LGBT Essays

  • Controversial LGBT Advertising

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    this was unnecessary, the LGBT community found this marketing strategy inspirational, and determined to support the “gay-friendly businesses.” Through the years, the social values have changed, which has caused the enhancement of gay and lesbian couples being shown in advertisements. The research in this article was to examine the LGBT consumers’ spend brand loyalty to these companies and spending habits. Also, there was research done on these companies toward the LGBT marketing demographic and policies

  • Suicide In The Lgbt Community

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    In recent years, there has been growing support for the LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and other) community; however despite this there is still quite an epidemic within the community itself. Tragically, suicide is still a prevalent cause of death within the community and one that continues to churn out tragedy after tragedy. The recent suicides of Leelah Alcorn and Tyler Clementi have brought national attention to the need for preventative measures so that this does not continue. The

  • Lgbt Community Essay

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    bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) are members of every community across the United States. They are representative of every socioeconomic status, ethnicity, race, generation, and gender. However, LGBT individuals have historically and currently been an underserved population in healthcare. As more people in the U.S. openly identify as LGBT, approximately 10 million in 2016 (Gates, 2017), properly addressing sexual orientation and the unique health concerns of the LGBT population is necessary in

  • LGBT Advertising Analysis

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    The history of LGBT marketing is not that long. Even now it continues to be a controversial topic, and the brands that include men and women of different sexualities get criticism from more conservative crowd. However, the number of companies trying to appeal to this group of customers in the last decade is steadily growing. Advertisements featuring gay people are not always aimed only towards LGBT audience - actually, they are frequently used in order to elicit a stronger reaction from the general

  • Lgbt Informative Speech

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    LGBT When you hear the word LGBT, what comes to your mind? Some may tell you that being part of the LGBT is unnatural. Why? Is being gay, wrong? People think gays are like aliens, but it isn’t true. LGBT is a group of people that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. It’s been scientifically proven that being gay is natural. But why some people can’t accept the way they are? Many gay people have to go through hell in their families and even in their schools. Suicide is the leading

  • Discrimination Against LGBT

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    Discrimination and Bias Against LGBT In Schools and the Workplace Even in today’s society, the LGBT community is still oppressed, and discriminated against. Some of the worst places that the LGBT people are discriminated against are schools and workplaces. Some children as young as fifth grade are committing suicide, because people are discriminating, and oppressing them, because of their sexuality. In today’s world of acceptance, and loving, the LGBT community should not be oppressed, nor discriminated

  • LGBT Character Analysis

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    going to be a Pixar movie in the near future with an LGBT main character. Someone replied that LGBT has already prevalent in society and doesn’t need to be forced into the lives of others. Sexual identity has become more and more apparent over the past few years. Having an LGBT main character is possible and in no way is it wrong. Having this would not seem out-of-place in society because varying preferences are becoming more popular. The ratio of LGBT main characters on television to the amount of members

  • Crocodile LGBT Analysis

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    Introduction: What is the problem with the representation of the LGBTQ+ community in film? The main problem: that this is even a problem at all. The representation, or misrepresentation that is, has not gone unnoticed. “When gays and lesbians do appear on screen, it is more often than not in ways that uphold stereotypical notions, such as the ‘pansy’ male or the ‘hardboiled’ woman,” is how Mangin explains this dilemma. This statement holds truth, but it is only the beginning of addressing the

  • Discrimination Against LGBT Youths

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    Anti-gay peers terrorize LGBT youths by using words such as "faggot" or "gay". Those words are used in a negative sense to express either not cool or stupid. Blackman, G. (2008) clarified that it shows a greater sign of LGBT youth discrimination when the use of those words occur. The effects of physical abuse can be sensitive and widespread. An author said, namely Tracy, N. (2018) that normally it is characterized by a bruise but the long-lived effect may be severe. Example of this is post-traumatic

  • Discrimination In The LGBT Community

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    LGBT is shorthand for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. The LGB in this shorthand refers to different sexual orientations. Sexual orientation is defined as an often enduring pattern of emotional, romantic and/or sexual attractions of men to women or women to men (heterosexual), of women to women or men to men (homosexual), or by men or women to both sexes (bisexual). It also refers to an individual’s sense of personal and social identity based on those attractions, related behaviors and membership

