Lesbian Essays

  • Lesbian Kinship In Kerala

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    SITUATING KINSHIP: AN ANALYSIS OF LESBIAN RELATIONS IN KERALA Recently I read a book on Lesbian Kinship in Kerala named, ‘Mithyakalkkapuram Swavarga Laimgikatha Keralathil’ (2004) which means ‘Beyond all illusions, same- sex relations in Kerala’, a collection of essays written about Lesbian relations and several controversies on the topic in the state of Kerala. The title of the book itself is an answer to the question of why lesbian/ gay relations are unsettling for a majority of people in Kerala

  • Should Gays And Lesbians Be Allowed To Adopt Essay

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    Should gays and lesbians be allowed to adopt? This is a hard question for the government also for many reasons. One reason is higher child abuse rates. Same-sex parents tend to neglect their child or children. Their tends to be more sexual abuse in a same sex couple. Gays and lesbians should not be allowed to adopt. Gays and lesbians should not be allowed to adopt because of higher child abuse rates, neglect, and sexual abuse. If the child goes to school and sees or hears about all the other children’s

  • What Are The Disadvantages Of Being An American Citizen

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    their community they have earned the rights that they know they have as an American. Unfortunately, not every American citizen is given equal rights to the fullest extent. Gay and lesbian families are constantly being denied rights that a typical American citizen wouldn’t think twice about. Law abiding gay and lesbian citizens have a disadvantage from other people, not because they are breaking laws or doing anything wrong but because unaffected parties don’t accept their sexual orientation and cause

  • Homosexuality In Singapore

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    commented that Singapore is not ready for same sex marriage as “the society is basically a conservative one” (Wong, 2015). It is a fact that Singapore is a conservative state, where most people have traditional views on gay culture. However, since the lesbian, gay, bisexual and

  • Social Construction Of Identity Essay

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    Socially constructed identities are utilized to identify who we are and to oppress individuals, especially if they do not conform to those identities or are coming from an intersecting identity. Sometimes on the journey to establish identity and sense of self battles are faced in terms of oppression, acceptance, and silence. All of these variables, in accordance with intersectionality, can make it very difficult for someone to identify themselves or for others to identify them. When an individual

  • The Pros And Cons Of Same Sex Parenting

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    Gay parenting has been viewed various ways by society, some view it as awful, and some stand somewhere in between. Same sex parenting has been around since for a few decades, yet not publicly acknowledged until about 2010 when same sex partners started fighting for the right to legally care for the wellbeing of a child. It is strongly believed by some in society that one man and one woman should raise a family in a home that consist of a married couple, man and a woman, and their natural born or

  • The Watermelon Woman Analysis

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    Woman, write about how creation of such oppositional gaze on screen contributes to the creation of a black queer/lesbian memory. The Watermelon Woman film created an interacial lesbian gaze that will be unforgettable for me due to how attracted these two women were to each other and the events that the gaze lead to. How, as it were, could a film like The Watermelon Woman build up a lesbian, black female gaze. Something that I don’t think has ever been spoken to on the screen

  • Cather Love Queer History Analysis

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    The queer historical past has been characterized positively, with aspects such as identification, desire, longing, and love highlighted (31). In contrast, Heather Love seeks to focus on the negative aspects that characterize the relationship of queer history amid the past and present, in her work, “Emotional Rescue: The demands of Queer History,” the first chapter in her book, “Feeling Backward: Loss and the Politics of Queer History” (31-32). According to Love, some queer critics have failed to

  • Persuasive Essay On Gay Discrimination

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    Every member of the LGBT+ community has been fighting against the discrimination flung at them since day one. You might be asking yourself, "Gay marriage was legalized in the US, so are they still oppressed?" According to the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, 72 countries have anti-LGBT laws and in 12, queerness is punishable by death. On June 12, 2016, 49 people were killed in Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. On August 12, 2016, trans rights activist

  • Shame And Self-Acceptance In Dorothy Allison's Trash

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    allows the reader to delve into the personal and dark times in her life. As well as the highlights and strong points in her life. Allison’s mental dissension is portrayed through her family’s poverty, unrealistic expectations of society, and her lesbian identity. Allison struggles with her self-acceptance greatly in the chapter titled “Mama”, here it is made

