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  • Licensed Practical Nurse

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    career-related capstone project is licensed practical nurse, a licensed practical nurse is very important to the staff and patients they take care of the patient on a more personal level than the doctor. They do perform some of the simplest tasks such as taking vital signs, administering medicine, taking care of wounds on a patient, and giving immunizations are just a few but without this task, patients wouldn 't get the best care available to them. Licensed practical nursing is an amazing career for

  • Licensed Practical Nurse Essay

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    they set what you are going to do the rest of your life. The healthcare field is a field of high interest to many people. One occupation of great interest is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). An LPN is someone who works under registered nurses or physicians and takes care of sick, injured, or disabled patients. Licensed Practical Nurses take vital signs, give out medication and measure/monitor frequency and amounts, provide personal hygiene assistance to patients, supervise nursing assistants and

  • Best Licensed Practical Nurse (RN)

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    Which One Is the Best - Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Registered Nurse (RN)? Nursing profession is the second highest in demand in the world. It's also one of the most diverse one, and is categorized according to education, experience, and skills. A nurse can do 20 different types of nursing jobs with a minimal education of High School Diploma, or a bachelor's degree in nursing. But out of those many nursing jobs, LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) and RN (Registered Nurse) are the most common ones

  • Nursing Leaders

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    the overall objectives of the healthcare organization. This may lead to subsequent hiring of additional nurses to make up for the high turnover rates and building of strategies aimed at combating nurse turn-over to guarantee realization of the set objectives (Huber,

  • The Importance Of Reflection In Professional Practice

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    profession. Like many other health care professionals nurses engage in lifelong learning. Reflection helps nurses to be autonomous, qualified, and self directed professionals to move forward with a vision. I strongly believe that engaging in reflective practice is associated with development of situational learning, patient centred care, and the transformation of care to a new level. Literatures declared that by engaging in reflective practice nurses can improve the quality of care (Greenwood 1993),

  • Ethical Dilemmas In Child Labor

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    one of the important variables of behaviour of living in conflicts. For example, those nurses in every practice spend their time more resolving the ethical dilemma, and experience numbers of stress getting higher to deal with ethical conflicts. Those stress will cause all staff get frustration and distress cause of ethical dilemma. Why are they always living in conflicts? According to Jameton, one of the nurse face a problem and acting according to what she/he pressures is morally right would not

  • Dorothea Orem's Self Care Deficit Theory

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    Dorothea Orem’s Self-Care deficit theory Dorothea Orem, who was born in the year 1914, was a nursing theorist who had a vast experience in the nursing field. Self-care deficit nursing theory is a grand nursing theory which was set forth by Dorothea Orem in the year 1959 as part of her study to identify under circumstances which required nursing care (Orem, 2001). Orem published her first book in the year 1971 named Nursing : Concepts in practice and continued to release improved editions till 2001

  • Reflection On How To Become A Medical Professional

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    The main subject of this course is how to become medical professional. Medical professional is something that is practiced or obligated on a daily basis by the individual who is following the ethical standard of medical profession. A professional individuals should have a good judgement, polite behavior and skills and ability to do well in the medical fields. Also medical professions should have the courteous and good manner in the workplace. For instance, a good health practitioner can correctly

  • Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Volunteer Service

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    My first week proved to be very challenging. My favorite uncle was a veteran and I often visited him at the Missouri Veterans Home nursing center. He died several years ago, however, I remembered seeing many older veterans who did not have anyone to visit them. Many were very lonely and longed-for visitors. I had decided volunteering with the Veterans Administration Medical Center Jefferson Barracks Division would be something that I would really enjoy. I researched how to volunteer with the Veterans

  • Essay On Importance Of Nursing Practice

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    Nurses who are professional show and embrace accountability for their actions (Nursing and Midwifery Council UK, 2017). Professional nursing practice is important as it aids to maintain high standards in the clinical area (Hutchinson, D. 2017). If professionalism was not shown in nursing practice, it would lead to many issues. Professionalism can be shown by nurses giving patients autonomy which is a major characteristic of professionalism