  • Lgbt Persuasive Speech

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    One year ago today, June 26th, Obama passed legislation that legalized same-sex marriage all across the United States. I am not queer, I am straight, cis-gender, very privileged woman. I will never begin to understand the struggles of the LGBT community but that day I woke up with the confirmed hope that the world was moving a little bit into a direction of kindness, acceptance and empathy. I live in New York City, I go to art school, a majority of my friends are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender

  • Lgbt Persuasive Essay

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    Over the recent years the LGBT community has worked hard to make themselves heard within society to achieve equality. Thus far they have been able to make the achievement of legalizing gay marriage throughout America. Though the LGBT community has made enormous accomplishments, their efforts to inform the American public that homosexuality and bisexuality is not an unnatural phenomenon has yet to be accepted as the truth among some. I view those who choose to not accept this as ridiculous, accepting

  • Understanding The Lgbt Rights Movement

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    movement pertaining to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Rights Movement using Duncan social identity model of collective action which consist of three variables such as “injustice, efficacy, and identity”. I will like focus on the understanding the movement such as the Supreme Court process, how they were able to increase more involvement, and how they were able to maintain their social identity within the movement. The LGBT Rights movement had to endure many obstacles

  • Cognitive Theory On Homeless Lgbt

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    One issue that stands out to me is the high rate of homeless LGBT youth. This stands out to me because I see a high number of these youth come into CPS care due to their sexual orientation. I believe there is a way we can get the youth to remain in their parent’s home by providing them with the proper support. The first theory that would help this social issue is cognitive theory. Cognitive theory states that the problem originates in faulty cognitions or understanding that naturally lead to inappropriate

  • Lgbt Community Pros And Cons

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    1. The violence against the LGBT community (Lesbians, bisexuals, transgender) is mostly assumed when discussing the gender-based violence issue is discussed. However, sexuality and gender are two closely linked concepts affecting both heterosexual and LGBT community. This perfectly shows the lack of information, discrimination, and lack of necessary legal protection forms of LGBT in most countries across the world. In the society, there are gender and gender roles. There are individuals who subscribe

  • Employment Discrimination In The LGBT Community

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    part of the LGBT community, and the LGBT community experiences more discriminatory acts than the bigger heterosexual group. Sexual minorities are also reported to have higher rates or risks for mental health issues such as, anxiety, depression, and self-harm. The paper argues that the LGBT community is at risk for poor mental health as they experience workplace discrimination due to heteronormativity and negative stereotypes. This social issue is also viewed from the

  • LGBT Employee Groups In Organizations

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    LGBT Employee Groups in Organizations Introduction The emergence of LGBT groups and communities within organizational frameworks has been a journey that has fueled both opportune moments of innovation and change, as well as issues and problems which seem to erode the foundation upon which organizations and businesses are built. Transgender, bisexual, gay, and lesbian groups have become prominent in the organizations of today where they have been integrated into the fabric of organizational functioning

  • The Oppression Of Discrimination In The LGBT Community

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    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community are ridiculed and sometimes murdered for being who they were born to be. As reported by Samantha Allen, a correspondent for The Daily Beast, “the PRRI [Public Religion Research Institute] report 's finding that 82 percent of millennials say ‘their understanding of their own sexual orientation has not changed since they were young adolescents.’” It can be interpreted that 18 percent of the population is LGBT and are being oppressed for identifying

  • Overcoming Stereotypes Of The LGBT Community

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    same sex marriage,that they have created a sort of equality facade were mainstream LGBT individuals are projected as the pinnacle of equality, even though this scenario can be the farthest truth to the average person who identifies as an LGBT individuals . The LGBT community is a wide community, according to the website “the daily beast” around 10 million Americans—4 percent of the population—now identify as LGBT (1). Based on the information,

  • Rumor's Poem Intolerance Against The LGBT Community

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    people just because they’re different than you or what you believe in. Imagine if you were a part of the LGBT community and you weren 't allowed to marry your significant other in North Carolina just because you are the same sex, if you couldn 't go to a nightclub without being shot at, or if you weren 't allowed to use the restroom in public since you are transgender. There are about 9 million LGBT American people, yet they still receive lots of intolerance. The first situation showing intolerance