Lauren Anderson Essays

  • Essay On Civilization In Huck Finn

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    Huckleberry Finn and Civilization Merriam Webster defines the act of being civilized as being brought “out of a savage, uneducated, or unrefined state,” (Webster) yet within The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huck’s interactions with supposedly civilized society depicts civilization as both savage and hypocritical. Although the members of educated society perceive themselves to be sophisticated and refined, whereas the lowest class members are viewed as barbaric, Huck’s encounters with Miss Watson

  • The Plot Archetype In A Little Romance

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    “The Quest” is because the plot of Lauren and Daniel fulfilling their goal directly imitates the archetype. Sparked by the incident of Julius telling Lauren and Daniel about the legend of kissing under the Bridge of Sighs, Lauren and Daniel’s quest is to kiss follow the legend in order to seal their love forever. Two lessons were taught in A Little Romance: the importance of keeping love alive and determination in spite of all odds. For example, when Lauren continues to see Daniel despite her

  • Stop Kiss Analysis

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    inspiration. The talented cast, dedicated crew, and intricate set were the greatest assets and exemplified precision, depth, and boldness. Set in New York City, Stop Kiss starts off with Callie (Lauren Prentiss), an indecisive traffic reporter who lives alone, being visited by Sara (Rosie Anderson), a gutsy third grade teacher. Sara, who boldly moved to New

  • Swot Analysis Of David Jones

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    Identify the company and the type of products/services it sells David Jones is an Australian company, it was founded in 1838. The company was created by David Jones, who was a welsh immigrant. David jones is claimed to be one of the oldest running department store in the world still operating under its original name. It currently has 39 stores located in most Australian states. David Jones sells anything from homeware to the latest fashionable clothes. They sell products from brands such as, Country

  • Deadly Theatre In Peter Brook's The Empty Space

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    “The Empty Space”, a book written by the director Peter Brook outlines his four theories of theatre each that evokes a different meaning, Deadly, Holy, Rough and Immediate. In his opinion, Deadly Theatre is the most common type of theatre, which fails to modernize, instruct or even entertain. This style concentrates on the act of imitation by mimicking successes from the past and relying on old schemes instead of exploring the deeper meaning from the text (Brook, Peter). However, Shylock, a character

  • Filippa Hamilton Stereotypes

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    Ralph Lauren released an image of model Filippa Hamilton promoting their blue label jeans. However, in the advertisement Hamilton is digitally altered to the point where her head is large than her waist, making Hamilton no longer look like herself. Many people look to models in advertisements for inspiration even though most images are heavily photoshopped. In society, there is the perfect body type; flat stomach, slender waist, long legs, and large bust. Many companies, like Ralph Lauren, release

  • Femininity In The Little Mermaid

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    The Little Mermaid: Hegemonic Femininity The transition from a girl to a woman is created by the socially constructed ideals of femininity often depicted in commercials, books, and mainly films. One of the famous animated princess Disney films, The Little Mermaid can be easily added to yet another Disney film portraying hegemonic femininity. In the 1989 film The Little Mermaid, (Ron Clements, John Musker) a beautiful, young mermaid is willing to make a risky deal with an evil sea-witch because she

  • The Mirror In Hamlet

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    In the beginning of the play there should be a long shot with the actor’s head and feet. Hamlet- a prince who is not insane speaks with the accent of a prince and with the rhythm of an intellectual. He never mumbles and his voice gains speed and depth the more upset he because. Hamlet takes the dagger out of his pocket. The light flashes to a scene of King Claudius with someone holding a dagger to his throat. This flash happens within half of a second but has the right effect on the viewer.  The

  • The Prince Of Tides Analysis

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    The text under analysis entitled “Susan” belongs to the emotive prose style and to the genre of short story. It is an excerpt /ˈek.sɜːpt/ from the novel “The Prince of Tides” written by Pat Conroy. This episode takes place in a concert hall and is told from the perspective of the main character, and consequently protagonist, Tom. The story tells the reader about the relationships between Tom and the other characters, his sister’s psychiatrist by the name Susan, her husband called Herbert, Monique

  • Discussion Of The Poem 'Phenomenal Woman' By Maya Angelou

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    The poem 'Phenomenal Woman' begins with directly addressing the stereotypes that are placed on women in society. This is done when Angelou states what she feels a woman's qualities are supposed to be by saying. 'I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size' which shows the reader that while she might be aware of the pressures and expectations that are placed on women, she is not willing to conform to these; an idea that comes from the fact that the first stanza is based around her successes