  • David Levithan's Society: Conformity And Individualism In Society

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    Conformity and Individualism in Society In our daily lives, we live on to progress and shape ourselves to become who we want to be. We witness the people we’re closest to change over time, and we view their decay while we grow. Our friends eventually over time get separated from us, and we’re beginning to get into adulthood. From there on we’re trying to support ourselves, and a family if we decide to have one. We live on to watch our children grow up, and when that task is accomplished, then death

  • Persuasive Essay On Gay Marriage

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    A marriage is a kind of relationship between two people that fall in love with each other; it is also the ultimate expression of love and the way they have been recognized their relationship from family and society. “Same-sex marriage, also known as gay marriage, is the marriage between people of the same sex, either as a secular civil ceremony or in a religious setting.” (Wikipedia) The only difference between a same-sex marriage and an opposite-sex marriage is the sex of the groom and the bridge

  • Essay On Adultery Law

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    I believe that this is a sensitive topic for both genders and I don’t have adequate knowledge to state whether absolutely agree or disagree with the abolition of adultery law. So, considering from what I understand and believe is that if we are seeing married couples just as living creatures falling in love and cheating, I agree with the abolition of adultery law because it’s not the public business to handle. At the same time, we as humans, we can’t really control our emotions and feelings of love

  • Hindu Wedding Ceremony Analysis

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    The details of the wedding ceremony suggest a lot of information about the communication style that is taking place throughout the ceremony. One type of information that is demonstrated throughout the ceremony is the idea of the Hindu religion being part of a high context culture. High context cultures are cultures that do not explicitly transmit message but instead meaning is implied by the environment (Lustig & Koester, 2013). The Hindu wedding ceremony is full of these indirect messages that

  • Fumiko Enchi Masks Character Analysis

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    The Relation of Life and Fiction in Modern Japanese Literature Second Paper Fumiko Enchi, Masks Masks by Fumiko Enchi is a novel which depicts outstanding female characters who behave far from how a traditional, good woman should behave. These characters are the center of the story, a story which revolves mainly around Mieko, even though one might think when starting to read the book that the main plot is about Yasuko and her two potential lovers, Ibuki and Mikame. Far from that, the story gains

  • Same Love Analysis

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    2.9 Personal Response Chelsea Sherry-Tau Title: Same Love Singer/Songwriter: Macklemore featuring Ryan Lewis Text: Song When the song, Same Love, was released in 2012 by rappers and singers Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, there was a lot of controversy within social media about whether the song spoke of good or bad morals. The song’s intention is to educate those in society who still don’t understand how to gain equality for homosexuals and how to accept everybody’s sexual preferences. I appreciated

  • Definition Essay: What Does Marriage Means

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    NAME- AMANDEEP KAUR STUDENT NUMBER- A01060475 DEFINATION ESSAY A) DEFINE MARRIAGE. DOES IT APPLY TO GAYS? ANSWER-“Marriage is the mutual relationship of married person either a man and woman or a same sex people”. It is the best relation in the world in which two people lived together and understand the problems, difficulties, share feelings and give respect to each other. Marriage is varied between the countries according to our traditions and cultures

  • Heckler's Veto Speech

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    To begin, it is important to understand the history and jurisprudence behind what led The Court to set protections for controversial speech: the heckler’s veto. The heckler’s veto is defined by the Court as a situation in which a crowd disagrees with a speaker at an event and drowns the speaker’s message by disrupting the event. There are three elements that make up a situation leading to the heckler’s veto. The first one is a potential or actual speaker, second, an audience part of which is somehow

  • Beauvoir The Lesbian Analysis

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    “People are always ready to see the lesbian as wearing a felt hat, her hair short, and a necktie; her mannishness is seen as an abnormality indicating a hormonal imbalance” (De Beauvoir, 479). With this quote French feminist writer, Simone the Beauvoir, starts her chapter on “The Lesbian” in her book The Second Sex (1949). It is peculiar that the stereotype of the masculine lesbian can still be found in contemporary popular culture and literature, yet slightly altered to a more contemporary version

  • Should Single People Adopt A Kid Essay

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    Galvez Gustavo Page 1 Why single people should adopt a kid Around the world there are lots of people that are single. Some of the single people really want to adopt a kid and start a family of their own. The single people that wanted to have a kid but couldn't have a kid either they couldn’t have a kid because they have problems. People that are single really wanted to have a kid but the might not be sure what kind of papers he or she need in order to adopt a kid. Mostly it's the females that want