Lindy Hop Essays

  • The Lindy Hop Dance

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    and 1930s, the Lindy Hop was created, which was considered a dance that would revive the Golden Era of swing thanks to the contribution of Frankie “Musclehead” Manning. Terry Monaghan, author of the New York Times Magazine, describes Manning as “a master of swing-era dance who went from the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem to Broadway and Hollywood, and then after a long break enjoyed a globe-trotting second career as an inspirational teacher and choreographer of the Lindy hop.” The Lindy Hop is a combination

  • Cab Calloway: Swing Dance

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    Others, view the start as when the first Lindy Hop was ever danced. Either way,

  • Curley's Wife Character Analysis Of Mice And Men

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    Curley Character Analysis Of Mice of Men was written by John Steinbeck and was an interpretation of the Great Depression and its effects on the people. The Great Depression is the economic recession and it began on 1929 and lasted till 1939. It was the deepest and longest-lasting economic downturn in the history of the Western industrialized world. Each character represented the person that was affected by the Depression. Lennie represented the mentally disabled, Curley’s Wife represented the women

  • Essay On Jazz Shoes

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    A jazz shoe is a type of shoe worn by dancers. They are commonly used in jazz dance and other styles of dance, including acro dance and hip hop. Jazz shoes are made in a variety of styles, with varying features. Jazz shoes are also called Gore Boots by many drill teams. My drill team- the Rocky Mountain Panther Dancers, requires each dancer to have their own set of both black and tan shoes. Jazz shoes are a comfortable mix between point or ballet shoes and tennis shoes, making no need for the destruction

  • A History Of The World In Six Glasses Essay

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    In Tom Standage’s A History of the World in Six Glasses, the history of the world is written based around six drinks that played a significant role in shaping history and the world as we know it today. Tom Standage is an English author who has written six books and has been published in The New York Times, Wired, and The Daily Telegraph. A History of the World in Six Glasses was Standage’s fourth book, written in 2005. The book is separated into six sections, hence the title “Six Glasses,” each containing

  • Rhetorical Analysis: How To Brew Beer

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    Joe gave a very informative and interesting speech about the process of brewing beer. This was a unique topic, and something most people- even non-avid drinkers such as myself, were intrigued by. Through out the speech, Joe presented an average level of ethos. Joe only seemed to mention one credible source, a book by the name of: How to Brew: Everything You Need To Know To Brew Beer Right The First Time by John Palmer. He mentioned this same source in the body of all three of his points; however

  • Craft Brewers Case Study

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    Question 1 Part (A) The specialist brewers, also called as craft brewers today, began emerging rapidly in the late 1970s. While many factors influence the growth of craft breweries, Carroll and Swaminathan argued that the consolidation of the brewing industry in the late 1970s played the main role as it changed the industry environment and provided product space for craft brewers to grow. Most beer drinker in the U.S preferred mid-range beer, and the generalist brewers were able to produce mid-range

  • Microbrewery Research Paper

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    Terre Haute Brewing Company (THBC) is the second oldest microbrewery in the United States. The microbrewery was officially founded in 1837 and has gone through many transformations over the years. With them experiencing the prohibition of alcohol, the brewery had many challenges to face. The manager of Terre Haute Brewing Company said that their rich history is their biggest advantage. The microbrewery has old history that a company cannot just acquire. They have had links with gambling and mafia

  • Tom Standage's Analysis

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    The world would be nowhere near where it is today without the drinks that revolutionized the world. Tom Standage begins with an obvious fact that humans can not live without any form of drink. He goes on to tell us which drinks that Standage will survey and how they changed the history of the world. Drinks became so important and so well known that people were getting paid for their labor intensive work with beer. Slaves were also being bought with whiskey, rum, and brandy. Seemingly enough, it seems

  • Picobrew Case Study

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    Venture: PicoBrew 1. (10 pts) Succinctly describe your venture, the product and its purpose. PicoBrew is a company that exists to give consumers of beer the opportunity to brew their own beer. PicoBrew creates more efficient brewing for inexperienced brewers by streamlining the process of brewery at home. Brewing at home is often difficult as there is a lot of allotted time for it and it’s becoming increasingly expensive. Also when brewing from the start, one would need capital such as fermenter

