Long shot Essays

  • Shot Analysis: Citizen Kane

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    Shot Analysis: Citizen Kane Orson Welles, director of “Citizen Kane”, is well known for his unusual directing methods that defied conventional cinematic techniques. Welles provided his audience with original forms of cinematography, narrative structures, and music. The scene I chose to analyze is extremely important to the plot of the film because Kane begins to realize that he is going through some serious financial problems. During the scene, Kane maintains a sarcastic mood, until he finally decides

  • Symbolism In The Movie Barton Fink

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    movies in Los Angeles. This sudden change, ignites an ongoing feud within Barton Fink; should he write the movie Jack Lipnick (Michael Lerner) wants or go with his gut and stick to a story about realism and the “common man.” The various medium close up shots, uses of symbolism and lighting throughout the film allow us to venture into the life of Barton Fink and to grasp his deteriorating mental state as the film progresses. When we are

  • Midnight Film Analysis

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    A2. Midnight movies and trash Midnight or camp movies are movies exhibited at cinemas or air at the television screens after midnight. The reason for their late night screening is that midnight movies have sexual, violent content. According to Chute, even going in this event could be regarded as taboo, due to the fact that, midnight movies "appeal primarily to feelings of awkwardness and alienation” (p, 11). Their popularity is due to their "embrace (of) all those flagrant films, from splatter flicks

  • Spirited Away: Feminism In Disney Movies

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    I could never deny that I am a huge fan of Studio Ghibli movies. Their movies are simply magical—the elements that are put into the movies create a beautiful combination beyond comparison. From the surface, one could witness the stunning hand-drawn animation, the graceful voice acting—not to mention the impeccable soundtrack music that never fail to perfectly match the tone of the movies. But there’s another reason why my love for the movies runs really deep—the intrinsic values underlying those

  • Reflective Essay: A Short Story Of A Safe House

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    Sky the color of rust and brown smoke, the streets of Gozu District are littered with its residents and their refuse. Thane glances over his shoulder, checking on the dancer as he drove his shuttle through the streets of district, and relief replaces his disquieted disposition as he saw the rise and fall of the dancer’s chest. Safe house (originally a tenement repurposed as such in his temporary stay) in sight, he pulls over a secluded spot, away from the foot traffic of the souls of Omega. Discreetly

  • Film Analysis: The Bad Kids

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    The Bad Kids uses an assortment of techniques to create a way to get the viewer emotional involved in the story. The techniques involved in the film are shots of the weather, the way voice overs are used, and the overall structure of each child’s conflict. The director’s purpose in using these techniques is to get the viewer to see that these kids, who have had a hard life, are largely victims of the circumstances that they were born into. These kids are just a few in a country and world where millions

  • Critical Discourse Analysis Definition

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    Critical Discourse Analysis The term Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) is used interchangeably with Critical Linguistics (CL). Nonetheless, since not long ago it seems that CDA is preferred to speak of the theory formerly known as CL. CDA considers language a social practice (cf. Fairclough: 1989). This theory regards the social context in which the language is used as crucial. Critical Discourse Analysis directs much of its attention and dedicates a substantial amount of research to the relation

  • Character Foils In Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

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    One of the biggest character foils in Jane Eyre is between Mr. Edward Rochester and St. John Rivers. From the first time we meet these characters, it is easy to tell the two apart. While one is ruled by a religious forces the other is controlled by emotions. Jane has to make a choice, and decide how she is going to live the rest of her life. At the end of the novel, she makes a choice between what is expected of her, and what she wants. To simply the question, does she choose the Prince, who is saintly

  • The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe Character Analysis

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    characters undergo a series of challenges called the hero 's journey. The step in this journey is the call to adventure. This was shown when the children were sent away to the professor 's house because of air raids in their area. For this panel I used a long shot and attempted to do somewhat of a high angle to show how small and defenseless they and how large the house was compared to them. I tried to include neutral lighting to show how they were happy to explore a new place but sad they had to leave their

  • What's Eating Gilbert Grape Compare And Contrast

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    the two. First and foremost, the medium shot where Gilbert is shown comforting Arnie after he accidentally killed a grasshopper, reveals that he is like a guardian towards Arnie, always able to help, alternatively, a high angle long shot shows Edward standing over the dead inventor after he had cut his face with his scissor hands, positioning the audience to see that even when Edward tries to help, he makes the situation worse. Furthermore, the long shots of