  • Hegel Phenomenology Of Spirit

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    Hegel Phenomenology of Spirit ( Tashi Namgyal 2014 ) INTRODUCTION: The evolution of the spirit and The Nature of Absolute: Introduction: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, founder of his own school of Hegelianism and who is often sometimes known as Aristotle of modern times was a German philosopher of early 19th century. He wrote Phenomenology, a Greek word first used by Plato, < phenomenon and logy > is the study of appearance. 'Phenomenon' is a word, which refers to appearances. The question of

  • Columbine High School Rhetorical Analysis

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    Columbine High School can forever be associated with the massacre that took place April 20, 1999. Dave Cullen, author of Columbine, captures the heart wrenching and cruel events that unfolded that April through his analysis of the normalities within the day and specific dialogue. Using many rhetorical devices, Cullen develops an agonizing emotion behind the terrible truth; it can happen anywhere. While spreading the terrible truth, he manages to also spread light on the events of April 20 in order

  • Essay On Invisible Man Vs Hawkman

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    The ability to fly all around the world without having to ever pay for a plane ticket again or the ability to be invisible and steal all of the expensive wardrobes you have always dreamt of having? This has to be one of the most difficult decisions ever. Well, when you think about it, you can activate your invisibility power and sneak your way into a plane without a flight attendant or anyone else knowing. According to This American Life 178: Invisible Man vs. Hawkman, John Hodgman stated, " men

  • Healthcare Team Roles

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    team consists of physicians, physicians assistants, nurses, pharmacists, technicians, and nursing assistants just to name a few. Physicians are key members of the health care team. Physicians have years of education and training. Physicians may be primary care physician or a specialist. A primary care physician's main role is preventative care, preventative

  • Power Inequality In Mark Twain's The Gilded Age

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    Through our country's history, we have always dealt with power inequality. It has been an issue since as far as we can remember, although specifically the late 19th century was a very climatic era for the United States. It is considered to be the time of the most exceptional growth, prosperity, and innovation. Even so, the country had also been sent into a devastation because of the Civil War. The prime difficulty during this time was not only the constant struggles between the gap of the rich and

  • The Idea Of Friendship In Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics

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    The origins of the ideas of human friendship is based off of human natural actions. Humanity comes from the ideas of Ancient philosophers, which thus has contributed to the contemporary ideas of the human. Through the notion of human nature, one must understand that no person can conduct themselves as perfect, since nothing can reach perfection. Philosophy connects humans to push for the understanding to use truth and ideas. Through reality the aspects self knowledge and development in human nature

  • Difference Between Registered Nursing And Practical Nursing

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    Registered Nursing and Practical Nursing: Understanding the Difference A lot of people probably can’t tell the exact difference between registered nursing and practical nursing. Both careers are in the same nursing and healthcare industry. However, when it boils down to the job description, educational requirement and salary, the two positions become clearly different from one another. If you’re looking into a career in nursing, first, you should take a look and understand the basic principles of

  • Miles Halter: How Will I Ever Get Out Of This Labyrinth '

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    Book Summary Miles Halter, a teenage boy who lives in Florida moves to Alabama for his junior year in High School. He attends Culver Creek Preparatory High School, a boarding school which his father and uncles also attended. Miles Halter is especially fascinated by author’s last words and memorizes them passionately. Arriving at Culver Creek, he meets his roommate Chip “the Colonel” Martin. He is soon introduced to the Colonel’s friends Alaska Young and Takumi Hikohito. Miles is initially attracted

  • Nursing Personal Statement Analysis

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    The initial writing summary assignment was very intriguing to me because it hit home for me. I have been a licensed nurse for twenty-one years. I was a licensed practical nurse for seven years. I graduated from Community College of Philadelphia associate degree registered nurse program in May of 2001. I returned back to school in 2005 and did not complete my degree at that time. The irony is the only plan I ever had as a high school student was to initially obtain my baccalaureate degree in

  • Nursing Profession Essay

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    respected of all health care professions (D’Antonio, P.). Nurses provide healthcare to individuals, families, and communities. They play a huge role in an individual’s well-being once they enter a healthcare setting. Although this career can be extremely rewarding, just like any other career it can come with some cons. This report explores the origin of the nursing profession, and the role it plays in our world today. How to become a nurse will be discussed, as well as the disadvantages and advantages