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  • English As A Lingua Franca

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    A Lingua Franca is a language that is spoken by people who do not share a native language. But, as you may have noticed, English is very commonly spoken as a lingua franca, but why is this so? First of all, we should briefly discuss the history of the English Language. Well, this is quite a long story, so I’ll try to shorten it so you don’t fall asleep at your monitors. English originated from the combination of closely related dialects, now called “Old English”, which were brought to Britain by

  • Disadvantages Of Lingua Franca

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    known as World Englishes or Global Englishes. Over the past decades it has become the world’s primary lingua franca to an extent that is and has been unprecedented among the others (Global Englishes, 2015, p. 41). Lingua Franca serves the purpose of providing a means of communication among people who do not share a common first language. According to Seidlhofer’s definition, ELF (English Lingua Franca) is “any use of English among speakers of different first languages for who English is the communicative

  • The Importance Of Lingua Franca

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    The term ‘Lingua Franca’ originated as language used along the South-Eastern coast of the Mediterranean in the period from 15th to 19th century. The purpose of using Lingua Franca was to communicate in trades with people who do not share same language. As time goes by, besides trade field, the significance of lingua franca got higher and English was the language that have been chosen as international language. With the birth of international organizations in western world, English was taken as official

  • Importance Of English As A Lingua Franca

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    at the aspects of a lingua franca and its role in societies. Also, the adaptation of other languages’ vocabulary and usage into the English language, and how English has impacted vocabulary and grammar structures on other languages. Furthermore, it talks about the effects on minority languages due to the continuous spread and dominance of English. Later, it touches upon some positive aspects that it has brought into modern day life across the globe. English as a Lingua Franca Over centuries, the

  • Lingua Franca Case Study

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    we don’t need as many languages because people are starting to speak more universal languages. This is a concern because it takes away part of different people’s cultures, so they aren’t as individualized anymore. 3. What is lingua franca? Give two examples. Lingua franca is when people change/ learn a new language so that there is a

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Lingua Franca

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    A lingua franca also known as a bridge language, common language, trade language or vehicular language or dialect used or make communication possible between people who do not share a native language or dialect, particularly when it is a third language that is distinct from both native languages. Today, English is the second or third most popular mother tongue in the world and become the lingua franca of the world in the fields of business, science, aviation, computing, education, politics and entertainment

  • The Language Of English As An International Language

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    Lingua franca is defined as a language that is adopted as a common language between speakers whose native languages are different (2016) Retrieved from In her book The Phonology of English as an International Language (2000), Jenkins stated that the most universally used lingua franca is English, and that there are more non-native English speakers compared to native English speakers. The English language has been on the rise internationally

  • What Is The Importance Of English As Lingua Fanca In The World

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    networking ,economic integration ,internet and MNC’s together have played major roles in giving English the status of major lingua franca of world beyond doubt. English as lingua franca has comfortably taken its role in business, science, engineering and also in various cultural fields. People like Widdowson, Seidlehofer and Jenkins have pointed out that use of English as lingua franca has become the fastest growing function in the world .Most of the scientific ,technological and academic information in

  • The English Language In The Modern World

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    whether it differs from British or American English. From 2010 to 2011, I-Chung Ke and Hilda Cahyani, two researchers active in linguistic analysis, conducted a study at two universities in Indonesia and Taiwan to investigate the use of English as a Lingua Franca in two countries found inside the ‘Expanding Circle’ of Kachru’s World Englishes model. Through this, Ke and Cahyani tried to find out whether certain differences to English spoken by native speakers would arise, how the questioned students would

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of The English Language's Expansion Around The World

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    global language. Firstly, English is used by many people around the world as a lingua franca. A lingua franca is a language that is used as a common language of communication between different groups of people who do not share a common first language (Lingua Franca, 2015). For example, Mullany and Stockwell (2010) point out that in South Africa, with its eleven official languages, English is used as a lingua franca in all official documentation and governmental institutions. Another example can

