright to represent the landscape as both a friend and an enemy to people. Wright relies heavily on the motif of the climatic conditions to support her representation of the innate connectivity that people have with the Australian Landscape. Through her poems Hawthorne Hedge and Flame Tree in a Quarry, Wright presents a

  • The Southern Landscape

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    “The Southern Landscape served as Umbilical cord to the African Americans albeit the hardships in their real or fictionalized life” The journey of the African Americans from their homeland to New World is riddled with hardship, pain and inhumane treatment meted out by their masters. Being treated as slaves; chained and violently treated they landed in the Southern part of US with hopes of building a new life, new future. They continued to struggle in their new land only to be transported from one

  • Australian Landscape

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    The Australian landscape, along with the international influences that have been placed upon it, provides profound potential for local architects to utilise international connections, particularly when considering the tectonic. In response to this, critics often discuss the affinity of local architects with foreign and international ideas when responding to local conditions. This paper will explore two such architects, looking at the use of the vernacular by Glenn Murcutt, and his link of land and

  • Kettle Moraine Scholarship Essay

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    Kettle Moraine Scholarship Essay I am an undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin River Falls majoring in Horticulture focusing in Landscape Design with a 15 credit Business Emphasis. I am applying for this scholarship for two reasons. First, I am applying for this scholarship due to my financial need to pay for my tuition. I have paid for my entire tuition on my own with the help of loans, grants, scholarships, and paying out of pocket. The previous scholarships I have earned in high

  • Landscape With Icarus

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    the horizon, casting deep shadows over the landscape. On the top of the cliff a donkey pulls a wooden plough behind him, guided by a lone man in red surrounded by browns, blues, and greens. The cliff tapers off, falling gently to a beach by the water where a Shepard herds his sheep, pure white and full of wool, while they feast on the bright bushes. Crouched on the shoreline, a fisherman in white waits patiently for a catch. In Peter Brugel’s Landscape With The Fall Of Icarus, the land ends and

  • Aboriginal Landscape

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    Louise Glück’s poem, “Aboriginal Landscape” has a strong contrast between life and death, with no connections between them. In the beginning of the poem, the girl is in the real world. She says, “You’re stepping on your father, my mother said / indeed I was standing exactly in the center” (lines 1-2). The word “stepping” gives an automatic assumption that she is visiting her father at the cemetery with her mother looking at his grave. However, it does get a little confusing when she says, “although

  • Scene On The Catskill Creek Analysis

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    York with his family, which is what inspired him to paint many of the landscape paintings. Church took wilderness itself as his subject. The painting is quite fascinating because it pulls the viewer into the painting from my perspective. When I walked around in the museum, I almost gave up looking at all the paintings, sculptures and found Church’s painting at the last minute. Church dramatizes the beauty of the American landscape. Aesthetically looking at the painting, I can almost feel like

  • John Constable The Haywain

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    boarding school at Lavenham before enrolling in a school in Dedham. When Constable was young, he met with George Beaumont, which led to his career as an artist. Constable was inspired by Claude Lorrain’s landscape painting and later became known as the most accomplished landscape painter. Constable married Maria Bicknell in 1816. He did not sell his first painting until he was 39 years old. In 1821 he showed “The

  • Tarkovsky's Cinematic Landscape

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    The Great Dream of Nature in Tarkovsky’s Landscape Tarkovsky’s cinematic landscape serves as a conceptual means, exactly like the chôra, to express that which is inconceptualisable. In his book Sculpting in Time, Tarkovsky states that his films are not made to be deciphered as a set of signs and symbolisms, but “watched as one watches the stars, or the sea, as one admires a landscape. There is no mathematical logic here, for it cannot explain what man is or what is the meaning of life” . A paradox