  • Comparative Essay On Atonement

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    Much like in Ian McEwan’s atonement, Disney’s Frozen is a story about a wrongly accused hero and the repercussions that follow. In both texts, Context and perspective dictate how the reader views any specific character at any given time, this is shown in atonement when Robbie is falsely accused of the rape of Lola, much like when at the beginning of Frozen when the reader see’s Hans as a well-meaning prince, but as the context and perspective changes it puts these characters into the spotlight in

  • Huck Finn Freedom Theme

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    Defining Freedom as found in the themes of Huckleberry Finn “ The truth is that I love feeling alive. I love feeling free. So if I can’t have those things I feel like a caged animal. I’d rather be dead. And it’s real simple. And I think it’s not that uncommon.” Angelina Jolie defines her idea of freedom as having independence in life without the feeling of being enclosed in a rigid civilization. This quote directs to Jim and Huck’s pursuit of freedom as they begin their journey to escape from social

  • The Theme Of Friendship In 'A Separate Peace' By John Knowles

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    Friendship~ in A Separate Peace by John knowles One cannot be friends with someone who they see as a competition or a threat to their success. The story A Separate Peace by John Knowles is a coming of age realistic fiction novel. It is set in 1842 during World War II at an all boys academy; Devon School. The boys there are trained to join the army. Once they reach the age of 18, they are recruited into the army and have to fight for the country. The story displays the negative aspects of friendship

  • Overcoming Stereotypes In The Scarlet Letter And The Crucible By Nathaniel Hawthorne

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    As the crowd watches, Hester Prynn, holding an infant, walks down from the prison door and makes her way to the scaffold, where she is to be publicly condemned. Both The Scarlet Letter and The Crucible were intended to teach and instruct through didactic texts. The authors conveyed this through bringing attention to specific details and the decisions of the characters in their writing. Three lessons that were included in both the play and the novel were the overcoming of the stereotypes and bias

  • Bayard Civil War Quotes

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    Bayard puts distance between himself and his father’s legacy by leaving to go college as a Law Major. Since the day Bayard and Ringo killed Grumby and nailed his body to the old compress, Bayard has struggled with the reality that he took someone’s life. This event makes him realize how much death the war had caused. As well as the war, Colonel Sartoris was the cause of many deaths because of his vengeful nature. As Bayard is readying to leave Professor Wilkins' house he realizes he is the head of

  • Pros And Cons Of Fatherless

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    Fatherless Children are Destined for Doom Fatherless: having no father because he is dead or absent from the home. Fatherlessness is becoming a natural thing for many children in the United States; this is not okay. Fatherlessness leads to gang association, drug/alcohol intake, young pregnancies, violence, and dropping out of school. If women would wait for decent men and get married first, and men would get married first and take roles in their children’s lives many of these issues would resolve

  • Why Do Drugs Be Panned In Sports

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    Panning Drugs in Sports A healthy mind come from a healthy body, this quote is used a lot whenever people want to live healthy and become disease free because having a good health have become a hard thing among people. There are many types of people in this world, there are people who are interested in nutrition and there are people who are interested in sports and nutrition. Those types of people are considered in the very top level of their good health, but having a very good health comes with

  • Analysis Of An Awakenings In Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg Ohio

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    In Sherwood Anderson’s novel, “Winesburg Ohio”, he writes a chapter named “An Awakening” to display George Willard’s progression in his maturity. The chapter is named “An Awakening” because it shows George Willard going through two “awakenings” which both help him mature and bring him a step closer to becoming a “man”. The first “awakening” happens after George goes to a bar for a drink. While clearly intoxicated, he starts having conceited thoughts; these thoughts caused him to not only mutter words

  • Case Study Bhopal Union Carbide

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    Julie Maldonado BA406-01 Professor Filomena Cantoria Chapter 1 WAC #1: Bhopal-Union Carbide Background The Bhopal-Union Carbide case occurred in India where approximately 2,000 led to deaths and 200,000 resulted in injuries on the nights of December 2 and 3 in the year of 1984. The source of these loss and damages was from the deadly methyl isocyanate gas that leaked from the Union Carbide plant which was an inflammable toxic chemical utilized to produce pesticides. Unfortunately, the small huts

  • Cry, The Beloved Country

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    The book Cry, The Beloved Country tells the story of Stephen Kumalo, a priest from Ndtoshemi, in search for his son. It describes the despair of characters and shows how our choices can affect others other than ourselves. In his novel Cry, The Beloved Country, Alan Paton uses the metaphor of a phoenix to emphasize the destruction of the tribe but also Stephen Kumalo 's intention to mend the tribe and the metaphor of the storm to show Stephen Kumalo 's struggle throughout the story. Stephen Kumalo