  • Importance Of International Language

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    fundamentally significant. English language appeared to be the globe language since the nineteenth century over Latin. Since then, English embraces human’s thoughts, plans and goals until the present day. English does not only functions as a global lingua franca but also covers different aspects of people’s lives such as those related to business, politics and occupations. Recently and for certain reasons some of which are mother tongue influence, colonization and immigration, English is no more restricted

  • Essay On English Language

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    So, in teach, English teacher need has many strategies to make students easy to understand and to get attention from them. There are three strategies function In English, they are (1) as a Lingua Franca in the world (2) as a first language that used in science and technology (3) as a “Lingua Franca” between leader in the country. In learning English, teacher should be relaxing, enjoy and fun to make students comforatable and feel that learning English is not difficult as they had

  • Advantage Of Standard English

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    world’s computers is in English also used as the primary medium of instruction in education- in particular where international students study. However, the term “Standard English” is not easy to be defined because of the emergence of English as the lingua franca around the world, which requires much more attention from linguists, researchers and language educators. Standard English can be considered as the result of long process of the language standardization and it still continues to be developed. Mc

  • English As International Language

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    World War II. In an era of globalization, English has become a global language and is no longer owned by the` inner circle nations (See Figure 1 in section 1.5) and native speakers (Graddol, 1997). The emergence of an EIL as a global language or lingua franca signifies that most English-based interactions are with other non-native speakers. Behind the movement from an EFL model to an EIL model, there have been and continue to be major changing factors such as the movements of demographic, economic,

  • Essay On English As A World Language

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    demonstrate that the influence and spread of the English language in the world today is so high that English not only has the status of a widespread lingua franca, but can also be traded as a world language. First, the paper will be devoted to the definition of a lingua franca, then it will be shown in examples where English is used today as a lingua franca. Furthermore, the question of whether English can even be considered as a world language is discussed. This is explained with pro and con arguments

  • The Importance Of English As An International Medium Of Communication

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    communications than the native-native or native-nonnative interactions (Crystal, 1997). English is now used as a lingua franca. Jenkins (2006) explains that English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) is a “world language whose speakers communicate mainly with other non-native speakers, often from different L1s than their own” (as cited in Kaur, 2014, p. 215). Kirkpatrick (2007) defines English as a Lingua Franca as a medium of communication by people from different language backgrounds. Therefore, English is used

  • English As A Global Language Essay

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    Introduction A language achieves a real global status when it develops a special role that is recognized in every country. This might seem like stating the obvious, but it is not, for the notion of special role has many facets. A global language is spoken internationally, which is learned by many people as a second language, the most popular one being English. The main reason the language exist is because of a strong power-base, political and military and economic. Linguists argues whether the simplicity

  • Essay On English As A Global Language

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    the communication problem, and they prefer English language. People use English as a lingua franca to communicate with each other, and it is spreading world widely. Also, English has extremely become the language of politic, economic, media, science and technology. That is why, English is the most successful language with 1,500 million speakers around the world (Crystal, 2003). Although, English as a lingua franca can be a major factor of development and communication, English as a global language

  • Essay On English In China

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    Why English now is a global lingua franca? Because English has developed over more than 1,400 years. Also the most commonly spoken language in the United Kingdom and the United States. After that by British colonial aggression, let English language to spread around the world faster. British colonial history make English become the lingua franca. In the 16th century, Britain launched a colonial expansion. Britain is a maritime power, also colonial power. Colony success addition to the powerful force

  • Impact Of Literature On English Literature

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    The cultural paradigm within which English was introduced by the colonizers in 19th century India has changed drastically over the years and so has the composition of the learners in the classroom. Early teaching of English in India was done with the ostentatious purpose of reforming, ‘civilizing’, ‘breeding’ a ‘cultured’ class of people who would fulfill Macaulay’s vision of the subject nation and thus be instrumental in establishing colonial hegemony. The selection of authors and texts for higher