Lisinopril Essays

  • Patient Restraint In Nursing

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    Restraint refers to any measure intended to limit the activity or control the behavior of an individual. This can be accomplished by both physical and chemical interventions. Mittens and positional supports such as nesting beds, rolls and swaddling are not considered restraints. The physician orders the type of restraint after all other protective strategies including medical immobilization devices and alternative interventions have been assessed and determined ineffective in preventing the infant

  • Tritace Case Study

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    hypertension, heart failure, stroke, myocardial infarction and diabetes. Its generic name is Ramipril. Other brand names include Altace, Cardace, Ramiril and Ramacor. Some examples of other ACE Inhibitors are Enalapril, Quinapril, Captopril and Lisinopril. The oral bioavailability of Tritace is 55%. The absorption is not significantly affected by food and the duration of action is 24 hours (, 2013). 2.0 Physiology of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System (RAAS) Baroreceptors located in the

  • Otitis Externa Case Study

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    Case Study 3 In case study 3 a middle-aged male came to the office complaining of a left earache of two days. The onset has been slow but increasing steadily. Constant pain, diminished hearing loss, some swelling to the left side of face, tenderness of left pinna and periauricular area, drainage (no color given), and an invisible TM. The patient denies having symptoms of chills, fever, and upper respiratory infection which will assist greatly with the differential diagnosis. The History and Physical

  • Myeloma Case Study

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    We are asked to see Mr. Preston. He is a pleasant 70-year-old gentleman recently diagnosed with myeloma, who is found to have a creatinine around 2.0. He appears to have been worked up in Florida for the creatinine around 2, and myeloma with 20% plasma cells was found. He was transferred here for chemotherapy. On review of his old record, he was diagnosed in the Butner systems based on our excellent electronic medical record in 02/2011 with hypertensive nephropathy. His 2009 creatinine was

  • Dyspnea Case Summary

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    CC: Dyspnea. History of Present Illness: Mr. Hebert is a very pleasant 60-year-old gentleman who was referred from the Naval Shipyard clinic for the evaluation of dyspnea. At the present time, Mr. Hebert feels well, however throughout most of the summer, he stated he had been complaining of a persistent cold that manifested primarily with nonproductive cough, plus and minus wheezing but was most disturbed by his conversational dyspnea. He was prescribed Advair and found near immediate relief

  • Overeaters Anonymous Interview Analysis

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    Interview of a Recovering Person in Overeaters Anonymous “One is fortunate very few times in life and I am grateful to be an addict!” This was a statement by a person who claimed that she considers herself to be a recovering addict. When meeting her in the rooms of Overeaters Anonymous (OA), this author was not expecting to hear those familiar lines of gratitude or self-proclamation of addiction from a woman in the rooms of OA. Nonetheless, one must be impressed with this woman’s account of her

  • Ben Andy Gambling Case Study

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    History (including details of time and circumstances of onset, and the evolution of complaint) – Ben described his childhood was a nightmare to him. His mother would tie him to a chair and hit him with hangers. He did not want to go to school because his teacher and classmates would ask him about the bruises on his body. He would steal money from his father and gambled it away. He said gambling is like the only escape of reality and feeling high when he wins. He grew up having a lot of friends, but

  • Pharmacy Case Study

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    Glaucoma, BPH, HTN, Hyperlipidemia, OA, Insomnia, chronic COPD. PSH: Right knee replacement in 1999, Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) in 2012 MED: Ventolin 90mcg MDI 2 inhalations PO QID PRN for wheezing Rosuvastatin 60mg PO daily Lisinopril 10mg PO daily Furosemide 20mg PO daily Ibuprofen 200mg PO QID

  • Mefenamic Acid Research Paper

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    valsartan, losartan), ACE inhibitors (ex. captopril, lisinopril), "water pills" (diuretics such as furosemide), cyclosporine, desmopressin, corticosteroids (ex. prednisone), fluconazole, lithium, pemetrexed, probenecid, methotrexate, tenofovir • Increased the risk of bleeding when taken with anti-platelet

  • Type II Diabetes Case Study

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    Goals for Type II Diabetes The HgbA1C optimal values for most patients with type 2 diabetes is seven percent or lower, which parallels to an average blood sugar of one hundred and fifty milligrams per deciliter. Until the patient A1C level is at seven or below, he should have his lab checked every three months until the correct adjustments have been made in his medication (American Diabetes Association, n. d.). With these results, the nurse practitioner can better adjust the treatment regimen of

  • Heart Failure

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    Heart failure is a condition that occurs when the heart becomes weak and does not pump blood efficiently. The dysfunction can occur in the left chambers of the heart or the chambers on the right or even both. When it occurs on the left, the problem is that the muscle is unable to pump well enough to have blood reach all areas of the body. When the problem is on the right, the muscle is unable to pump well enough for the blood to reach the lungs to make it oxygen-rich. Major signs and symptoms

  • Mannitol Research Paper

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    Incompatibilities: A Maillard-type condensation reaction is likely to occur between lactose and compounds with a primary amine group to form brown, or yellow-brown-colored products. Lactose is also incompatible with amino acids, aminophylline, amphetamines, and lisinopril. 12) Safety: Adverse reactions to lactose are largely attributed to lactose intolerance, which occurs in individuals with a deficiency of the intestinal enzyme lactase. 13) Regulatory Status: Included in the FDA Inactive Ingredients Guide (IM,

  • Hypnotherapy In Nursing

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    An important part of nursing is to integrate health and disease prevention into the lives of individuals. As nurses, we are often the frontline people who interact with patient and the community. It is our responsibility to strategize ways to promote being health, preventions of diseases and remaining safe. The main and probably most important way to do this is by educating and teaching. According to Kemppainen, Tossavainen, and Turunen (2013), “health promotion by nurses can lead to many positive

  • Congestive Heart Failure: A Case Study

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    Congestive Heart Failure Introduction The heart is like an engine, pumping blood throughout the body. Over time, when this pump cannot distribute enough blood throughout the body to meet its needs, it develops into a condition known as congestive heart failure (CHF). When the right side of the heart fails, the lungs cannot pick up oxygen due to the heart’s inability to pump enough blood to them. In contrast, left sided heart failure is related to the heart’s inability to pump an adequate amount of