  • Summary Of A History Of The World In Six Glasses

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    After reading "A History of the World in Six Glasses" by Tom Standage I found beer the most interesting beverage discussed in his book. I thought it was fascinating how the location and events of the first civilizations played a role in the discover of beer. I was also intrigued by the effects that beer had on the political, economic, and social aspects of these new civilizations. "The event that set humankind on the path towards modernity was the adoption of farming…" (Standage Pg.2) also known

  • Argumentative Essay On Beer And Wine

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    People have known that alcohol, specifically beer and wine, has been around in history for a long time; however, we have learned through archeology that it is much more ancient than we originally thought. Initially beer and wine was thought to be considered just a drink that was no different than food. Beer was popular in Germany just as much as sausage was; and wine was a staple in France just as much as cheese was. German beer makers claimed that beer was originally something that was created

  • Essay On 1920s Dance

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    when people talked about dancing back in the jazz age, they might think about the exuberant youth dances like the Charleston or Lindy Hop, or the theatrical dances of Fred and Ginger. A common misconception are people assuming all people, regardless of age or ethnicity was dancing the latest fad youth dance of the moment, like the Black Bottom, Collegiate Shag or Lindy Hop (Musings). Dancing during the Roaring Twenties was important because it allegedly helped with women’s liberation. Women found

  • Cultural Appropriation In Pop Culture

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    The argument of cultural appropriation has always been a huge topic, particularly with the rise of social media. The debate is strongly portrayed in pop culture such as animations, games, movies, fashion and art. The portrayal of cultural appropriation in these different platforms usually happen through language, music, clothing, and appearance. Given an example of a animated Disney movie “Moana” released in 2016, it tells the story of adventurous pacific islander which is the chief’s daughter, who

  • Stereotypes In Today's Music

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    Drake is one of the most popular rappers in today’s music. He is a global icon in music. Drake has been able to reach a global audience; a thing many rappers cannot do. There are many things that contribute to his ability to gain fans worldwide. One of those reasons is having his own brand: OVO. The brand specializes in making upcoming music artists household names. Another reason is Drake’s sponsorships. He has sponsors with some of the biggest brands in the world. That includes brands such as Sprite

  • Essay On Glitter

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    Over the years glitter has become a worldwide phenomenon. From the gay underground scene of New York City to the catwalks of London Fashion Week, it’s uses, colour and shape have varied throughout the years. Glitter which is translated to ‘glitra’ meaning literally ‘to shine’ can be traced back to our ancestors.They would use innovative substances such as insects, stones or glass but today glitter is mainly produced from plastic and comes in a range of shapes and sizes making it all the more difficult

  • Street Gangs And Crime

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    Street gangs are social and criminal problems that affect the society. Street gangs are majorly composed of juvenile delinquents and youths in the community. Gang violence is thus an economic and social issue that affects the general public and business community. Street gangs are violent and are majorly found in big cities. They involve themselves in criminal activities such as vandalism, binge drinking, looting, homicide, theft, drugs and alcoholism, weapon trafficking, and kidnapping. Thus, gangs

  • Stereotypes In Brent Staples's 'Black Men In Public Space'

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    Black Men in Public Page: 2 In Brent Staples’ short story “Black Men and Public Space”, he paints a picture for the readers of the early years of black men in an urban environment. He identified that people often stereotype one another because of their skin color, their race, their gender, their culture or their appearance. Furthermore, it is expressed to us, the reader, that he, the author

  • A Personal Narrative-The Stereotypes Of Dance

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    Stereotypes aren't real I had too much free time. It's not really normal for a 6 year old to be bored. with all the excitement and joy with being a clueless 6 year old, I was bored, a lot. I always remembered picking up my sister from dance, with a smile on her face, always talking about the new steps and moves she learned, to be honest, I kinda used to be jealous. She went to this little place called the dance shoppe. The dance shop was sorta a small place, but they had trophies lined up the walls

  • Personal Narrative: My Strengths

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    My strengths include being creative/artistic, being a perfectionist, being passionate, math, and decorating. One of my strengths is having a creative/artistic mind because it allows me to be able to think outside the box and express myself and my personality in many different ways. Another one of my strengths is that I am a perfectionist. This has gotten me many wonderful grades by not turning anything in until it is worthy. Being a perfectionist is a strength because it gets me quite a lot of “oohs”