  • A Beautiful Mind Comparison Essay

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    similarities and differences of how the directors, David Fincher (The Social Network) and Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind), have represented the main characters’ obsession and how it affects them. The shots of A Beautiful Mind consists of mainly medium, high angle and low angle shots. John Nash is often shot in a medium shot this shows him in relation to his surroundings. The film uses colour as symbolic of good and evil for example when John Nash is at home later in the movie he wears beige (light good colours)

  • Dexter Scene Analysis

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    Looking on the film side of Dexter the TV show. Watching episodes two and three from season one. There’s significant lighting changes, camera angles, camera distance and the different lengths of a shot in both scenes. The producers change them in every scene depending on the message they want to relay to the viewers. Looking at the scene in Dexter episode two about half way through. This scene takes place in a courtroom and establishes that in the first scene to the audience. Matt Chambers is on

  • Ava Duvernay's 'Selma': Film Analysis

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    History will always be open to interpretation & minor changes when it comes to filmmaking, whether the film is written based on facts or built on fiction. There are many things a director could do when it comes to making a film based on historical events. Sometimes, a director could choose to represent a few events inaccurately in exchange for more impactful and dramatic, but inaccurate scenes. In the film industry, most directors are looking to appeal to as wide an audience as possible

  • Rick Famuyiwa Dope Analysis

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    low-key lighting is coherent since they are in a club, but more importantly it emphasizes the confrontational, dramatic mood of the scene. The shadows obscure Dom’s expressions, giving him a more menacing look. This, coupled with an over-the-shoulder shot that simultaneously shows Dom towering over the bouncer and the bouncer’s intimidated expressions, display the power dynamics at play. Later on, when Dom punches the guard, the focus of attention shifts from the confrontation to Malcolm’s reaction

  • Good Will Hunting Film Analysis

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    mechanism which affected his ability to create long lasting relationships. An important extract from the movie is the scene ‘ It’s not your fault’. This scene conveyed the impact of childhood traumas, the effects of suppressed emotions and the idea of soulmates. These ideas were manifested through the use of various film techniques, such as camera shots and movements, music and dialogue. An important technique from this scene are the camera shots. The camera shots applied in this scene are simple. These

  • American Consumerism In The Oyster Princess

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    endless, and the attention was on Ossi until the entryways opened, and afterward the center was turned onto the maids. This is similar to killing the center of the shopper and onto the makers. The maids swarm in on Ossi and each of the one can see in the shot are the heads of maids, and Ossi amidst every one of them. In this tight confining, you get the very close look in light of the fact that it gives the inclination that there are a larger number of maids present than simply them eight in the

  • The Ransom Of Red Chief Short Story

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    Annoying Children and Bad Kidnappers, a love story Are you ever just in the mood to kidnap a kid for lots of money? That’s exactly what “The Ransom of Red Chief” by O. Henry is about. Two grown men decide to kidnap a little boy, but by the end of the story they end up paying to get rid of him. When you read this story you might find the characters confusing and slightly annoying, therefore you probably should save yourself some time and just not read this story. Along with the dilactate that makes

  • Pros Of Lawn Tennis

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    Ever wondered why children are so sure about what they want to busy themselves with? When it comes to outdoor sports, most kids have particular likes and dislikes which come very naturally to them. As parents, it’s up to you to nurture their talents or suggest suitable alternatives. But the general thumb rule is, let the child play as many games as he wants to before zeroing in on a few favourites. Only then can you go ahead with providing formal coaching to them in those sports. Come to think of

  • Breathless Movie Analysis

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    of editing, with every cut following a very logical pattern. However, Godard did the complete opposite and relied on unexpected, quick jumps in editing. Godard makes use of the jump cut when Michel passes numerous cars on the road. A point of view shot from Michel’s view on the street, quickly passing car after car, is shown. Here Godard is showing the same action over and over again, without a flow. This action not only gives the audience a thrill, but also illuminates the character of Michelle

  • Persuasive Essay On Stickman Tennis

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    front and pick in the middle of programmed and manual running. Play a speedy game or complete visit season of Tennis against 100 unique adversaries. Gather trophies and enhance your reality rank in a complete season with 64 competitions. Train your shots on the preparation court with ball machine. Players have the alternative of beginning up a speedy game or joining a visit. Since Stickman Tennis isn 't precisely the most difficult games game on the square, beginning off at the medium level ought to